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The truck accident attorneys at The Dolan Law Firm represent people in the San Francisco Bay area and throughout California in personal injury and wrongful death actions against negligent or careless truck drivers and trucking companies. Many truck accidents stem from problems with the truck’s air brakes, including improperly adjusted brakes, brake imbalance, brake malfunction, braking deficiencies and brake failure.

If you were involved in a truck accident, our award-winning, compassionate attorneys can help. The Dolan Law Firm has much experience with truck accident litigation and an impressive record of success
helping truck accident victims. We work hard to recover full compensation for clients who are harmed by truck drivers and truck companies who cut corners to turn a profit and ignore important safety measures such as proper truck inspections and maintenance.

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Commercial trucks and semi trucks are driven thousands of miles every year and truck parts wear out. Truck drivers have a duty to diligently inspect their semi tractor trailer every day and keep their vehicles in good working order. When truck drivers and trucking companies fail to inspect and properly maintain brakes, steering mechanisms, tires, and other truck parts, they put innocent lives at risk.

Semi Truck Brake Malfunction and Failure

When a catastrophic trucking accident such as an override accident or other types of accidents occur, it is very common for the truck driver to claim that the brakes were defective. But catastrophic brake failures are rare on trucks. Brake systems on modern vehicles are required to have various fail-safe mechanisms that reduce the likelihood of complete failure. Trucks have two separate braking systems where in the event of a failure, the trucker should still have the ability to stop. In a panic situation, in order to do so, this may require a greater distance.
Brake failure can occur because of improper installation, age, or maintenance by either the big rig owner (for big rig brakes), or the truck trailer owner (for truck trailer brakes). A truck’s brakes can dramatically heat up from overuse, for example riding the brakes on a long downgrade, or from sudden stopping (especially at high speeds). The heavier the truck, generally, the more heat generated. In addition, improper loading can make the brakes heat up more during use.

The Importance of Proper Brake Function on Commercial Trucks

Trucks have a much greater stopping distance than cars and other vehicles. The distance needed to stop a truck increases as the weight of the truck and the speed it is traveling increase. Poorly maintained brakes increase the time and distance the truck driver needs to stop and can result in rear-end accidents.

Brake imbalance is a common cause of jackknife and trailer swing-out accidents. Improperly adjusted brakes can sometimes cause jackknife accidents. When the tractor axles have more braking force than the trailer, the trailer can push forward, causing a jackknife accident. When the trailer axles have more braking force than the tractor axles the tractor will drag the trailer and the trailer will swing out.

Braking deficiencies can be caused by oil-contaminated brakes, worn brakes, bad brake lines, and poorly adjusted brakes. A truck with deficient breaks will usually be able to stop but not as quickly. Partial brake failure or brake deficiency may only be apparent in an emergency which requires sudden stopping. If you have been involved in a California trucking accident because of defective brakes, or brake failure, contact The Dolan Law Firm for a free consultation to discuss the circumstances surrounding your truck accident.

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