Chris Dolan and his Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorneys have represented motorcyclists for many years. As an avid motorcycle rider Chris Dolan has ridden California highways and seen many backroads and country sides. He understands serious motorcycle accidents can occur on a short ride across the city or a long trip across the state.  

Any time there are vehicles on the roadway, there is the chance they will collide with each other. Every type of vehicle has unique handling and stopping needs, and every type of vehicle offers a different level of protection to its driver and occupants. Aside from bicycles, motorcycles offer the least amount of protection for riders, which puts riders at risk of suffering severe injuries inmotorcycle accidents. In fact, according to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), motorcyclists were 28 times more likely to die compared to passenger car occupants, and they were also four times more likely to be injured.

If you are injured in a California motorcycle accident involving another party’s negligence, you may pursue compensation for your damages through a personal injury claim. Do not hesitate to reach out for experienced legal help — contact the Dolan Law Firm at 415-417-1643 for a free consultation with a top-rated Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer.

Motorcycle Accident Causes

Motorcycle accidents, like all other types of motor vehicle accidents, have a variety of causes.

A motorcycle incident can result from a the fault of another driver, the condition of the roadway or a vehicle malfunction.   Dangerous conditions on the roadway can include potholes, or poorly constructed or maintained roadways that force riders through sharp turns, blind turns, and inappropriately steep inclines and declines. While  lane splitting is legal under California law, it makes riders in this state more vulnerable to such risks compared to riders from other parts of the country.

Motorcycles are particularly sensitive to issues with the roadway because with only two tires, they require effort on the rider’s part to remain balanced. They are also lighter than cars and other vehicles and can be more difficult for motorists to see, especially at night or on poorly maintained roads.

One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents and fatalities is driver negligence. Driver negligence can take many forms, such as:

  • Drunk driving;
  • Distracted driving;
  • Speeding;
  • Disregarding posted traffic signs;
  • Aggressive driving; 
  • Fatigued driving.

In your motorcycle accident claim, you must provide sufficient evidence to support your position that another party acted in a negligent manner and caused the motorcycle crash. This can include a copy of an official police report that shows they were speeding at the time of the accident, eyewitness statements that they were driving in an aggressive manner, or a copy of the summons they received for driving under the influence of alcohol.

A Los Angeles motorcycle accident law firm such as the Dolan Law Firm can help the injured party involved in a motorcycle collision build a strong case. Hand in hand, we will work to review the facts, gather evidence and present a claim for the compensation you deserve for your losses. Do not wait. Reach out and phone us today at 415-417-1643.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

There are many ways you can be injured in a motorcycle accident. Some motorcycle accident injuries are fairly minor, like scratches and bruises. Others are severe and can cause serious life-changing damage, like amputations and/or paralysis. After being involved in an accident, you should seek medical attention for yourself as soon as possible, regardless of how severe your injuries feel.

A motorcycle accident victim can suffer one or more of the following types of common and potentially severe injuries:

  • Head and face injury (e.g.: TBI/traumatic brain injury);
  • Degloving injuries;
  • Broken bones;
  • Permanent injuries to tendons and ligaments;
  • Severe cuts;
  • Burns;
  • Road rash;
  • Spinal cord injuries;
  • Joint dislocations.

A few examples of long-term complications (typically as a result of catastrophic injury) that can accompany a motorcycle accident injury include:

  • Paralysis;
  • Memory loss;
  • Depression;
  • Loss of nerve sensation;
  • Inability to function in social settings;
  • Infection; 
  • Prosthetic requirements,
  • Permanent disfigurement.

An experienced motorcycle accident attorney such as the Dolan Law Firm will be able to not only help determine if the injured party has a potential injury claim, but also the fair value of the damages — contact a motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles from the Dolan Law Firm today.

Pursuing Compensation for your Motorcycle Accident Damages

As the injured party, you have a few responsibilities after your accident. The first is to seek appropriate medical treatment for your injuries. This action achieves more than putting you on the path to recovery; making choices that promote a healthy recovery is part of your duty to mitigate your damages.

Another responsibility of yours is to follow your doctor and lawyer’s guidance through the claims process. Just like your doctor provides instructions for a physical recovery, your Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer provides instructions for interacting with the negligent party’s insurance provider and keeping your collision claim on track.

Through your claim, you can pursue compensation for the following damages:

  • Your medical costs (past and future);
  • Property damage;
  • Your lost wages;
  • Your pain and suffering damages.

In addition to the evidence you provide to show how the other party was negligent, you need to provide evidence that shows how you suffered financially from the injury. This may include:

  • Copies of your medical bills;
  • Documentation of your current earnings to support a claim for lost wages;
  • If you are unable to work for the foreseeable future or permanently, documentation showing your long-term wage loss;
  • Copies of your receipts for expenses like transportation help, over-the-counter pain medication, and hired domestic help to handle household chores while you recover; 
  • Documentation showing the emotional pain you suffered and other ways the injury reduced your quality of life.

Even if you were partially at fault for your accident your Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer can help you receive compensation for your damages under California’s pure comparative negligence law. In this type of situation, though, the total compensation amount you can recover is reduced according to the percentage of fault you hold for the accident.

Working with a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

It is in your best interest to work with an experienced lawyer to pursue your motorcycle accident damages in Los Angeles. When you have a lawyer, you have an advocate; you have somebody on your team who will work hard to gather a sufficient amount of relevant evidence to support your claim and negotiate with the negligent party’s insurance provider on your behalf.

When you are recovering from an injury, you need to rest. Let your lawyer handle the heavy lifting for your claim in California. We are here to provide you with trustworthy representation — call and contact us today at 415-417-1643.

Work with an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, you have the right to pursue monetary compensation for your damages through a personal injury claim. Do not wait to start working with an experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer – being proactive and working directly with a competent legal team can make a significant difference in your claim’s success.

At the Dolan Law Firm, our lawyers have more than 30 years of combined experience handling injury cases in Los Angeles, throughout San Diego, Santa Monica, Riverside and other areas in California. Our team of injury attorneys can help evaluate your accident and determine the extent of your damages as well as provide you with legal guidance.

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week; even in the worst of motorcycle accident cases, our Los Angeles lawyers will advocate on your behalf. Here is how we can help:

Personalized Legal Advice And Guidance

Whether you wish to file a personal injury claim or file a lawsuit for damages, your motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles will be a resource for crucial guidance and information — with the focus always on trying to get the financial compensation you deserve. They can explain your legal options and help you understand the legal process and California laws as they pertain to your case.

Gather Evidence And Build A Winning Case

Your Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer will work with experts, investigators, and other legal professionals to find evidence that supports your case and, in turn, your right to fair compensation. They may take photos and will collect evidence such as medical expenses, police and medical reports, eyewitness accounts, surveillance footage, and more.

Negotiate With The At-Fault Party’s Insurance Company

Negotiations can be lengthy and tiring, so it is best to leave it to the professionals. Your lawyer will represent you in negotiations with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, shielding you from any  underhanded tactics they may try to use.

Represent You In Court

If it does come to a hearing or jury trial, our trial lawyers will represent your case in court. They will call upon witnesses, present evidence, refute the defense’s arguments and protect your legal rights to articulate why you are entitled to financial recovery.

Do not settle without first talking to a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer — reach out to a legal professional from the Dolan Law Firm for a 100% free consultation.

Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friends

When you are in an accident, insurance companies are usually the first point of contact. They may seem friendly and helpful on the outset, but remember: these companies are in business to make money, and rarely have your best interests at heart.

When dealing with an insurance company or its adjusters, here are few important tips to keep in mind:

Do Not Sign Any Waivers Or Releases You Do Not Understand

Many documents waive your rights to make a later claim, so you will want to make sure that anything you sign is in your best interest.

Do Not Give A Recorded Statement

It is common for insurers to request a recorded statement from injured parties. However, it is advisable not to provide such a statement until you have consulted with a qualified motorcycle accident attorney, as the insurance company may use anything you say against you.

Understand The Law

Insurance companies rely on the fact that you do not know the law. Laws such as the California Vehicle Code section 21658.1 states that driving a motorcycle between rows of stopped vehicles or moving vehicles in the same lane is permitted. 

Unsure what to do next in your accident case? If you have been injured in a serious motorcycle accident in Los Angeles, contact the Dolan Law Firm today. You do not have to face this life changing event alone — our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys care and are here for you every step of the way, from start to finish. We can help you understand your rights and fight to obtain the maximum compensation for you.

Call our office at 415-417-1643 to request a free case evaluation. No risk, no obligation — you do not pay anything until we obtain a fair settlement for you.


How much do I have to pay for a motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles?

Our motorcycle accident lawyers work hard on a contingency fee basis – meaning you do not pay fees until we have obtained a successful settlement or award on your behalf, either through settlement or trial. 

When should I hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles?

After an accident, do not wait any longer to seek legal help. The statute of limitations for motorcycle accident in California can be as short as six months, so the sooner you contact a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer, the better your chances of proceeding with a claim.

How long will it take to resolve my Los Angeles motorcycle accident case?

Every case is different, but in general, the legal process can be time-consuming, especially when determining liability.  As soon as practical for a case we will prepare and present a demand for settlement.

We understand you may already be in a difficult position, so we can offer guidance and advice on getting treatment and dealing with any financial difficulties in the meantime.