Child abuse is a despicable crime, one that California, as well as the other states, find unacceptable and requires swift justice for the sake of the victim and their family. At the Dolan Law Firm we want to defend the interests of all children who have been abused. Let our team of San Francisco child abuse lawyers help you through this difficult time. With the utmost respect for your privacy, we will handle your case with care, utilizing our years of experience to meet your needs. Your rights are important to us, and we are prepared to accompany you with your claim.

Sex Abuse in Camps, Daycare, Schools, and Churches

Unfortunately, child abuse (including sexual abuse) often occurs in settings where groups of people congregate like summer camps, daycares, schools, and even churches. People in positions of power sometimes take advantage of those children. 

Abusive behavior in all situations is abhorrent and should never be tolerated. If you or someone you know has been abused, contact the Dolan Law Firm today for the legal advice and professional compassion to carefully study your case. Our lawyers are available now and ready to listen to you.

Different Causes of Legal Action

When dealing with child abuse or sexual abuse, there are many different kinds of behavior and physical acts that are considered grounds for legal action.


Schools, daycares, summer camps and other organizations have a responsibility to monitor what is happening with the children they have in their care and to supervise the activities of their staff to make sure the children are not abused.

Negligent Hiring, Supervision and Retention

An employer must make responsible decisions when hiring new employees for a summer camp position, a daycare provider, or a teaching position. Whoever is hired may be in charge of children, and they should be required to pass a background check before working with children. Negligent hiring may result in child abuse. Employers should make sure to thoroughly and legally vet all prospective employees that will be working with children. 

Employers must also take steps to properly supervise their employees to prevent abuse. If, it is later found that there was an issue with an employee working with children, they should not be retained. 

Battery and Assault

Abuse can also be described as battery and assault, depending on the situation and circumstances. If a child has suffered battery and assault by others, our team of child abuse attorneys are prepared to evaluate their case.

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Steps in Litigation

Litigation, or the process of taking legal action, has several steps when it comes to dealing with child abuse and child sexual abuse.

  • Consultation: During your first meeting, your lawyer will apply their expertise to determine a case’s merits and advise you on what can be expected moving forward.
  • Investigation and Litigation: Your sexual assault attorney will investigate on their own, and through the discovery process, examine the facts of the matter, gather evidence and interview witnesses. This can include a third-party medical evaluation, witness testimony, and other records that could be relevant to the case.
  • Negotiations: Most sexual abuse lawsuits are settled before trial. Your lawyer will work on your behalf to secure a fair settlement from the liable parties. This is often accomplished through mediation. 
  • Trial: If negotiations fail, then your attorney will take your case in front of a jury. This would involve preparing for court, negotiating with the defense and representation in court. However, you have a say in this. Your attorney will discuss whether trial is a good strategy and whether you are up to it. 

Minors’ Protection Under the Law

Laws are in place to protect minors, and in particularly difficult situations, sometimes a guardian ad litem is appointed to play a temporary role in legal cases to make decisions for the minor in the lawsuit. Your attorney will be able to help you decide if your case requires a guardian ad litem.

Additionally, to ensure the child is not taken advantage of, in California, a court must approve all settlements made on behalf of a child under the age of 18.




What type of information will a San Francisco child abuse attorney require to assess my case?

A San Francisco child abuse attorney will require information about the child who suffered the abuse, the details of what happened, any documentation, or anything else that may be potentially vital to the case.

As a parent or guardian, when should I contact a San Francisco child abuse attorney?

If you suspect that your child has endured child abuse, we recommend that you first report it to the police. Afterwards, you should contact a San Francisco child abuse attorney as soon as you have collected the facts surrounding the incident. You should never wait; your child’s needs and safety are of the utmost importance and there are strict time limits to bring a case.