California Truck Accidents: Truck Manufacturers Fault

Because people rely on the safety of their vehicles, and the vehicles around them, truck manufacturers have a tremendous responsibility for ensuring the safety of the truck owner, driver and everyone who can be harmed from a defective truck, including pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicle drivers. When manufacturers produce a defective product, they risk potential liability to anyone who is injured as a result of that defect. Their liability can extend to truck drivers, residents, and anyone who is injured by their product. California laws are in place to protect the people of California from such actions. As experienced California truck accident attorneys, we understand these laws and how to ensure they protect you. Whether you are the truck driver, pedestrian, bicyclist, or car or motorcycle driver, or passenger, if you are injured due to a defective truck product or design, you may be entitled to compensation from the company responsible for the defective part. Contact an experienced California truck accident attorney today for a free consultation.

Truck Manufacturers Liability

There can be many causes of trucking accidents in California. Truck manufacturers can be partially, or totally, responsible for trucking accident. For example, if a truck is using defective parts (substandard materials, or a design defect), and that defect was a contributing cause to an accident, the manufacturer may be partially, or totally, liable for any damages caused by the defect. If you have been involved in a trucking accident, and suspect a defective truck part may have contributed to the accident, contact us, your experienced San Francisco truck accident attorneys, for a free consultation to discuss the circumstances surrounding your accident and injuries.