Bicycle Accident Statistics in California and Nationwide

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The following statistics are summarized from a variety of sources, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Bicycle Accident Statistics

There has been a nationwide reduction in both serious injuries and deaths of cyclists in the past 10 years, but considerable work remains to make the roads truly safe for bikers.

  • U.S. Bicyclist Injuries in 2007: 43,000 (58,000 in 1997, a reduction of 26 percent)
  • U.S. Bicyclist Deaths in 2007: 698 (814 in 1997, a reduction of 14 percent)
  • California Bicyclist Deaths in 2007: 109 (only 4 states had higher death rates for bicyclists)

Who is More Likely to Be in a Bike Accident?

  • The average age of bicyclists

    in crashes in 2007 was 40. The vast majority were male.
  • 15 percent of those killed in 2007 were under age 16.
  • The average age of bicyclists

    in crashes was 30. The vast majority were male.
  • 28 percent of those injured were under age 16.

Risk Factors for Bicycle Accidents

  • Alcohol was a factor in one-third of the traffic crashes that resulted in cyclist fatalities in 2007.
  • Nighttime biking is much riskier than daytime biking.

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