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2017 Justice Empowerment Scholarship Award Winner

We are pleased to announce that Fátima Casas, an undergraduate student at the University of California at Berkeley, has been selected as the winner of the inaugural Dolan Law Firm Justice Empowerment Scholarship. The law firm awarded Casas a $2,500 scholarship.

The purpose of the Justice Empowerment Scholarship is to encourage young persons to advance the cause of social justice. Scholarship applicants were required to produce and post on YouTube a short video on the topic of justice. Twenty-four students from across the nations submitted videos.

A first year student at UC Berkeley, Casas is studying political theory and ethnic studies in pursuit of a future career in the law. In her powerful video, Casas returns to her hometown of San Bernardino, California, to discuss issues of terrorism and gun violence, police brutality, lack of educational opportunity, full equality for the LGBT community, and the refugee and immigration crisis. “Growing up in my city has opened my eyes to the systematic injustice that suffocates people every day,” Casas stated. “Justice is shining a light on the dark forces of oppression and fighting cultural stereotypes and prejudice that bring us down. The social justice warrior in me aspires to have the courage to change the institutions of power that dehumanize and exploit us.”

Here is Fátima Casas’ award-winning video:

“Fairness and justice are what motivates the attorneys at the Dolan Law Firm. We see in Fátima Casas a similar passion for fairness and justice and are pleased to award her the Justice Empowerment Scholarship to advance her studies,” stated Chris Dolan. “I thank all the students that produced videos and applied for the scholarship. You are at the forefront of the fight for social justice in America. Your videos will inspire other young persons nationwide to strive for social justice in their communities.”

Concerning the process of creating her video, Casas commented, “The video is a representation of me, my origin, my culture and my hxstory. I love making videos. Videos, images and music bring emotions to life in ways that words alone do not achieve. I really enjoyed being able to take images that were part of my hometown and connect them to whom I was, am, and will become.”

Additional Justice Empowerment Scholarship Submissions

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