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The award-winning attorneys at the Dolan Law Firm are dedicated to relentlessly representing their clients in the pursuit of justice. Founder and lead trial counsel Chris Dolan has been repeatedly recognized as one of the best personal injury attorneys in the San Francisco Bay Area and California. Chris and the other skilled trial lawyers at the Dolan Law Firm have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for their clients.

We are here to serve You. We will evaluate your case for free, confidentially, and with no obligation on your part. We provide each client attentive, individual service of the highest quality. We treat our clients as family. We will work closely with you throughout the legal process. We never charge an hourly fee, and only get paid if we win your case. Please contact us today.

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    Outstanding Track Record

    When you retain us, you will be represented by one of the premier plaintiffs’ law firms in California that has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for its clients.

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    Real Trial Lawyers

    Your attorney will be trial tested and ready. Because defendants know we take cases to trial every year and prevail, we regularly obtain settlements for our clients far above industry averages.

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    Leaders Among Lawyers

    Chris Dolan and firm attorneys serve on the boards of directors of local, state, and national professional associations that promote access to justice and safeguard the rights of the injured and employees.

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    The Resources To Win

    Our substantial financial and technological resources, access to experts, and superior legal skills enable our clients to hold even the most rich and powerful wrongdoers accountable.

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