California Big Rig Accident Attorneys

As California tractor trailer accident attorneys, we know that sometimes the tractor trailer owner can be responsible for tractor trailer accidents. Regardless of whether the tractor trailer owner drives the truck or not, the owner is still responsible for the safety of the truck. Tractor trailer wrecks can occur from a variety of causes, including, from improper lighting or poor braking. With tractor trailers, owners have a responsibility for the safety of the people who will come into contact with the tractor trailer, including the drivers of the truck, and other drives who share the roadways with the tractor trailer. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires the presence of specific safety equipment on all commercial vehicles, including commercial trucks. If you have been injured in an I-5 big rig accident, or any other highway or roadway tractor trailer accident, then you need to contact an experienced California tractor trailer accident attorney. The consultation is free, and we work on a contingent fee basis (we don’t get paid unless you win), so there is no reason you should not have a premier California big rig truck accident attorney representing you.

18-Wheeler Accident Injury Lawyers

As San Francisco 18-wheeler accident injury lawyers, we know that federal and state rules and regulations are not the only thing governing truck owners. The owners of these 18-wheelers are also governed by federal and California case law. As experienced truck accident lawyers, we are familiar with not only the rules and regulations, but the case law governing truck accident cases in California. If you have suffered an eighteen-wheeler accident injury, you want a lawyer to represent your legal interests and obtain fair and just compensation for your injuries or loss. At The Dolan Law Firm, we know the rules, regulations, and case law governing truck accidents. Contact an experienced California truck accident lawyer today for a free consultation, and find out how to put a winner in your corner.

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