All Americans deserve an equal playing field. Under the Bill of Rights, key federal laws including the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and California state regulations such as the Unruh Civil Rights Act, every person in Los Angeles has critically important civil rights. These rights offer legal protection against unjust treatment. Unfortunately, our country has not always lived up to its ideals. Civil rights violations have occurred in the past, and they continue to occur in the present day.

At the Dolan Law Firm, our dedicated civil rights lawyers in Los Angeles are proud to be strong legal advocates for every person and every community in Southern California. Our law firm has more than 20 years of experience handling the full range of civil rights claims. If you or your loved one was the victim of a civil rights violation in Los Angeles County, CA, please do not hesitate to contact our legal team for a free review of your case. We are here to protect your rights.

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Employment Discrimination

At the Dolan Law Firm, our Los Angeles civil rights attorneys handle all types of employment discrimination claims. Every worker in Los Angeles should be able to get access to a workplace that is free from unlawful discrimination. Yet, sadly, discrimination remains a serious problem. Some of the employment discrimination claims that our law firm takes on include:

  • Racial discrimination;
  • Gender discrimination;
  • Sexual orientation-based discrimination;
  • Age discrimination;
  • Pregnancy discrimination;
  • Disability discrimination;
  • Sexual harassment claims;
  • Retaliation cases; and
  • Wrongful termination claims;

We handle employment discrimination claims under both state law and federal law. Regardless of the specific nature of your employment discrimination case, our compassionate Los Angeles civil rights lawyers are standing by, ready to provide you with the top-quality legal support that you deserve.

Notably, our founding partner Chris Dolan has been commended as one of the top advocates for transgender rights in the entire country. Our law firm is committed to fighting to make sure that everyone is able to access fair employment opportunities, regardless of sexual orientation, gender expression, or gender identity.

Housing Discrimination

Housing discrimination is not simply a historical phenomenon: it is still a serious problem in Southern California. At the Dolan Law Firm, our Los Angeles civil rights attorneys have deep experience handling claims under the Fair Housing Act and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. Unlawful housing discrimination can cause serious financial damage to the victims. Sadly, race-based housing discrimination still exists in California. Our civil rights lawyers in Los Angeles fight for fair housing for everyone. This includes the right to be held to the same standards by financial institutions when applying for a mortgage or any other type of housing loan.

Educational Rights

Southern California students have a basic right to an education. Unfortunately, abuse and neglect sometimes occur at public schools and charter schools in our state. Notably, students with special needs are at a heightened risk of suffering mistreatment. Our Los Angeles civil rights attorneys have extensive experience providing top-quality legal representation for special needs students in civil rights cases. If your special education student was the victim of abuse, neglect, mistreatment, or any other civil rights violation in Los Angeles County, the Dolan Law Firm can help.

Law Enforcement Misconduct or Abuse

Our legal team has extensive experience handling the full range of law enforcement abuse and misconduct cases. Among other types of claims, our Los Angeles civil rights attorneys handle:

  • Police brutality cases;
  • Excessive force cases;
  • Unlawful arrest claims;
  • Lack of probable cause claims;
  • Other police officer civil rights abuses;
  • Prison abuse claims;
  • Prison neglect lawsuits;
  • Law enforcement wrongful death lawsuits.

Unfortunately, with law enforcement misconduct cases, the victims can sustain severe physical injuries. In the worst cases, the civil rights violation may even result in the wrongful death of an innocent victim. We are strong advocates for victims of law enforcement abuse and their family members. If your civil rights were violated by the Los Angeles Police Department, the California State Police, any state or federal prison bureau, a federal law enforcement agency, or any other law enforcement officer or law enforcement entity, we are prepared to fight for your rights.

How Our Los Angeles Attorneys Will Protect Your Civil Rights

Every California civil rights case requires personalized attention. How your case will be handled depends entirely on the underlying circumstances of the civil rights violation that you or your family member was forced to endure. Our top-rated Los Angeles civil rights lawyers take the time to carefully listen to your story and comprehensively review all of the facts surrounding your legal claim.

We always work to find the best solutions for our clients. This starts with making sure that the civil rights claim is filed with the proper authorities and within the appropriate deadline. There are many procedural hurdles in civil rights cases, and our Los Angeles civil rights lawyers know how to clear them. We also make sure that we help our clients fight for their goals.

Our Los Angeles civil rights lawyers want to ensure that you and your family get justice and the full financial compensation available under state or federal law. In some cases, injunctive relief may be appropriate: any ongoing civil rights violation must be stopped and remedied by a court order. In other cases, victims of civil rights abuses will be eligible solely for financial relief. Ultimately, our Los Angeles civil rights lawyers know how important it is to handle each case with the care and tenacity that it deserves.

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At the Dolan Law Firm, we have protected the civil rights of people throughout California for more than two decades. Our law firm handles both state and federal civil rights cases. If you believe that your civil rights were violated by your employer, the government, or any other entity, we can help.

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