A Passion For Justice Resulting In Record Verdicts and Settlements

We treat our clients with kindness, compassion, and respect.  We provide each client attentive, outstanding legal representation, and are relentless advocates for their rights.  As a result, we are proud to have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and across California since our founding in 1995.

Many defendants demand that settlements be kept confidential as a condition of settlement. The following demonstrate that settlements and verdicts come in all sizes, depending on the facts relating to liability as well as the nature and severity of the damages suffered.

Motorcycle Accidents

  • $6.5 million settlement, Mink v. County of Sonoma. A motorcycle rider was injured when Chianti Road in Yountville came to an abrupt end around a corner without any warning. As a result of this roadway defect, the motorcyclist broke his collarbone when his VFR 750 could not stop on gravel and he low-sided under a guardrail.
  • $3.2 million settlement. A father and motorcyclist was fatally injured when struck by truck on Interstate 405 highway in Southern California 2014. We represented the motorcyclist’s parents and children. The complaint asserted claims for wrongful death and negligence based on contention that driver violated California Vehicle Code sections setting forth rules on safe lane changes. Driver’s employer was charged as a defendant under doctrine of respondeat superior.
  • $1.75 million settlement. Motorcycle crash at 25th and Church Streets in San Francisco occurred when a motorist drove through a stop sign he could not see because of overgrown vegetation and collided with motorcycle.  Our client, the motorcyclist, suffered a severe leg injury, requiring the amputation of his leg below the knee. The negligent motorist paid $1,250,000 and the building owner paid $500,000 for failing to maintain his tree. The city put up new stop signs as a result of the accident.
  • $1.65 million settlement, Goldthwaite v. County of Lake. A 54-year-old motorcyclist was injured in a single-motor vehicle accident in Lake County when his Ducati 998 lost traction because of loose gravel on the roadway. The motorcyclist hit a guardrail, causing crush fracture of the 11th thoracic vertebrae and nerve damage. The police report, however, attributed 100 percent of fault to the motorcyclist. The complaint asserted liability against the county for creating a dangerous condition of public property, specifically a roadway defect. Using an expert accident re-constructionists, we demonstrated that the motorcyclist was not at fault.
  • $500,000 settlement.  A motorcyclist in Napa County was killed as a result of a car pulling back onto the roadway from the shoulder, causing another car to cross the center line into the motorcyclist. We recovered for the motorcyclist’s family the maximum available coverage under the motorist’s insurance policy. Names kept confidential as condition of settlement.
  • $160,000 settlement, Stratton v. Buresh. Our client was a motorcyclist injured in traffic collision with a car in a Berkeley intersection. Our client suffered a fractured and dislocated elbow among other injuries.
  • $55,000 verdict, jury trial, Kavanagh v. Cha. In a low-speed, rear-end car verse motorcycle collision, the our client, the motorcyclist, stayed on the bike. The plaintiff had seven acupuncture visits and chronic pain. We took the case to trial because the defendant, while at fault, offered to the settle the case for only $5,000.

Car Accidents

  • $6 million SETTLEMENT for the wrongful death of a 32-year-old wife and mother killed in a head-on collision in Humboldt County with a car driven by a sales representative that crossed the center line. Names are confidential as a condition of the settlement.
  • $1.5 million SETTLEMENT for injuries to a minor child suffering head injury in a motor vehicle collision and the loss of her mother. Names confidential as condition of settlement.
  • $1.45 million, Clayton v. Jensen/Vince’s Shellfish, auto v. auto, mild TBI injury. Vince’s Shellfish driver made an illegal left turn in front of the Plaintiff, causing a head-on collision. Plaintiff claimed to suffer a mild traumatic brain injury, PTSD and other injuries. The case settled on the first day of trial for $1.45 million.
  • $900,000 SETTLEMENT in wrongful death of a 28-year-old, a close friend of Christopher Dolan, when he was killed in a vehicle crossover collision in Arizona. Names confidential as condition of settlement.
  • $867,500 VERDICT, jury trial, Cesar v. Kumin, San Francisco Superior Court. The defendant ran a red light on 14th Street and Van Ness in San Francisco, injuring the Plaintiff, who had right of way. The plaintiff, a hair stylist, was limited in her ability to work at the same level due to soft tissue injuries. The defendant’s offer was $13,000.
  • $600,000 SETTLEMENT for personal injuries arising out of a rear-end motor vehicle collision. The Dolan Law Firm represented a wife and mother of two minor children injured in a minor rear-end motor vehicle collision with a speed upon impact of approximately 5 mph. Notwithstanding the minor impact between the parties’ vehicles, the Dolan Law Firm client immediately began to experience low back pain following the incident. The client reported these symptoms to her primary care physician on the day of the incident, after which conservative health care was sought. When the client’s low back pain failed to subside, an MRI revealed a lumbar spine herniated disk. The client eventually underwent a lumbar spine operation, which the Dolan Law Firm was able to prove was causally related to the accident. The identities of the parties are withheld due to a confidentiality agreement.
  • $300,000 SETTLEMENT, Santa Clara motor vehicle collision. A motorist ran a stop sign, fracturing a 56- year-old woman’s hip (non surgical) and causing back pain due to soft tissue injuries. Maximum insurance amounts were paid by the driver and plaintiff’s under-insured motorist coverage.
  • $250,000 SETTLEMENT. Defendant’s insurance company paid $250,000 even though the defendant only had a $100,000 liability insurance policy. A young active duty military couple came to the Dolan Law Firm because the defendant’s insurance company was unfairly offering to pay only $2,000 for the serious low back injuries the wife had suffered in a rear-end car accident. The Dolan Law Firm gave the insurance company the opportunity to do the right thing and then made it understand that it was acting in “bad faith.”
  • $200,000 SETTLEMENT. Bosnoyan v. USPS. Car crash caused by United States Postal Service Driver. Mr. and Mrs. Bosnoyan sustained injuries, including a fractured sternum, fractured ribs and soft tissue strains/sprains, when an intoxicated USPS driver struck their car while attempting to deliver mail. The matter resolved pre-litigation pursuant to the service of United States Federal Tort Claims.
  • $106,683 VERDICT, jury trial, Ladannay v. Self, Santa Clara County Superior Court. Soft tissue injuries were sustained in a low-speed, rear-end collision of car and a pick up truck. The offer from defendants was $10,000.
  • $70,000 SETTLEMENT. Shuck v. Vertner. Car crash on residential street caused by driver backing out of driveway without looking. Mr. Shuck sustained injuries, including chronic cervical spine pain, when a driver quickly backed out of a driver and directly in front of his oncoming vehicle while driving on a residential street in San Jose. The matter resolved at mediation and prior to trial.
  • $45,864.65 VERDICT, jury trial, Runnells v. Alcala, Alameda County Superior Court, Judge Lawrence Appel. Hit-and-run motor vehicle collision in tunnel with disputed liability and damages. Plaintiff sustained a sprained thumb and cervical neck sprain/strain. Medical treatment included examinations, x-rays, and physical therapy. Defendant’s last offer before trial $12,501.

Bicycle Accidents

  • $365,000 VERDICT, judge trial, Baecht v. Elwir, San Francisco Superior Court. A bicyclist was injured when a passenger opened a car door directly into his path, causing spleen removal.
  • $238,000 VERDICT, jury trial, Chambers v. Gorden, San Francisco Superior Court. A bicyclist was traveling on Lincoln Blvd. in the Presidio when a pedestrian stepped out from in front of a parked car, causing a fractured jaw and cheek for the bicyclist and fractured cheek for the pedestrian. The pedestrian counter-sued the bicyclist as being at fault. An offer of $175,000 came from the pedestrian, with a demand of $15,000 for his own injuries. The jury found the pedestrian to be 100 percent at fault.
  • $103,900 VERDICT, jury trial, Cho v. University of California, Berkley, Alameda County Superior Court. bicycle rider was hit on the UC Berkeley Campus by an electric maintenance cart, causing laceration to the lower leg, scarring, and loss of sensation to the small toe. Offer: $10,000. Amount reduced by 8 percent for comparative fault.

Truck Accidents

  • $1.68 million SETTLEMENT for personal injuries arising out of a major tanker truck collision. The Dolan Law firm represented three minor children injured in a collision between a Dodge Ram truck and a multi-ton fuel tanker truck on Highway 4 in Contra Costa County. The tanker truck driver stopped his vehicle on Highway 4 in the middle of the night due to an accident ahead. When the driver of the tanker truck attempted to re-enter traffic on the Highway, he failed to yield to an approaching Dodge Ram truck in which the Dolan Law Firm minor clients were passengers. A high-speed collision occurred, which caused major injuries to one of the children and minor injuries to the other two children. The matter settled one week before a jury trial was scheduled to begin.
  • $1.1 million SETTLEMENT for personal injuries arising out of a pedestrian vs. truck accident. The Dolan Law Firm represented a pedestrian struck by a pickup truck while lawfully crossing the street in downtown Oakland. The driver of the pickup truck was in the course and scope of employment at the time of the accident. The pickup truck driver claimed he was unable to see the client due to the sun being in his eyes. The Dolan Law Firm client broke her arm and hip, both of which required surgical repair. The matter resolved prior to the filing of a lawsuit. T
  • $976,141 VERDICT, jury trial. Dolan law firm attorneys Christopher B. Dolan and Rachel Pusey obtained a verdict in the amount of $976,141 at trial for a husband and wife in San Francisco, California. The case involved a collision between an 18-wheel tractor-trailer and a motorcycle operated by the Plaintiff.
  • $975,000 VERDICT, jury trial, Jagger v. Beatrez, San Francisco, Superior Court. A truck accident case in which an 18-wheel truck backed suddenly onto Brannen Street, breaking a motorcycle driver’s leg and resulting in several surgeries.
  • $850,000 SETTLEMENT for a married father of two (2) children, both University students, who had his left non-dominant hand crushed when a driver of a box truck negligently made a sudden ill-advised right turn directly into the path of his approaching bicycle, pulling him down onto the ground and running over his left hand. The client sustained a severe complex crush injury requiring several surgeries to repair and leaving him with permanent residuals.
  • $550,000 JUDGMENT, truck accident. The plaintiff, a truck driver, was injured when a car made a U-turn in front of the truck, leading to soft tissue injuries to the neck and back with attendant depression. The driver’s wife received $50,000 in loss of consortium. The prior offer before the statutory offer for judgment was $100,000. The final amount included $100,000 to pay workers’ compensation lien.
  • $77,500 SETTLEMENT, Personal Injury. A 26-year-old motorist suffered a fractured nose after an 18-wheel commercial truck made an abrupt left turn directly in front of her, causing a collision.

Pedestrian Accidents

  • $4,265,000 SETTLEMENT, Personal Injury, um v. City and County of San Francisco, et al. A 13-year-old boy suffered permanent brain damage after being struck by a vehicle at the intersection of San Jose Avenue and Niagara Street in San Francisco. At the time, the intersection consisted of traffic lanes five different directions without any stop signs controlling northbound or southbound traffic. Although prior to the incident, community leaders advised City representatives that the intersection presented a danger to pedestrians, the City took no action. After the incident, the Dolan Law Firm, on behalf of the boy, sued the City, alleging that the accident was caused by a dangerous condition of public property. The driver of the vehicle that struck the boy was also sued. The City agreed to pay $4,250 and placed an additional stop sign at the intersection. The driver agreed to pay her insurance policy limit of $15,000.
  • $2,008,000 VERDICT, jury trial, Ryan v. CCSF, San Francisco Superior Court. Defendant City and County of San Francisco, represented by the City Attorney’s Office. Plaintiff Ryan was a pedestrian crossing Market Street to a Muni Island, in front of the Flood Building in San Francisco. He twisted his ankle because of a dangerous condition of public property, an 11-inch diameter pothole that was approximately 1.5 inches deep, resulting in severe back injury and lower leg paralysis below the knee (drop foot).
  • $1.25 million, Personal injury, hang v. CCSF. On July 14, 2006, Wan Yu Zhang was walking in Chinatown to do her regular weekly shopping. As she crossed Kearny Street in the crosswalk, heading West on Jackson Street, he was struck and killed by a Muni bus. The police report included witness statements that the pedestrian was crossing against a red light and faulted the pedestrian for the accident. The Dolan Law Firm accepted representation, conducted a full investigation, including depositions held in Virginia, and demonstrated that the light the witness had seen, which he claimed to be red, was a light that faced only the bus driver, and, therefore, proved the bus was running a red light. Extensive testimony was also obtained from other independent witnesses that showed that the bus was moving rapidly, and the bus driver was looking over his left shoulder as he merged into traffic and drove into the pedestrian. Deposition testimony of the bus driver himself indicated that he was inattentive to pedestrians ahead of him as he sought to quickly merge into traffic while changing multiple lanes, moving forward while looking backward in his mirrors and over his shoulder. The lawsuit was brought on behalf of the children and husband of Wan Yu Zhang.
  • $750,000 SETTLEMENT, Personal Injury. An elderly man was killed on December 17, 2005, after being struck by a San Francisco Muni bus at the intersection of Haight and Cole streets in San Francisco. The plaintiff was crossing (in a clearly marked crosswalk) on Haight Street, when a Muni bus, coming from behind him on Cole Street, turned right, struck him, and threw him to the ground, resulting in a fractured spine and severely injured skull, causing his death from multiple blunt force trauma and severe cerebral damage. The City contested fault, claiming the pedestrian “darted out” in front of the bus, thereby claiming the pedestrian was 100 percent at fault. The Dolan Law Firm, on behalf of the plaintiff’s children, sued the City and the bus driver for negligence. The defendant, a retired elderly man, had been estranged from his children for many years, but was on the verge of reconciliation when killed. After two years of litigation, The City agreed to pay $750,000.


  • $2.38 million SETTLEMENT, Personal Injury. A 72-year-old woman suffered a severe spinal injury occasioned by a trip-and-fall on an uneven public sidewalk. Liability was highly contested in that the injured party had walked on this sidewalk almost daily for more than 25 years and there were few prior injuries at the location. The uneven sidewalk, ranging up to 1 inch off of level, was located it a driveway area, on Otis Street in front of a storage facility. The defendants alleged that the sidewalk defect was trivial and challenged whether it, versus a sudden fainting spell, was the cause of the fall. The owner of the business and building adjacent to the uneven surface paid the bulk of the settlement funds. As a result of the action brought by The Dolan Law Firm, the sidewalk along Otis Street, at Duboce, was repaired and replaced to prevent further injury to pedestrians.
  • $2.25 million SETTLEMENT with the City and County of San Francisco on behalf of a women who suffered a spinal fracture and other significant, permanent injuries as a result of falling at the Palace of Fine Arts rotunda on terraced planters that appear to be steps and lacked hand railings.
  • $1.5 million SETTLEMENT, premises liability. Plaintiff Frank Falcon, while working as a computer field technician, was called to The Buckhorn Bar & Grill Restaurant in Walnut Creek to repair a computer. While walking through the kitchen toward the computer, Mr. Falcon slipped on the tile floor, which was covered in an inconspicuous puddle of grease, water, and dish washing liquid from the Buckhorn’s large dish washing sinks. Mr. Falcon slipped backward and fell hard on the ground, landing on his head and upper back. Mr. Falcon suffered a severe post-traumatic concussion, severe debilitating traumatic migraine headaches, and a cervical spine injury caused by slamming his head onto the Buckhorn’s kitchen floor.
  • $400,000 SETTLEMENT for personal injuries sustained when Ms. Martin tripped and fell on defective sidewalk in San Francisco. Ms. Martin fractured her patella as a result. After the incident, the Dolan Law Firm, on behalf of Ms. Martin, sued the adjacent property owner, property manager, and the City of San Francisco, who negligently maintained the sidewalk, alleging that the accident was caused by a dangerous condition on property they each controlled.
  • $265,000 SETTLEMENT. Slip-and-fall in an Antioch supermarket due to dirty aisles, resulting in knee surgery. Names confidential as condition of settlement.
  • $240,000 SETTLEMENT for personal injuries sustained when Ms. Meyer tripped and fell on a piece of scaffolding that protruded into the pedestrian walkway underneath the scaffolding. Ms. Meyer fractured her hip as a result. After the incident, the Dolan Law Firm, on behalf of Ms. Meyer, sued the adjacent property owner, contractor, and subcontractor, who erected the scaffolding, alleging that the accident was caused by a dangerous condition on property they each controlled.
  • $165,000 SETTLEMENT. A San Francisco hotel patron suffered an ankle fracture with plate fixation after being injured in a slip-and-fall in a parking garage due to greasy floors. Names confidential as condition of settlement.

Medical Malpractice Cases

  • $1.136 million VERDICT, jury trial, Woo v. Curran, et al, San Francisco Superior Court. A medical malpractice case, which involved the wrongful death of a 59 year old woman, Michele Woo, who worked at Noah’s Bagels. She left behind a 30 year old daughter who was not economically dependent upon her mother. Ms. Woo’s doctor failed to manage her Coumadin blood thinner after her mitral valve replacement. Ms. Woo was admitted to the ER with a gastrointestinal bleed and had an INR that was off the charts. The doctor attempted to avoid responsibility for his negligent care by claiming that Ms. Woo died from sepsis and that the he had not breached the standard of care. Note: Medical Malpractice damages are limited by law in California.
  • $915,000 SETTLEMENT, medical negligence/elder abuse. Plaintiff was an 87-year-old retired professor who underwent surgery which he tolerated well. While recuperating at a skilled nursing facility he developed a pressure ulcer on his coccyx, which due to reckless neglect, grew into a massive crater, ultimately leading to his death. Names confidential as condition of settlement.
  • $900,000 SETTLEMENT, medical negligence/elder abuse. Plaintiff was a World War II Veteran, a married, proud father of five children who underwent heart bypass surgery, which was a success. Nonetheless, a cascading series of intertwined errors and mistakes, by his health care providers, led to the development of decubitus ulcers on his knees. These ulcers, which became gangrenous, resulted in the amputation of his left leg. Names confidential as condition of settlement. Medical Malpractice damages are capped in California.
  • $686,000 VERDICT, jury trial, J.B. v. Planned Parenthood, San Francisco Superior Court. A medical malpractice case in which Planned Parenthood Golden Gate (“PPGG”) preformed an early first trimester abortion, failing to diagnose a twin pregnancy and aborting only one fetus and part of another. PPGG continued to see the patient and failed to perform pregnancy tests to diagnose her as still pregnant despite the fact that she had symptoms. A late second trimester abortion required the termination of her pregnancy in the fifth month. Medical Malpractice damages are capped in California.
  • $586,500 ARBITRATION award, Fonseca v. Kaiser Permanente. A pregnant woman died in childbirth following the misdiagnosis of pregnancy-related complications and administration of the wrong therapy. Her husband and four children were left behind. The wife was not eligible to work in United States so there was no wage loss. The husband was compensated for loss of household services and economic damages. Medical Malpractice damages are capped in California.
  • $500,000 SETTLEMENT, medical negligence fraud. Physician promised to perform minor surgical repair of a patient. Surgeon did not perform surgery and, without consent of patient, substituted a different surgeon. Physician lied about the surgery. Patient required second surgery to correct defect. Names confidential as condition of settlement. Medical Malpractice damages are capped in California.
  • $320,000 settlement, medical negligence. There was a failure to diagnose a hip fracture following a motorcycle accident, leading to a hip replacement in a 32-year-old man. Medical malpractice damages are capped in California. Names confidential as condition of settlement
  • $250,000 SETTLEMENT, medical negligence case. A doctor left a sponge in his patient during breast implant surgery, leading to multiple operations. Names confidential as condition of settlement.
  • $158,200 VERDICT, jury trial, Brown v. Fraizer, Alameda County Superior Court. Doctor Fraizer placed a cast too tight on the patient’s arm, leading to a crush injury as the arm swelled in the cast. Amount reduced to reflect 30 percent comparative fault of Plaintiff.

Vehicle Rollovers

  • $650,000 SETTLEMENT, tire failure case, Highway 101, San Mateo County. The plaintiff’s car rolled over, causing head injuries, after the defendant’s vehicle had a blow out, causing loss of control and contact with plaintiff’s vehicle. The defendant paid $100,000 according to insurance limits, and the tire manufacturer paid $550,000. Names confidential as condition of settlement.

Other Accidents

  • $1.25 million SETTLEMENT. Plaintiff suffered potentially career-ending injuries when an uninsured contractor dropped a 30 to 50-pound bag of roofing materials onto her head from the third-story roof of a large apartment complex. The Dolan Law Firm brought claims of premises liability, negligence and negligence per se against the contractor and the apartment complex.
  • $700,000 SETTLEMENT for personal injuries arising out of a Vespa accident. The Vespa hit a pothole adjacent to railroad tracks dating back to the 1800’s in dilapidated road in Mission Bay.
  • $650,000 Nishihama v. Raley’s for a “stick and fall” at a Raley’s store in Modesto. While Raley’s was undergoing renovations, it held an employee awards ceremony in a recently demolished area of the store. Plaintiff became glued to the floor during the ceremony by residual glue left on the floor by Raley’s subcontractors. When the plaintiff attempted to walk forward, she fell forward, injuring her knee, shoulder and neck.
  • $300,000 SETTLEMENT. Plaintiff suffered serious personal injuries when a large plate glass window shattered on him while he was working out at a 24 Hour Fitness club in Oakland. The Dolan Law Firm brought claims of premises liability, negligence and negligence per se against 24 Hour Fitness and Swig, arguing the plate glass window should have been safety tempered glass rather than plate untempered glass.
  • $175,000 SETTLEMENT. A San Francisco renter was injured when a stair gave way as she descended an old staircase, causing ankle fracture with surgical plate fixation.
  • $149,000 SETTLEMENT. A San Francisco nightclub patron was injured when struck by a security guard, suffering a fractured nose and a decrease in the sense of smell.

Muni Accidents

  • $113,000 VERDICT, jury trial, Wanvig v. CCSF Muni, San Francisco Superior Court. Muni bus passenger injured falling on plastic bag on steps of bus that had not been cleaned. Zero offer from defendants.
  • $100,000 SETTLEMENT, personal injury. An elderly woman was injured while riding a San Francisco Muni bus. To avoid a collision with a Honda making a right turn as the bus was leaving a scheduled stop, the bus driver slammed on his brakes suddenly. This caused the plaintiff to be thrown off her seat, hitting the seat in front of her and landing on the floor. The plaintiff was taken to the hospital by emergency personnel. As a result of this accident, the plaintiff, once a fairly healthy 70-year-old woman, developed knee, shoulder and back problems and headaches. According to investigation, the bus driver acted in a careless manner for a public transportation driver who is responsible for the safety of passengers. The Honda driver did not expect the bus driver to move forward, blocking his turn, because the bus was stopped at a bus stop. Case was settled for $100,000 in favor of plaintiff, including attorneys’ fees.

Harassment Cases

  • $60 million VERDICT, California jury awards $50 million in punitive damages, $11 million in compensatory damages, to Arab-American FedEx drivers.
  • $750,000 SETTLEMENT, racial employment harassment of an African-American female by the manager of major transportation company, resulting in wrongful discharge. Names confidential as condition of settlement.
  • $375,000 SETTLEMENT, DOE v. CCSF, sexual harassment. A female employee of a public works department was sexually harassed by her co-worker. She reported it to management and management began retaliating against and harassing her. In addition to financial compensation, the client was transferred to a different department, free from harassment.
  • $320,000 SETTLEMENT, San Francisco. A hotel worker was harassed on the basis of race, retaliated against for taking medical leave, denied accommodation and wrongfully terminated. Names confidential as condition of settlement.
  • $275,000 SETTLEMENT, employment retaliation case versus City and County of San Francisco Department of Public Works. A male employee stood up for female employee, protesting sexual harassment by shop workers, and suffered retaliation in the form of discipline.
  • $230,000 SETTLEMENT, sexual harassment. Mr. Dolan and Ms. Pusey recently achieved resolution in a sexual harassment case involving a prestigious car dealership in Southern California. The plaintiff, a manager, was sexually harassed by her supervisor, who made a series of sexually suggestive comments to the plaintiff. When one of the plaintiff’s employees came to her and complained of also being subjected to unwanted conduct, the plaintiff came forward and complained to Human Resources. The plaintiff was never informed as to the status of an investigation or whether the supervisor had been reprimanded. Within one week of having made her complaint, the supervisor engaged in actions that were perceived to indicate a physical threat. The plaintiff complained that she was fearful for her safety. The employer took no steps to assure the plaintiff that she would be safe, leaving her with no choice but to resign.

Employment Discrimination

  • $2.5 million+, Gender Orientation Discrimination and Retaliation. Female employee of Fortune 500 company brought a claim against her employer alleging that she was terminated for having protested the use of homophobic slurs and statements in the workplace wade by senior company executives. Employee was stripped of all responsibilities and slated for termination when she retained the Dolan Law Firm to file a complaint on her behalf. The matter was resolved without the need for a trial. The names and identities of the parties are withheld due to confidentiality agreements.
  • $750,000 SETTLEMENT, disability discrimination of a disfigured amputee by a large corporation. An employee who had suffered burns, losing his hands and disfiguring his face, was denied employment because of his burns. Names confidential as condition of settlement.
  • $710,000 SETTLEMENT for race and sexual orientation discrimination. The Dolan Law Firm represented four employees of a major corporation for discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination. Derogatory and racial slurs were frequently used in the workplace by managers when referring to The Dolan Law Firm clients. When the clients complained, nothing was done to correct the harassment, rather, the clients were retaliated against and/or wrongfully terminated. The matter was resolved prior to trial. The names and identities of the parties are withheld due to confidentiality agreements.
  • $650,000 SETTLEMENT, Pregnancy discrimination, San Francisco, California. A pregnant woman was harassed, called a “fat cow,” asked to provide breast milk to her supervisor, denied full pregnancy disability leave, and demoted based on the perception that she would not be able to do her job while raising a family. Names confidential as condition of settlement.
  • $545,000 SETTLEMENT, disability discrimination (depression), failure to provide medical leave, failure to accommodate (provide time off work for hospitalization), and wrongful discharge. A 60-year-old employee of a major financial institution was denied the right to take time off to seek psychiatric care for depression. Disciplinary action started after requested time off, leading to termination the day before medical leave was to be taken. Names confidential as condition of settlement.
  • $435,000 SETTLEMENT, housing discrimination case in which a San Francisco man with AIDS was denied an apartment because of his disease. Names confidential as condition of settlement.
  • $345,000 VERDICT, jury trial, Justet v. United Airlines, San Francisco Superior Court. Disability discrimination/failure to accommodate. Case brought by a diabetic who required sick time because of distal neuropathy. United stopped providing the accommodation that it had offered for eight years and began disciplining the employee. The defendants made a $200,000 offer before trial. Attorneys’ fees pending because United filed bankruptcy.
  • $200,000 gender discrimination, Hastings v. Seton Medical Center, Daughters of Charity. Charlene Hastings, a trans-gender woman, sought to have breast augmentation surgery done at Seton Hospital, a hospital run by the Daughters of Charity, a Catholic-affiliated facility. The hospital provided breast augmentation services for other women, but Ms. Hastings alleged that the hospital refused to provide her with breast augmentation surgery. Ms. Hastings claimed that hospital administrators indicated they would not provide sex surgery for her, a trans-gender, because “God made her a man.” Ms. Hastings brought suit pursuant to the UNRUH Act, California Civil Code, Section 51.7, et seq., which prohibits discrimination in the provision of goods, services and contracting. This law requires that businesses treat all people equally regardless of their race, sex, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, disability, age and trans-gender status. Following the filing of the lawsuit, Seton Hospital agreed to change its policy so as to provide for plastic surgeries on trans-gender women to the same extent it would provide them for other women. The hospital also agreed to pay Ms. Hastings $200,000.
  • Six-figure SETTLEMENT, failure to accommodate disability. Mr. Dolan and Ms. Pusey assisted a man who suffered life-threatening, disabling injuries while riding his motorcycle to work in San Francisco. The plaintiff remained in a coma for four days after he was run off the freeway by an unidentified driver who failed to stop. The plaintiff’s roommate called the plaintiff’s employer to say that the plaintiff was severely injured and was in the hospital. As soon as the plaintiff was released from the hospital, he visited his place of employment to provide information about his disabling condition. The plaintiff was promised job security and told to focus on “getting better.” The plaintiff returned to the workplace several times throughout his recovery to provide his employer with medical documentation. On the last visit, only weeks before the plaintiff was to be released to work, he was told that his employment was terminated. The plaintiff submitted a demand letter and the parties participated in pre-litigation mediation. The opening offer of settlement was $7,500. The plaintiff was able to contact another manager during the mediation who confirmed that management knew of the plaintiff’s condition prior to submitting termination paperwork. The case ultimately settled in the six figures.

Wrongful Termination

  • $20 Million VERDICT for employee who was wrongfully terminated after reporting timeshare fraud directed at seniors by her superiors. The lawsuit, Williams v. Wyndham Vacation Ownership, showed the power of the law provided whistleblowers in California who bring wrongful termination lawsuits.
  • $1.1 million SETTLEMENT, on behalf of disabled employee whose employment was terminated following a medical leave.
  • $587,500 SETTLEMENT, medical leave, disability and retaliation claims. Employee who was injured at work required a medical leave and temporary light duty reassignment during recovery. Employer failed to provide light duty, refused to permit employee to take medical leave, and retaliated against employee for filing a workers compensation claim by terminating employment. Names confidential as condition of settlement.
  • $500,000 SETTLEMENT wrongful discharge and retaliation of male field worker for a major energy company who protested the sexual harassment of his female co-workers by his supervisors. The employee was reinstated in addition to the financial award. Names confidential as condition of settlement.

LGBT Rights

  • $300,000 SETTLEMENT, gender orientation discrimination/retaliation. Lesbian employee of a high-tech company was not given equal promotional opportunities and was terminated on trumped-up charges by a homophobic supervisor. Names confidential as condition of settlement.
  • $220,000 SETTLEMENT, sexual orientation harassment. A San Francisco nurse was harassed on the basis of his being gay. The supervisor trumped up false charges to cause wrongful termination.

Employment Wage Claims

  • $140,000 SETTLEMENT, employment/wage claim. Five employees sued their employer for failure to pay minimum wage, overtime, and meal and rest breaks. The group of employees received compensation for all their wages, plus interest, penalties and attorneys fees.

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