For nearly thirty years the Dolan Law Firm has been a staple in communities across the region of Southern California. Our team of licensed police misconduct attorneys has extensive experience advocating for the rights of Southern Californians by expertly navigating the law, filing a claim in a timely manner based on the California statute of limitations, and achieving extraordinary results for our clients.

At the Dolan Law Firm, clients are accorded the highest level of respect. Known for their trustworthy and amiable disposition, their team of police misconduct attorneys are dedicated to advocating on behalf of clients who have had their rights violated, leaving them feeling vulnerable and powerless.

At the Dolan Law Firm, our primary focus is always on the best interests of our clients. For every claimant, we combine our wealth of legal knowledge and experience handling police misconduct cases. We understand that pursuing legal action following a stressful and traumatic event can be overwhelming. That is why we demonstrate the utmost compassion for our clients while making the process of obtaining legal assistance as accessible as possible for individuals. A free initial evaluation is offered to all potential clients so that they can obtain the necessary resources and legal advice they need.

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Work with a Police Misconduct Lawyer in Los Angeles

How police officers treat individuals in California and across the country has been widely publicized in recent years. Despite police departments’ claims of safeguarding neighborhoods, certain officers’ actions do not align with their words. Unfortunately, the Los Angeles Police Department has a long and extensive history of police misconduct. The Dolan Law Firm is intent on putting an end to this history of violence by working directly with victims to bring the justice they deserve.

The legal definition of police misconduct includes any unlawful or inappropriate measures taken by a police officer in relation to their sworn duty to protect and serve communities. Some examples of police misconduct may include:

  • Excessive use of force;
  • Physical brutality and/or abuse;
  • Destruction of property;
  • Sexual assault;
  • Coercion;
  • False arrest;
  • False imprisonment;
  • Mishandling and/or tampering of evidence;
  • Violation(s) of civilian constitutional rights; and
  • In catastrophic cases, wrongful death.

If you or someone you know has experienced any form of police misconduct, we strongly advise you to seek assistance by contacting our Los Angeles office. We are available by phone, by email, or our 24/7 chat option accessible on our website––just click “Start Chat” and someone will be there to help you. You are not alone, and we are here to support you during this challenging time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I go about making a police misconduct claim?

We understand that pursuing your case may feel intimidating, especially after experiencing a traumatic event at the hands of the police. Our law firm aims to provide support and guidance for our clients with no obligation on their part to proceed with their claim if they do not feel compelled to take legal action. However, if you would like to obtain resources and/or learn more about your legal options, you should contact our law firm today.

How expensive is a Los Angeles police misconduct attorney?

The team of attorneys at the Dolan Law Firm prioritizes their clients’ best interests at every turn. As part of this commitment, a free initial evaluation is offered to review the case details. Our team is committed to providing assistance to those in need. If you would like us to review the details of your case, call our Los Angeles office today at 800-339-0352.

Which type of evidence should I present to my Los Angeles police misconduct attorney?

Though the type and amount of evidence to gather will widely depend on the details of your case, generally reliable documentation in terms of medical reports and even witnesses may help to strengthen a police misconduct case. However, it is important to consult first with an experienced Los Angeles attorney who can better assess the details of your case and provide you with sound legal advice if you decide to move forward with your claim.

What to expect from a Police Misconduct Attorney in Los Angeles?

A lawyer from the Dolan Law Firm is an unfaltering ally. We put our clients’ perspectives and best interests first at all times. Clients can expect to work with a trustworthy and reliable lawyer who is committed to advocating for their rights every step of the way.

To schedule a free initial consultation, please contact us through our contact form.