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Privacy concerns

Employees have legitimate privacy concerns in their own health, and the health of others in their home.
Employees also have HIPPA rights as it relates to medical documentation. While requesting medical documentation of an employee’s health condition is allowed, that information, and the fact that an employee is out due to their own Covid-19, or that of a family member, must be kept confidential.
Similarly, if an employer, as part of their IIPP, takes the temperature of employees entering the building, that may also raise privacy concerns and a policy to keep the information private should be instituted.
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Case Results

  • $61 million Verdict Two Lebanese-American employees subjected to outrageous racial and ethnic discrimination and harassment.
  • $20 million Verdict Former timeshare sales representative was wrongfully terminated for reporting time share fraud on the elderly.
  • $6.5 million Settlement Lawsuit brought by motorcyclist severely injured in accident caused by dangerous roadway condition.
  • $6 million Settlement Wrongful death car accident case filed on behalf of family of woman killed in a head-on collision when defendant's car crossed the center line.
  • $4.2 million Settlement Settlement reached with City of San Francisco for teen walking in crosswalk who suffered permanent brain injury after being struck by vehicle. City officials were informed intersection was dangerous and failed to make it safer.
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