Refer Your Case With Confidence

We are honored to be the lawyers that defense and other lawyers turn to when their family members or friends need an experienced plaintiff’s injury lawyer. Likewise, we are frequently consulted by other attorneys and asked to accept cases or associate with them in a wide range of complex personal injury, wrongful death, elder abuse and employment actions. We are an experienced trial firm with resources like no other law firm:

  • A fully developed mock courtroom with video cameras staged around that record onto computers within our focus room.
  • In house presentation development and trial tech equipment.
  • Four office locations: San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Redondo Beach.
  • In house graphic design and illustration capabilities.

After having discussed your case with Chris Dolan, you will get a dedicated legal team working on your case, including Chris Dolan. We realize that litigating cases requires our legal teams to devote many hours to your case but, having someone for you to contact is equally important. A legal team and an attorney will be available for you to contact to keep you informed and updated.

We have successfully litigated scores of referred cases, sharing over $50 million in total recoveries with referring counsel. If you wish to discuss referring a case, contact Christopher B. Dolan by email or call us at 888-424-5352 and tell us you are an attorney who wants to refer a case. 

Rice v. City of Roy: A Police Shooting Incident Case

A federal jury rules unanimously in favor of Chris Dolan’s clients and finds excessive use of force used by police officer Chris Johnson. A verdict of $3, 257,000.00 was awarded to plaintiffs, in Federal Court, Tacoma Washington, and against Chris Johnson and the city of Roy on September 23, 2021. This case arises from a police officer involved shooting just
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