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The award-winning attorneys at the Dolan Law Firm are dedicated to relentlessly representing their clients in the pursuit of justice. Founder and lead trial counsel Chris Dolan has been repeatedly recognized as one of the best personal injury attorneys in the San Francisco Bay Area and California. Chris and the other skilled trial lawyers at the Dolan Law Firm have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for their clients.

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    David from Albany writes: “Chris, I am strongly opposed to President Donald Trump. I’ve been highly critical of him on social media. Friends of mine have told me I need to be careful what I say, cautioning to tone down my anti-Trump comments. Can’t I express my views on t...

  • Is Serving Or Selling Alcohol To A Drunk Person Illegal In California?

    This week’s question comes from Trisha from Hayward who asks; “My son and his friend were home from college and were out to the movies when a young man, who was drunk, ran into them and caused some real bad injuries. All I know so far is that the kid was coming from his u...

  • How Much Time Can I Take Off Of Work For Pregnancy? 2017 California Law Update

    Cristy from Albany writes, “Chris, my wife and I are excited to have our first child in the Spring. The pregnancy has been challenging, however. I may need extended time off from work both before and after my baby is born. I am confused as to the amount of leave I am enti...

  • Is An Oral Promise Of A Gift An Enforceable Contract?

    This week’s question comes from Shelia D in South City who asks: “I am really upset about what my uncle recently did. He had, since I was young, promised me that he would give me his Camaro when he got a new car. He got a new car and, instead of giving his old car to me, ...

  • Google Bus Strikes And Kills San Jose Woman

    On January 3, 2017, a Google charter bus struck and killed Xiaolan Luo, a San Jose woman, on the campus of West Valley College in Saratoga, California.  The bus traveling southbound, turning left from Fruitvale Avenue onto Athletics Way, according to the West Valley-Missi...


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