The Dolan Law Firm, in partnership with the San Francisco Examiner, has created and is distributing in San Francisco and parts of Oakland four sets of custom newspapers boxes. Each set of boxes contains its own legal guide. The topics covered are California injury, employment, elder abuse and bicycle and pedestrian law. The guides can also be found in many of the green newspaper racks (called ped mounts) along Market Street and other busy corridors in The City.

We hope the guides assist you in understanding your legal rights. The guides include safety tips and practical advice should you or loved one have been in an accident or were discriminated against or harassed in the workplace. You are welcome to download, print and share the guides:

California Injury Law Guide from top rated injury lawyers at the Dolan Law Firm
California Injury Law Guide
California employee rights and workplace law guide from the Dolan Law Firm
Employment Law Guide
Elder Abuse & Neglect Law Guide from the Dolan Law Firm
Elder Abuse & Neglect Law Guide
California bicycle and pedestrian safety guide by the Dolan Law Firm
Bay Area Bike & Pedestrian Law Guide













Newspaper racks sponsored by Dolan Law Firm




In addition, we are sponsoring 100 newspaper boxes that contain the latest issue of the Examiner in San Francisco. These boxes have a public safety message altering drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians to be alert. In placing the boxes, we relied on data gathered by Vision Zero San Francisco, an initiative by the City and County of San Francisco to eliminate traffic deaths in The City by 2024. Every year in San Francisco, about 30 people lose their lives and 500 more are severely injured while traveling on city streets.

Promoting safe streets and roads is a fundamental priority of our firm. We are long-time sponsors of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, Bike East Bay, and Marin County Bicycle Coalition. We also support the California Bicycle Coalition which advocates in Sacramento for the rights of cyclists and helps shape California bicycle laws.