Discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations leaves victims at a terrible disadvantage. When you have been discriminated against unfairly, you can feel angry, sad, embarrassed, hopeless and confused in a matter of moments. Persistent discrimination has far-reaching implications for our society.

It is a problem that should not be ignored, lest it grow worse. At The Dolan Law Firm, we have been fighting for victims of discrimination for decades. Our attorneys have helped people in discrimination lawsuits of almost every type. We handle cases involving violations of state and federal laws. If you have been discriminated against in violation of the law, you need to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible. Call us at 415-636-8160 today to get started.

State And Federal Discrimination Laws

There is no one single law against discrimination. Nor does every unfair decision rise to the level of unlawful discrimination. There are, however, many laws in place to protect people who are frequently targeted for this type of abuse. Our firm helps victims of all types of discrimination, from age discrimination and disability discrimination to sexual orientation discrimination and discrimination against transgender people. California state laws have improved in some areas to provide legal remedies for people who were once forced to suffer in silence.

Assert Your Rights To Equal Treatment

The laws regarding discrimination are numerous and evolving. While they do more than they have in the past, they are meaningless if victims of discrimination cannot use them. You deserve better than to be dismissed, disfavored and discriminated against. Discrimination is not something you have to accept as your lot in life. We can help you.

If you have a cause for legal action, you need a skilled and dedicated attorney on your side. Call the Dolan Law Firm at 415-636-8160 or contact us online to discuss your situation today.