California Motorcycle Laws

The Dolan Law Firm is committed to helping victims of scooter, bicycle and motorcycle accidents. We have handled dozens of large-scale settlements and verdicts on behalf of bikers all over California. Our motorcycle crash attorneys are passionate about their work, in part, because they are bikers themselves.

Of course, we understand California bike law very well. We feel it is our duty to tell the public what they need to know about California motorcycle, bicycle and scooter accidents. Our attorneys are available, through our contact page, to answer questions in free case evaluations. We have also provided the following pages filled with California bike law information.

  • What to Do After an Injury in a Crash: Do not admit fault to anyone, and be sure to gather as much evidence as possible. Get immediate medical treatment for any injuries sustained in the crash. Call a lawyer before you talk to an insurance company.
  • Preventing Motorcycle Accidents and Bicycle Accidents: To prevent serious injuries in motorcycle, bicycle and scooter accidents, you must stay visible, get motorcycle riding training, and wear helmets and other protective gear.
  • Insurance: Around 25% of California motorcyclists do not have insurance on their bike. If you don’t, and you are in an accident, you may lose your license, be fined, and be denied recovery for your injuries.
  • Damages: Damages in bicycle and motorcycle accident cases include not only medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering, but also property damage, such as damage to your bike, and a loss of consortium (marital support and services).
  • Understanding Your Police Report: Whatever you do, don’t trust a police report. Police are often biased against two-wheeled vehicle operators. Our lawyers have handled many cases in which the police report attributed 100% of the fault to the motorcyclist, bicyclist or scooter rider for an accident, but we proved that it was actually the fault of others.
  • Specific California Bike Laws: Among the laws important to bikers are the rules about lane splitting, helmets, and statutes of limitations.

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