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Was your car accident or truck accident at least partly caused by a defective roadway or dangerous highway? The Dolan Law Firm in San Francisco has handled dozens of cases against the California Department of Transportation (Cal Trans) and county and local governments for injuries and deaths caused by dangerous road conditions, defectively-designed highways, and poorly maintained streets.

Thousands of Californians drive to and from work each day and are often stuck in traffic jams on our overcrowded highways and roads. Unfortunately, many of us are involved in highway traffic accidents, truck accidents, trolley and taxi cab accidents and other motor vehicle accidents. A fair number of accidents occur on defective and dangerous roads.

We all have the right to drive on roads which are safely designed, properly constructed, and adequately maintained. Unfortunately, many governmental entities such as Cal Trans, the County of Sonoma, The County of Lake, Marin County, San Francisco County, The City of Sacramento, The Golden Gate Bridge and Transit District, The City of Santa Barbara, etc. do not always live up to their duty to remedy road defects and repair dangerous conditions on highways and streets.

If you have been injured, or a loved one has been killed on a defective or dangerous road or highway, call 415-636-8160 or 888.452.4752 or contact us by e-mail today for a free consultation, and learn how we can put our accident litigation experience to work for you. We put the fair back in the fight.

Road defect claims are very complex and expensive to pursue. The lawyers at The Dolan Law Firm have significant experience in this field and have recovered millions of dollars for its clients injured as a result of dangerous and defective roadways, or sidewalks and public places.

We represent clients in personal injury and wrongful death litigation arising out of dangerous and defective roadways and highways, including the following hazards:

  • Inadequate guardrails or lack of guardrails
  • Trees or vegetation blocking views or signs
  • Defective traffic lights
  • Inadequate road lighting
  • Improper signage
  • Road construction hazards
  • Lack of or inappropriate warning of road work
  • Bridge defects and bridge collapse
  • Insufficient median
  • Lack of shoulder
  • Dangerous intersections
  • Dangerous potholes, drop-offs
  • Failure to maintain roads or highways
  • Other hazardous road conditions
  • Other road design defects

The government has immunity for defects in most roadway design cases unless you can show that the roadway design and/or condition presented a trap for the unwary motorist who believed, based on the signage, conditions, etc, that the roadway was safe, when it wasn’t. The government also has immunity in most failure to sign claims. This means that they are not negligent for a mere failure to place a sign or traffic signal at a particular place. This immunity may be overcome if it can be shown that the layout, usage, and available information provided to the motorist created a trap for an unsuspecting driver using the roadway with due care.

You Must Act Quickly to Preserve Your Road Defect Claim

If you were injured as a result of dangerous highway or defect in a public roadway, you must file a claim within six months of your injury or you may lose your right to recover damages for you losses. Contact the attorneys at the Dolan Law Firm today to arrange a free case evaluation with Mr. Dolan, or one of our other California defective roadway attorneys.

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