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Sexual assault is a heartbreaking reality. As reported by the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN), an American is sexually assaulted every 68 seconds. And these are only the reported cases. Far too many others go unreported. We understand how difficult it can be to come forward with your story. But you do not have to suffer alone. At the Dolan Law Firm, our team of sexual assault lawyers in Los Angeles will stand alongside you in your pursuit of justice. We believe in the power of your voice and we are here to empower you to use it. Our attorneys will investigate every detail of your case, fighting to get you the justice and compensation you deserve. If you have been sexually assaulted, you do not have to feel ashamed or isolated. Contact us today to schedule a free and confidential discussion; it is time to take back your power.

What Is sexual assault?

Sexual assault describes any type of unwanted sexual contact or behavior where the victim does not give consent. This can include non-consensual sex (rape), attempted rape, touching, forcing someone to perform sexual acts, and any other kind of sexual violence or act committed without consent. Consent cannot be given if someone is intoxicated, unconscious, or unable to physically refuse.

Sexual abuse, harassment, and assault in the workplace

Sexual abuse in the workplace is a violation of workplace rights — an issue that needs to be addressed seriously. Sexual abuse can take many forms, some obviously severe, but even seemingly minor harassing comments can become illegal when they become frequent or lead to an employee’s wrongful termination. Unfortunately, these types of incidents are becoming increasingly common, as shown by rising sexual harassment rates. In fact, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission saw a 13.6% increase in sexual harassment claims from 2018 to 2021. Workplace victimization can have severely damaging repercussions. It can lead to a hostile atmosphere of fear, subjugation, and powerlessness, in addition to the possible monetary losses from decreased productivity, deterred career advancement or termination. People who experience sexual assaults, harassment, or abuse should not be afraid to speak out. If you have suffered sexual assault in the workplace, you may be entitled to legal recourse under both state criminal and civil justice systems. The Dolan Law Firm is here to help. Our Los Angeles sexual assault lawyers understand the pain and trauma you have endured. With us, you will get an attorney-client relationship that is built on trust, communication, and respect — qualities that have allowed us to provide effective legal representation for almost 30 years, and have helped us achieve fair settlement for our clients, all across Southern California and beyond (see our client testimonials). Count on us to protect your privacy — call us at (213)-667-0308 for a free case review.

What to do if you have experienced sexual assault or abuse

If you or someone you know is dealing with sexual assault or abuse, it is important to know that there are steps you can take to seek help.

Report the incident

If you are comfortable doing so, call the police and/or other authorities. There are also many hotlines and online resources available, such as RAINN and the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Please contact them if you need assistance.

Save evidence

If possible, try to preserve any physical evidence you have of the assault or abuse. This may include digital evidence such as emails, photos, recordings, or social media messages. It may also include clothing, medical reports, notebooks, and any other materials relevant to the incident.

Seek medical attention

If you have been sexually abused or assaulted, you should get medical help immediately. There are many aspects to consider, such as the possibility of physical injury, the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and/or pregnancy, and/or the use of emergency contraception. A physician can also perform a forensic exam to gather evidence that a sexual assault lawyer can use in a later legal case.

Seek professional help

Whether you are personally affected or are dealing with a friend or family member, there is no shame in reaching out for help. 
  • Talk to a mental health professional. Find a qualified mental health provider who has experience treating survivors of sexual assault and abuse, who can provide appropriate treatment, to help address the trauma.
  • Seek out support groups. These groups can provide much-needed relief and an opportunity to connect with those who have experienced similar events. You can find local support groups through the National Sexual Assault Hotline, as well as other online resources.

Pursue legal action

Should you decide to pursue a claim against your abuser, there are two potential paths: a civil lawsuit and a criminal case.
  1. In civil court, injured parties are protected. They will seek legal representation to obtain compensation from their abuser or other entities possibly accountable for the attack. 
  2. In criminal court, wrongdoers are prosecuted by the state. Here, a successful outcome would be a criminal conviction, leading to the abuser’s incarceration, whereas in civil court the law only allows for a monetary award.
Filing a lawsuit will not remedy your trauma, but it can certainly help you regain some control of your future. Healing benefits of a financial settlement aside —it is also a powerful mechanism for enforcing justice and making meaningful change.  A sexual assault can leave you feeling deeply vulnerable and isolated, unsure of where to turn for help. But know this: you have the right to speak out and seek legal representation. Our sexual assault lawyers in Los Angeles can explain your options, protect your rights, and fight for fair compensation on your behalf.  Talk to our team of sexual assault lawyers today: (213)-667-0308, or fill in our contact form here

Types of sexual assault damages you can recover

When a person has been sexually assaulted, they may bring forth a civil lawsuit to receive both compensatory and sometimes punitive damages. This is best done with the help of a professional sexual assault lawyer.  There are typically several categories of damages that a survivor may seek reparations for, such as:
  • Medical expenses;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Mental anguish and emotional trauma;
  • Lost wages and diminished earning potential;
  • Loss of enjoyment of life;
  • Loss of quality of life;
  • Punitive damages.
You may be able to seek monetary damages through many potential causes of action including assault and battery or intentional infliction of emotional distress. A qualified sexual assault lawyer in Los Angeles can help you identify the type of lawsuit that would be best to bring in your individual case.

How soon should you file a sexual assault claim in California?

Ideally, those who have suffered sexual abuse or assault should file a civil case as soon as possible since California law has a limited window of time to do so. This time frame is referred to as the statute of limitations. The deadline to file your claim is important; if you miss it, you could be barred from recovering any compensation in the Los Angeles County courts.

Long-term consequences of sexual assaults

Sexual assault can have devastating, long-lasting repercussions. Survivors of sexual assaults may suffer from any of the following effects:
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder;
  • Recurring nightmares;
  • Panic attacks;
  • Pervasive fear;
  • An overwhelming sense of helplessness;
  • Phobia-inducing state of dissociation;
  • Isolation from self, partners, and families;
  • or other effects.
At the Dolan Law Firm, our Los Angeles sexual assault lawyers understand the psychological toll of a traumatic incident. We will follow up and investigate your incident, determine liability, and do everything in our power to hold your aggressor responsible. Discuss your case with a professional — call a sexual assault attorney from the Dolan Law Firm today: (213)-667-0308.  


  Do I need to hire a Los Angeles sexual assault lawyer? California law enforcement handles criminal charges but they will not bring a civil suit on your behalf. At the Dolan Law Firm, we have extensive experience in civil suits related to sexual assault cases and represent injured parties in Los Angeles and throughout the state of California. Contact us to set up a free case review. How much will a sexual assault lawyer in Los Angeles cost? At the Dolan Law Firm, we work on a contingency fee basis, so you will not have to worry about paying us anything up front. We only collect a fee if we are able to win a settlement or verdict for you. What can I expect when filing a sexual assault lawsuit in Los Angeles? Sexual assault/abuse lawsuits in Los Angeles are similar to other personal injury lawsuits.
  • Consultation: During your first meeting, your lawyer will apply their expertise to determine a case’s merits and advise you on what can be expected moving forward.
  • Investigation and Litigation: Your sexual assault attorney will investigate on their own, and through the discovery process,  examine the facts of the matter, gather evidence and interview witnesses. This can include a third-party medical evaluation, witness testimony, and other records that could be relevant to the case.
  • Negotiations: Most sex abuse lawsuits are settled before trial. Your lawyer will work on your behalf to secure a fair settlement from the liable parties. This is often accomplished through mediation. 
Trial: If negotiations fail, then your attorney will take your case in front of a jury. This would involve preparing for court, negotiating with the defense and representation in court. However, you have a say in this. Your attorney will discuss whether trial is a good strategy and whether you are up to it.  

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Individual, attentive legal representation by highly experienced crash and accident attorneys with an outstanding record of success;
Substantial investigative, financial and technological resources that no individual attorney or small law firm can provide.

Individual, attentive legal representation by highly experienced crash and accident attorneys with an outstanding record of success;
Substantial investigative, financial and technological resources that no individual attorney or small law firm can provide.

Individual, attentive legal representation by highly experienced crash and accident attorneys with an outstanding record of success;
Substantial investigative, financial and technological resources that no individual attorney or small law firm can provide.

Individual, attentive legal representation by highly experienced crash and accident attorneys with an outstanding record of success;
Substantial investigative, financial and technological resources that no individual attorney or small law firm can provide.


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