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The number one cause of serious injuries to bicyclists in San Francisco, Oakland and throughout the Bay Area is speeding by car, truck and other motor vehicle drivers.  On average, 5 bicyclists are killed each year in San Francisco alone. Specific causes of bike accidents include:

  • drivers speeding or running red lights,
  • drivers making an illegal left or U turn, colliding with an oncoming bicyclist the opposite lane,
  • drivers providing bicyclists insufficient space when passing or entering into bike lanes,
  • drivers or passengers opening a car door without looking to see that a bicyclist was approaching (called being “doored’),
  • careless or inattentive driving (often due to using a mobile phone or testing while driving) , or
  • driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In certain cases, non-driver factors lead to a bicycle crash. These factors can include roadway hazards, poorly-marked construction sites, construction site debris, sand, or gravel on roadways, and other dangerous road conditions.

If  you are in bike crash, please follow the bike accident checklist we have have prepared.

Why You Need An Experienced Bike Accident & Injury Attorney

Car insurance companies make money by keeping claims payouts low, or refusing to make any payout.  Do not be surprised, no matter what the police report states, if the insurance company tries to place the fault for the accident on you, claim you didn’t need the medical treatment you received, and argue you will not suffer any long term injuries from the bike accident. Only an experienced and skilled bicycle accident attorney of the highest integrity and ethics can ensure that you will receive the maximum recovery the law allows for your injuries.

Why We Are The Best Bay Area And San Francisco Bike Accident Attorney For You

Our attorneys possess the knowledge and experience to thoroughly investigate your case and ensure you receive the maximum recovery the law allows for your injuries. We personally know how devastating physically, emotionally, and financially a serious bike accident can be. We will treat you with compassion and respect. We will be with you every step of the legal process. 

We have obtained over $10 million in recoveries for injured bike riders.  We are known for taking challenging and complicated cases to trial and prevailing. As a result, we often obtain recoveries far above industry averages.

We specifically provide our clients:

  • Individual, attentive legal representation by highly experienced bicycle accident attorneys with an outstanding record of success,
  • Substantial financial and technological resources that no individual attorney or small law firm can provide, and
  • Access to the leading accident reconstruction and biomechanics experts for cases involving brain, spine, neck and back injuries.

Our attorneys work under the direction of Chris Dolan, our founder and lead trial attorney. Chris has been repeatedly selected by multiple publications as one of top trial lawyers in California.

Even If I Was Partially At Fault, Do I Still Have A Bike Accident Case?

Yes. Frequently we see cases in which the police report places the fault on the bicyclist for the bicycle accident. The police report, while important evidence, is not binding on the court and can be based on a faulty analysis resulting in wrong conclusions.

Again, we will thoroughly and independently review your case.  Even if you were partially at fault, you have the right to recover damages if carelessness or speeding by the driver or other reasons were substantial factors in causing the accident and your injuries.

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