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We are proud to have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and across California since our founding in 1995. Fighting against injustice and righting wrongs is what motivates our attorneys. We know a serious injury, harassment or act of discrimination can be devastating – emotionally, physically, and financially. We are tenacious and relentless advocates in seeking justice their clients. We are fully prepared to take our clients’ cases to trial and prevail should the defendant refuse to settle on just terms. As a result we have been told by judges and mediators that the settlements we achieve are often far above industry averages. The list of trial verdicts and settlements below is a sample of our successes.  Please click each header for a full list of successes by case type.

Bike, Car, Motorcycle and Other Vehicle Crash Cases

Bicycle Crashes

bicycle accident lawsuits, settlements and verdicts
$5 million settlement for bicyclist hit by motorcycle.
$365,000 verdict for bicyclist “doored” by driver of parked car in San Francisco.
$238,000 verdict for bicyclist’s injuries due to careless pedestrian.

Car Accidents

Dolan Law Firm San Francisco Car Accident Lawyers, car accident lawsuits, settlements and verdicts
$6 million settlement for wrongful death of mother killed in head-on collision in Humboldt County with car whose driver crossed the center line.
$2 million settlement for collision on roadway lacking divider called for in design plans.
$1.5 million settlement for severe injuries in collision.

Motorcycle Crashes

motorcycle accident lawsuits, settlements and verdicts
$6.5 million settlement for motorcyclist injured due to defects in Napa County roadway.
$5 million settlement for woman who developed complex regional pain syndrome after crashing scooter caused by dangerous, defunct railroad track left in Alameda street.
$3.2 million settlement for family of motorcyclist fatally struck by truck. Watch a video testimonial for the Dolan Law Firm from the mother of victim.
$2.4 million settlement for another family of a motorcyclist in fatal collision with truck.

Truck Accidents

truck accident lawsuits and settlements
$1.68 million settlement in major tanker truck collision.
$1.1 million settlement in truck accident.

Pedestrian Accidents

pedestrian accident lawsuit, settlements and verdicts
$16 million settlement in fatal collision with pedestrian.
$4.26 million settlement with City and County of San Francisco for child pedestrian struck by vehicle who suffered permanent brain damage at an intersection that community leaders had complained to City officials was unsafe. As part of settlement, City agreed to place an additional stop at the intersection.
$3.88 million judgment for San Francisco pedestrian hit in crosswalk by taxi.
$3.95 million settlement for person struck in head by debris from a collision between two cars at a San Francisco intersection.
$1.25 million settlement for pedestrian struck and killed by San Francisco MUNI bus.

Catastrophic Accidents

$3.25 million judgment for casino patron served water bottle that actually contain cleaning fluid which severe chemical burns to her throat and organs.  
$1.25 million settlement for client who suffered potentially career-ending injuries when an uninsured contractor dropped a 30 to 50-pound bag of roofing materials onto her head from the third-story roof of a large apartment complex.
$700,000 settlement for personal injuries arising out of a Vespa accident. The Vespa hit a pothole adjacent to railroad tracks dating back to the 1800’s in dilapidated road in Mission Bay.

Elder Abuse and Neglect

elder abuse lawsuits, verdicts and settlements
$915,000 settlement for senior who died at skilled nursing facility who died due to undiagnosed and untreated decubitus ulcer (pressure ulcer or bed sore) on his tailbone.
$900,000 settlement for development of decubitus ulcers (pressure ulcers or bed sores) on knees of resident at nursing home resulting in amputation of his left leg.

Medical Malpractice

medical malpractice lawsuits, verdicts and settlements
Note: California law sharply restricts damages for pain and suffering and mental anguish due to medical malpractice.
$5.9 million settlement for young woman who suffered permanent brain damage due to alleged gross negligence by nursing staff at California university hospital.
$1.13 million verdict against physician failed to manage patient’s blood thinner after her mitral valve replacement resulting in patient’s death.
$686,000 verdict for failure to properly diagnose pregnancy.
$586,500 arbitration award for misdiagnosis of pregnancy-related complications resulting patient’s death.

Premises Liability/Slip And Fall

pedestrian accident lawsuit, verdict and settlement
$2.38 million settlement for  severe spinal injury due to slip and fall on an uneven public sidewalk.
$2.25 million settlement for spinal fracture as a result of falling at public facility.
$2 million verdict for pedestrian who stepped into pothole in crosswalk resulting in lower leg paralysis.
$650,000 settlement for customer injured at Modesto supermarket due to glue left on tile floor by store contractor.
$300,000 settlement for member who suffered serious injuries when a large plate glass window shattered on him while he was working out at a 24-Hour Fitness club in Oakland.

Employment Harassment, Discrimination & Wrongful Termination

California employee rights and workplace law guide from the Dolan Law Firm
Free California Employment Law Guide

$61 million verdict, the largest verdict ever in U.S. history for individuals subjected to racial and ethnic discrimination and employment harassment in violation of their civil rights. The case involved two Lebanese-Americans who after 9/11 were repeatedly taunted by their manager and coworkers as “terrorists,” “sand niggers,” and other slurs. Demonstrating Chris Dolan‘s passion for justice and commitment to his clients no matter the prejudice in society, Dolan took the case after 10 other law firms, the NAACP, and ACLU all had rejected it. For his outstanding success in the case, California Lawyer magazine awarded Dolan its prestigious California Lawyer of the Year Award.
$20 million verdict for employee who was wrongfully terminated after reporting timeshare fraud directed at seniors by her superiors. The lawsuit, Williams v. Wyndham Vacation Ownership, showed the power of the law provided whistleblowers in California who bring wrongful termination lawsuits.
$1.1 million settlement on behalf of disabled employee whose employment was terminated following medical leave.
$750,000 settlement in racial discrimination and wrongful termination case brought by African-American employee at major transportation company.
$750,000 settlement in disability discrimination case brought on behalf of a disfigured amputee by a large corporation. The plaintiff had suffered burns, losing his hands and disfiguring his face and was denied employment because of his physical condition.
$710,000 settlement in race, sexual orientation discrimination and wrongful termination case.
$650,000 settlement in pregnancy discrimination suit. The plaintiff was denied full pregnancy disability leave and demoted based on the prejudice that she would not be able to do her job while raising a family.
$587,500 settlement in case involving medical leave, disability and retaliation claims. Employee who was injured at work required a medical leave and temporary light duty reassignment during recovery. Employer failed to provide light duty, refused to permit employee to take medical leave, and retaliated against employee for filing a workers compensation claim by terminating employment.
$545,000 settlement in case alleging disability discrimination (depression), failure to provide medical leave, failure to accommodate (provide time off work for hospitalization), and wrongful discharge. A 60-year-old employee of a major financial institution was denied the right to take time off to seek psychiatric care for depression. Disciplinary action started after requested time off, leading to termination the day before medical leave was to be taken.
$500,000 settlement in wrongful discharge and retaliation of case against male field worker for a major energy company who protested the sexual harassment of his female co-workers by his supervisors. The employee was reinstated in addition to the financial award.

LGBT Rights

$2.5 million settlement in gender and sexual orientation discrimination and retaliation lawsuit brought by female employee of Fortune 500 company who alleged that she was terminated for having protested the use of homophobic slurs and statements in the workplace by senior company executives. Employee was stripped of all responsibilities and slated for termination when she retained the Dolan Law Firm to file a complaint on her behalf. The matter was resolved without the need for a trial. The names and identities of the parties are withheld due to confidentiality agreements.
$300,000 settlement in gender orientation discrimination and retaliation retaliation case. Lesbian employee of a high-tech company was not given equal promotional opportunities and was terminated on trumped-up charges by a homophobic supervisor.
$220,000 settlement in sexual orientation harassment case. A San Francisco nurse was harassed on the basis of his being gay. The supervisor trumped up false charges to cause wrongful termination.

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The cases above are just a small sampling of the successes that the Dolan Law Firm has had since we started in 1995. As the settlement and verdict amounts prove, we have the skills necessary to prevail in even the most complex cases. Contact The Dolan Law Firm for a free case evaluation by calling 888-452-4752 or emailing us.
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