Dolan Law Firm Justice Empowerment Scholarship


Justice Empowerment Scholarship Award Requirements

Award:  One $2,500 scholarship paid to the winning student.

Deadline:  This is a recurring scholarship that will be offered every year. The deadline for the 2019 Justice Empowerment Scholarship is August 31, 2019. 

Criteria:  Submissions are evaluated primarily on the persuasiveness of arguments contained in the video. Creativity, images, and innovation incorporated into the video are also taken into account. The scholarship winner is determined solely by the Dolan Law Firm. 

Eligibility:  Students attending an accredited U.S. college (including community college) or university are eligible for the scholarship. High school seniors who will be attending an accredited U.S. college or university this Fall are also eligible to apply. No employees of the Dolan Law Firm, or their spouses and family members, nor any employees, spouses and family members of any vendors of the Dolan Law Firm, are eligible. 

Submission Requirements: 

  • Applicants must create a 4 to 6 minute video on the topic of justice.
  • In the video, introduce yourself and address the following questions:

What does justice mean to you?

What you think needs to be changed in our society to make it more just?

How you can help bring about this change?

  • Videos must be uploaded to YouTube with the title: “2019 Justice Empowerment Scholarship Submission By _______”  Insert your name in the blank space.
  • In the description of the video on YouTube, briefly summarize your video and include in the description the following statement: The Justice Empowerment Scholarship is provided by the Dolan Law Firm which can be found online at
  • Once you have uploaded the video, submit the link to the video below and all other required information:
  • Attach as evidence that you are attending an accredited U.S. college or university (such as a photo or scanned copy of a current student identification card).
  • If applicable, identify whom assisted you assisted in the production of the video.
  • Any videos filmed, edited or produced by a professional video photographer or video production company are prohibited. You may have the assistance of family and friends as long as they are not professional video photographers, editors or producers.
  • Videos that do not follow the submission requirements will not be considered for the award.

Publication of the Award:  The award winner agrees that the Dolan Law Firm may use their name, city, and state, and post his/her photo with a link to the video on YouTube, the Dolan Law Firm website, Dolan Law Firm social media pages (e.g. our Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages), and for other public relations and marketing purposes as determined by the Dolan Law Firm.

Privacy Statement:  No applicant’s email address or phone number will be sold or released to any third parties.

Non-Discrimination Statement:  The Dolan Law Firm is committed to diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity. All award submissions will be evaluated on the content of the videos and without regard to the applicant’s race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, nation of origin, or any other criteria in violation of the law.

2019 Justice Empowerment Scholarship Award Winner

We are thrilled to announce that the recipient of the 2019 Dolan Law Firm Justice Empowerment Scholarship is Adrian Hurndon, an undergraduate student at Northeast Community College. Hurndon was awarded a scholarship of $2,500 by Dolan Law Firm.

Hurndon, is studying sociology in pursuit of a long-time dream of becoming the first sociology teacher to high school students in his hometown. In his compelling video, Hurndon returns to his hometown of Pittsburgh, Texas, to discuss issues about discrimination, lack of educational opportunities, and police brutality. Hurndon, having experienced these issues first-hand, sets out his strategy against these issues when he declares, “I will complete my education to educate my community and restore their faith in the justice system.”

Adrian Hurndon, an upbeat percussionist, when asked what inspired him to submit a video for the 2019 Justice Empowerment Scholarship said, “It is the perfect opportunity to let people know that awareness is only part of the solution and it’s time to take action and stand up for ourselves.” Hurndon born and raised in Pittsburgh, Texas, passionately spoke about the injustice he experiences in his community, the lack of action and the solution in his award-winning video.

Here is Adrian Hurndon’s award-winning video:

We applaud and admire Adrian for his passion and commitment to advocating and educating his community and anyone he meets. We at Dolan Law share the same values and beliefs that justice is for all.

Additional 2019 Justice Empowerment Scholarship Submissions

Ahliyah Sanford, University of California, Berkeley

Rodolfo Galván, Southern New Hampshire University

Kesia Eng, UCLA

Abril Chihuahua Ramirez, Maricopa Community College

Sylvia Lee, UCLA

Aurelius Miles Francisco, University of Oklahoma

Ricky (Hung) Nguyen, University of California, Santa Cruz


2018 Justice Empowerment Scholarship Award Winner

We are pleased to announce that Bethani Lechuga has been selected as the winner of the 2018 Dolan Law Firm Justice Empowerment Scholarship. The law firm awarded Bethani a $2,500 scholarship.

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Bethani attended North High School in Phoenix before deciding to enter into the Nursing BSN program at Arizona State University (ASU). Bethani was perusing the ASU scholarship portal one day when she stumbled upon the annual Dolan Justice Empowerment Scholarship.

At first, Bethani was uncertain about what she might have to say that would contribute to the conversation about Justice Empowerment. Then, a few days later, while driving to school, Bethani was listening to a speech by our current President in which he referred to immigrants as criminals and animals. Bethani recalls being brought to tears at the thought that our most powerful elected representative, the President of the United States, would speak of whole populations of people with such animosity and hatred. Knowing that these statements reflect not only his views but the views of many of her fellow Americans, it was then that Bethani resolved to make her voice be heard by creating a video that speaks to the Justice Empowerment means to her.

Here is Bethani Lechuga’s award-winning video:

When asked about why she chose Nursing as the profession she will pursue, Bethani said, “I’ve seen so much injustice and discrimination in our health care system. I want to make part of my impact on society by working in the healthcare system and doing my best to treat all of the people I serve as a nursing practitioner without regard for their race, religion, politics or immigration status.”

We congratulate and honor Bethani for having the vision and the commitment to enter into a caring profession and committing herself to caring for all people she encounters personally and professionally with the same dignity and respect we all deserve as human beings.

2017 Justice Empowerment Scholarship Award Winner

We are pleased to announce that Fátima Casas, an undergraduate student at the University of California at Berkeley, has been selected as the winner of the inaugural Dolan Law Firm Justice Empowerment Scholarship. The law firm awarded Casas a $2,500 scholarship.

The purpose of the Justice Empowerment Scholarship is to encourage young persons to advance the cause of social justice. Scholarship applicants were required to produce and post on YouTube a short video on the topic of justice. Twenty-four students from across the nations submitted videos.

A first year student at UC Berkeley, Casas is studying political theory and ethnic studies in pursuit of a future career in the law. In her powerful video, Casas returns to her hometown of San Bernardino, California, to discuss issues of terrorism and gun violence, police brutality, lack of educational opportunity, full equality for the LGBT community, and the refugee and immigration crisis. “Growing up in my city has opened my eyes to the systematic injustice that suffocates people every day,” Casas stated. “Justice is shining a light on the dark forces of oppression and fighting cultural stereotypes and prejudice that bring us down. The social justice warrior in me aspires to have the courage to change the institutions of power that dehumanize and exploit us.”

Here is Fátima Casas’ award-winning video:

“Fairness and justice are what motivates the attorneys at the Dolan Law Firm. We see in Fátima Casas a similar passion for fairness and justice and are pleased to award her the Justice Empowerment Scholarship to advance her studies,” stated Chris Dolan. “I thank all the students that produced videos and applied for the scholarship. You are at the forefront of the fight for social justice in America. Your videos will inspire other young persons nationwide to strive for social justice in their communities.”

Concerning the process of creating her video, Casas commented, “The video is a representation of me, my origin, my culture and my hxstory. I love making videos. Videos, images and music bring emotions to life in ways that words alone do not achieve. I really enjoyed being able to take images that were part of my hometown and connect them to whom I was, am, and will become.”

Additional Justice Empowerment Scholarship Submissions

Baily Hall, Northeast Texas Community College

Noemi Sanchez, UCLA

O Stremple, Augsburg College

Tiara Conley, USC

Nicholas-Robyn Berube, Pace University

Cierra Roberts, Stevenson University

Valeria Sosa Garnica, Williams University