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Fatal Motorcycle Accident/Wrongful Death Lawsuit

While riding his motorcycle on a Southern California freeway, Anita Lagumbay’s son Owen was struck and killed by a truck driver who fled the scene. The Dolan Law Firm brought a lawsuit against the company that employed the driver and obtained a confidential settlement for the family. Compassion, responsiveness, and dedication were some of the noteworthy qualities Anita found in attorney Chris Dolan and the team of the attorneys from the Dolan Law Firm that brought the case to a successful conclusion.

Serious Injury Car Accident Lawsuit

Christine Vo was injured in two separate car accidents caused by the fault of other drivers. Both of her cases posed challenging factual and legal issues which Chris Dolan and the Dolan Law Firm attorneys were successful in overcoming.

Employee Rights Lawsuit

Nurse Emi Tomijima came to the Dolan Law Firm for legal services in an employment case (alleged pregnancy discrimination). As she explains, we helped her stand up for her rights and provided her responsive, outstanding legal representation.

Passenger Injured Riding Public Transit/MUNI

Hilda was seriously injured while riding a MUNI bus in San Francisco. After her claim was denied by the City and County of San Francisco, she came to our office.  “The Dolan Law Firm understood the law and they believed in me,” Hilda states.

Child Bitten By Unsupervised Animal/Dog Attack

Helen Georgevski discusses the personal injury case she and her husband brought on behalf of their son who was attacked by a dog in a San Mateo park.  Helen states, “Chris genuinely cared about our welfare and always kept our best interests at heart.”

Dolan Law Firm Client Reviews

Our clients appreciate our determination and sharp legal skills, but they often tell us that our attentiveness, personal concern and kindness are just as important. The following reviews were posted originally on the Dolan Law Firm San Francisco office Facebook page.

Here is a sample of comments from our clients posted on Yelp, Better Business Bureau, and other review websites.

My experience with Dolan Law Firm was exceptional. The entire team was firm and represented me with strength and skill. I really appreciate the work done on my case and am happy with the settlement. I highly recommend Dolan Law firm for labor and employment law issues.

– Maurita from San Francisco in February 2017

From the moment our family contacted the Dolan Law Firm, and were placed in the able hands of Jeremy Jessup and his team, we have had the MOST positive experience we could imagine. The professional, positive, competent and responsive work of this firm has been amazing, and of such great value during a time of great personal crisis.  We are indebted to Jeremy and his colleagues beyond words and without reservation.

– Billy from Los Angeles in January 2017

The sign on the building may say Dolan Law, but my compliments go out to a member of the Dolan team, Mr. Matt Gramley.  Matt was very prompt in returning my initial request for consultation and continued to demonstrate professionalism and timely communication through the arduous case.  More important is Matt’s willingness to explain to me the legal process and deliver that information in terms I can understand.  I know nothing of law nor litigation proceedings. As for the case itself, I will always be grateful to Matt for standing our ground during settlement negotiations.  He and the firm play hard ball.  In short, I was very happy with the final settlement.

– Chad from San Francisco in December 2016

I suffered a horrible, life changing accident due to the negligence of another and if it weren’t for Chris Dolan and the Dolan Law Firm, I’m not certain where I might be now. Chris treated me and my case, from the onset, like something that had happened to him personally and like a matter of life or death. He walked, talked, lived and breathed my case for nearly 4 years. His brilliance and extensive knowledge in both law as well as the medical field was a gross advantage to him winning a nearly 3 month jury trial against the City of San Francisco for me. Through it all, his focus remained clear and obvious. It was all me and what what would deliver the greatest outcome  for my situation.

– Stephanie from Vacaville in December 2016

The Dolan Law firm takes their time and thoroughly goes through your case with you step by step, keeping you in the loop the entire time. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone in need of a knowledgeable attorney to represent them in most legal matters.

– Jazmine from San Francisco in September 2016

I highly recommend the Dolan Law Firm. I was involved in accident several years ago and contacted Chris Dolan. He was very helpful in assisting me in resolving my case. Although my case was not a huge one, he still made sure to make me feel comfortable and informed throughout the process.

I would like to say thank you and I appreciate the work that was done with my case. Once again, I would recommend anyone that needs quick and precise representation. The firm strives for excellence and that’s what I like most about working with this particular law firm.

– Ian from San Jose in September 2016

Chris Dolan is a hard working and brilliant lawyer who took my complicated car accident case and made sure the insurance company for the other driver paid every cent I needed to cover my injuries and medical care. Chris is an expert in his field. He puts you at ease while standing up for your rights and pressing aggressively for the best settlement possible. I highly recommend Chris Dolan and his team of attorneys for any personal injury lawsuits.

– Sarah from San Francisco in August 2016

The Dolan Law Firm was a godsend for me. After going through years of reconstructive surgeries trying to save my hand with night after night of worrying about how my future will be I was always able to get reassurance from Aimee Kirby and Chris Dolan that they will go all the way to trial if we needed.  We went into mediation where opposing counsel started off with ridiculous offers. By the end of the day Aimee and Chris ended settling the case for more than I expected.  Due to the settlement terms the dollar amounts can’t be discussed but a nightmare lasting years suddenly came to an end and relief of knowing my medical, my prosthetic, and my family are now taken care of. I don’t think any other firm would have had the power and backing to have got me through this.

Thanks and so much love go out to Aimee and Chris. They truly care about their clients handled a wrongful death lawsuit for my family last year, and I cannot begin to tell you how well my case was handled.

– Bob from San Francisco in August 2016

The Dolan Firm handled a wrongful death lawsuit for my family last year, and I cannot begin to tell you how well my case was handled.  Whenever I called there was never a problem getting in touch with my attorney Quinton Cutlip.  If he wasn’t in the office I left a message, and he contacted me right away; that means a lot at a troubling time.

– Deborah from Oakland in May 2016

Last year myself, my wife and son were involved in accident when we were hit from behind on his 10th birthday. Our attorneys were very polite and helpful anytime we called. When it came to resolving our case the communication could not have been better. They truly care about people and want to see the best possible resolution.

– Jesse from San Francisco in April 2016

The bottom line is that the Dolan Law Firm is 100% committed to helping its clients get the compensation they deserve. They were tenacious and rigorous in those efforts, which I appreciated very much.

– Tim from San Francisco in April 2016

I had a scooter accident in the Oakland Hills due to poor road conditions and faulty upkeep by the City of Oakland. Aimee Kirby from the Dolan Law Firm was patient, professional, and thorough.  I highly recommend the Dolan Law Firm for anyone who needs legal representation, especially for motorcycle accidents. They are the best!

– Cat from Oakland in April 2016

Chris Dolan is the most competent and successful attorney, bar none, that has ever represented me, and the best attorney to whom I have ever referred business. I was in an automobile accident and I can’t say enough as to how I was treated by Chris and his team, and the ultimate results they provided to me for my case far exceeded my expectations.

– Shaheem from San Francisco in March 2016

My experience with the Dolan Law Firm was incredible. Jeremy Jessup was the attorney assigned to my case and he was amazing. Jeremy made me feel comfortable through the entire process, keeping me up to date with the case and always being available for contact.

Jeremy was extremely professional and kind, making me feel as though my case was the only one he was working on. He was able to get me a higher settlement than I had even anticipated. I would highly recommend the Dolan Law Firm to anyone looking for legal help.

– Matthew from Sacramento in March 2016

I have nothing but good things to say about Megan Irish. She’s so passionate about her work in the law and obviously dedicated to the best interests of her clients. I’m a legal assistant myself, albeit in a different field, and Mrs. Irish is one of the most hard-working, intelligent, and nice! attorneys I know.

– Katie from Southern California in March 2016

The Dolan Law Firm has been an intricate part of leveling the playing field for me and my Family. There were a couple of cases of discrimination and assault the Dolan Law Firm handled for me.

The Dolan Law Firm intervened, and treated my family with the utmost respect. All the communication between us was explained clearly and swiftly. We always knew what was happening and what was going to happen next. We were given options on how to handle our case and were supported 100% with the decisions we made. This was very important to us! They are more than a law firm for us, they are more like Family!

– Njai from Redwood City in February 2016

Amy Kirby is a wonderful attorney, I was so comfortable after five minutes of talking to her. She is well-versed on all California and Nevada personal injury law matters.

When you have been injured in a accident it’s a difficult time in your life, you deserve an attorney who understands the complex and emotional process you are going through.  Amy Kirby is that attorney. She gave me sound advise to be able to make difficult decisions and move forward with my case and the healing process. I appreciate her efforts and highly recommend her service and expert advice in the personal injury arena!!!

– LaRon from the Central Valley in February 2016

I recommend the Dolan Law Firm to anyone requiring professional legal advice or assistance.

My experience with the Dolan Law Firm was smooth and painless from start to finish. I was treated with courtesy, honesty and professionalism throughout the entire process. My team fought for a settlement that was fair, equitable and the best part timely! My team consisted of Chris Dolan and Guillermo Bustillo — all of whom were professional and knowledgeable and wonderful to deal with. I know I could not have made it without them.

– Kate from from Alameda County in February 2016

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