Following a car accident, you need an advocate on your side who cares about your recovery process. At the Dolan Law Firm, we not only want to make sure that you get the medical care you need to heal quickly and fully, but that you have the resources you need to file your car accident claim and recover your full compensation amount. As passionate car accident lawyers in Palo Alto who have been in the business of representing people like you for years, we know what you deserve. Contact our legal team today for a free consultation about what to do following a Palo Alto car accident and learn more about what your case is worth.

We Represent People Injured in Various Car Accident Types

No two car accidents are alike, and at the Dolan Law Firm, our lawyers understand this and promise to approach your case with the focus it deserves; we never take a cookie-cutter approach to client representation. With that in mind, you can take confidence in the fact that we have been representing clients for decades and have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on our clients’ behalf. As such, we have helped people injured in a number of different car accident types, and likely have experience working on a case similar to yours. Indeed, we have seen and managed:

  • Rear-end crash claims;
  • Head-on collision claims;
  • Hit-and-run cases;
  • Side-swipe accident claims;
  • T-bone accident claims;
  • Multi-vehicle collision and pileup claims;
  • Single-vehicle accident and rollover claims; and
  • More.

If you have been harmed in a crash involving an automobile, you can take confidence in the fact that we can provide you with the competent legal representation you deserve.

Car Accidents Lead to Serious Injuries

Car accidents lead to serious injuries, some of which can be permanently disabling or disfiguring, or may even be fatal. We understand the impact that these injuries can have on your life, and we think that it is unacceptable for you to not receive the full amount of compensation you deserve. Common injuries in car accidents that can have a life-changing effect include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries;
  • Head, scalp, and facial injuries;
  • Back and neck injuries;
  • Spinal cord injuries;
  • Internal injuries;
  • External injuries;
  • Bone fractures;
  • Bruises, cuts, lacerations, and burn injuries; and
  • Soft tissue injuries.

Not only are these injuries potentially disfiguring and disabling, but they are also very painful to cope with. What’s more, injuries are often very expensive to treat, requiring hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. During recovery and treatment time, a car accident victim may be unable to work (and may be unable to return to work permanently), leading to lost wages. All of this may be accompanied by mental and psychological distress, and a car accident victim may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, or anxiety as a result.

Who Pays for a Car Accident in Palo Alto?

The damages that you may have incurred in your car accident could be great. As such, it is critical that you understand who pays for these losses.

California maintains a fault-based, or tort liability, car insurance system. Essentially, this means that when a car accident occurs, the at-fault driver is responsible for paying for damages that result (typically, this is via the at-fault driver’s liability insurance). When you are in a car accident caused by the fault of another driver, you can recover compensation by:

  • Filing a claim with your own insurance company – If you have certain coverage types, such as medical payments coverage, your insurance company may offer you compensation even if you were at fault for the accident;
  • Filing a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company – As explained above, the liability insurance company of the at-fault driver is typically that which pays for damages after a crash; or
  • Filing a lawsuit directly against the other driver – You also maintain the right to file a lawsuit for damages against a negligent driver. This is typically done in the event that a settlement cannot be reached.

Comparative Fault, Proving Negligence, and Negotiating a Settlement

While California is an at-fault state and at-fault drivers are responsible for paying for accidents, California also recognizes the rule of comparative negligence. Under this rule, if you are partially at fault for your accident, your compensation will be reduced in proportion to your degree of fault. As such, proving the fault of the other driver to the fullest extent possible is critical. When you hire the Dolan Law Firm, we will open an investigation into your case immediately to gather evidence to prove fault and determine what happened. We have the resources your case deserves, and will even hire experts to piece together the details of your case and strengthen your claim.

Not only do we work hard to prove the negligence and responsibility of the at-fault driver, but also to negotiate a settlement on your behalf. We know that insurance companies are famous for offering claimants less than they deserve; we will review your settlement in full before advising you whether to accept or reject it. If your settlement does not fully compensate you, we will head to the negotiation table to fight for your right to your full compensation award.

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