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Hundreds of people are seriously injured every year either by or on public transportation, also known as common carriers. Common carriers are companies or systems that carry passengers as part of a business operation open to the public. The following are common carriers in the San Francisco Bay Area:

  • Buses (Muni, SamTrans, Golden Gate Transit, Greyhound, Casino, AC Transit)
  • Ferries (Red and White fleet)
  • Taxis (Blue and Gold fleet)
  • Trains (BART, Caltrans)
  • Trolleys
  • Cable cars
  • Sight-seeing trolleys, boats and buses
  • Airport shuttles (Super Shuttles)
  • Other Common Carriers
  • Ride Share

Common carriers are required by law to use the highest degree of care and vigilance to ensure the safety of passengers — and the public. This is a much higher duty than that required of a normal motorist, who is required only to use “reasonable care.” Common carrier vehicles must be safe and fit to transport passengers.

Have You Been Injured in a Common Carrier Accident?

The injury attorneys of the Dolan Law Firm have handled hundreds of personal injury and wrongful death cases for people injured by Muni, BART, SamTrans, ferry services, taxicab services, buses and cable cars. Contact us online or call  415-636-8160 to learn more about how we can help you.

We have secured millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for injured people and families grieving the loss of a loved one. Of the top 10 verdicts and settlements for cable car accidents in the past three years, our firm handled four of them:

  • $1.25 million for a 65-year-old pedestrian who was hit and killed in a Muni bus accident in Chinatown
  • $1 million in settlements for people who were injured by an out-of-control cable car
  • $113,000 jury verdict for a Muni bus passenger who slipped and fell on a plastic bag that had not been picked up

A Common Carrier’s Duty

If you were injured in a cable car, trolley, taxi, shuttle or Muni bus accident, contact our San Francisco law office online or call  415-636-8160 to schedule a free consultation. We also help people visiting from out of town who have been hurt while on vacation. Learn more about how our firm protects you and your right to financial recovery after a common carrier accident.

Common carriers have a heightened duty to ensure:

  • Extra help and seating for elderly and disabled passengers
  • A seat for every passenger (except for municipal buses)
  • That vehicles are not overcrowded
  • That equipment is maintained in excellent working condition
  • That vehicles and equipment are free of debris
  • That vehicles do not start and stop suddenly
  • That vehicles are not driven erratically
  • That passengers are discharged in a place of safety and at their destination
  • That regular schedules are followed
  • That baggage is not damaged

We have represented dozens of people who suffered broken arms, wrists, legs and hips when an underground Muni rail car went into emergency braking maneuvers, throwing people to the ground. Our extensive investigation into the failure of Muni operations and computer systems has made our firm a trusted source of information and documentation for other lawyers. For more information on Muni and BART injuries, please read our article on common carrier liability for a detailed discussion of this issue.

Time Limitations Are Very Short for These Cases

Because many common carriers are governmental agencies, very specific and limited time frames apply for filing a claim for a common carrier injury. You may have less than six months to file a claim. Do not let the statute of limitations run out on your case.

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