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Car Accidents Lawsuits Verdicts And Settlements

Car Accident Lawsuits Verdicts & Settlements

  • $6 million SETTLEMENT for the wrongful death of a 32-year-old wife and mother killed in a head-on collision in Humboldt County with a car driven by a sales representative that crossed center line. Names are confidential as a condition of the settlement.
  • $2 million SETTLEMENT for a head on collision that killed two passengers and catastrophically injured two others. This stretch of roadway did not have a divider between two lanes headed in opposite directions even though it was specifically designed to have one in place. Names confidential as condition of settlement.
  • $1.5 million SETTLEMENT for injuries to a minor child suffering head injury in a motor vehicle collision and the loss of her mother. Names confidential as condition of settlement.
  • $1.45 million SETTLEMENT, Clayton v. Jensen/Vince’s Shellfish, for auto v. auto mild TBI injury. Vince’s Shellfish driver made an illegal left hand turn in front of Plaintiff, causing a head on collision. Plaintiff claimed to suffer a mild traumatic brain injury, PTSD and other injuries. The case settled on the first day of trial for $1.45 million.
  • $1.45 million SETTLEMENT for injuries relating to a truck vs. motor vehicle collision that resulted in serious physical and mental damage to plaintiff. Names confidential as condition of settlement.
  • $900,000 SETTLEMENT in wrongful death of a 28-year-old, a close friend of Christopher Dolan, when he was killed in a vehicle crossover collision in Arizona. Names confidential as condition of settlement. 
  • $867,500 VERDICT, jury trial, Cesar v. Kumin, San Francisco Superior Court. The defendant ran a red light on 14th Street and Van Ness in San Francisco, injuring the Plaintiff, who had right of way. The plaintiff, a hair stylist, was limited in her ability to work at same level due to soft tissue injuries. The defendant’s offer was $13,000.
  • $600,000 SETTLEMENT for personal injuries arising out of a rear-end motor vehicle collision. The Dolan Law Firm represented a wife and mother of two minor children injured in a minor rear-end motor vehicle collision with a speed upon impact of approximately 5 mph. Notwithstanding the minor impact between the parties’ vehicles, the Dolan Law Firm client immediately began to experience low back pain following the incident. The client reported these symptoms to her primary care physician on the day of the incident after which conservative health care was sought. When the client’s low back pain failed to subside, a MRI was pursued which revealed a lumbar spine herniated disc. The client eventually underwent a lumbar spine operation, which the Dolan Law Firm was able to prove was causally related to the accident. The identities of the parties are withheld due to a confidentiality agreement being entered into.
  • $500,000 SETTLEMENT, motor vehicle accident, Bunting, Rieger v. Lopez, CSAA. Santa Clara County. Plaintiffs suffered serious orthopedic injuries in a motor vehicle accident. Plaintiffs recovered 3rd party policy limits in the amount of $30,000 then recovered 1st party Underinsured Motorist policy limits in the amount of $470,000.
  • $380,000 SETTLEMENT, Plaintiff was involved in a four vehicle accident on September 2010 near the Mowry Avenue off ramp on 880 Highway in Newark, Ca. A vehicle who failed to stop at the red light after exiting the highway collided into another vehicle. It was this first collision which caused one of the vehicles to spin and collide with Plaintiff. As a result, Plaintiff suffered from a degenerative condition affecting the lower spine and required surgery.
  • $300,000 SETTLEMENT, Santa Clara motor vehicle collision. A motorist ran a stop sign, fracturing a 56- year-old woman’s hip (non surgical) and causing back pain due to soft tissue injuries. Maximum insurance amounts were paid by the driver and plaintiff’s underinsured motorist coverage.
  • $250,000 SETTLEMENT, Defendant’s insurance company paid $250,000 even though the defendant only had a $100,000 liability insurance policy. A young active duty military couple came to the Dolan Law Firm because the defendant’s insurance company was unfairly only offering to pay $12,000 for the serious low back injuries the wife had suffered in a rear-end car accident. The Dolan Law Firm gave the insurance company the opportunity to do the right thing and then made it understand that it was acting in “bad faith.”
  • $200,000 SETTLEMENT. Bosnoyan v. USPS. Car crash caused by United States Postal Service Driver. Mr. and Mrs. Bosnoyan sustained injuries, including a fractured sternum, fractured ribs and soft tissue strains/sprains, when an intoxicated USPS driver struck their car while attempting to deliver mail. The matter resolved pre-litigation pursuant to the service of United States Federal Tort Claims.
  • $106,683 VERDICT, jury trial, Ladannay v. Self, Santa Clara County Superior Court. Soft tissue injuries were sustained in a low-speed, rear-end collision of car and a pickup truck. The offer from defendants was $10,000.
  • $75,000 BINDING ARBITRATION AWARD, Mitchell v. Ram. The plaintiff, a 34-year-old married father of two minor children, while driving a pickup truck, was broadsided by a four door sedan when it failed to stop at a posted stop sign. Defendant, the driver of the four door sedan, was allegedly suffering from a migraine headache at the time of the collision. Plaintiff sustained a torn meniscus in his right knee which required arthroscopic surgery to repair. Plaintiff’s medical bills totaled $12,000. Plaintiff did not have any wage loss. This matter proceeded to a binding “high/low” arbitration before the Hon. Bonnie Sabraw (Ret.) on October 11, 2012. Judge Sabraw rendered an award in favor of Plaintiff in the amount of $76,688 reduced to $75,000 pursuant to the parties’ “high/low” arbitration agreement.
  • $70,000 SETTLEMENT. Shuck v. Vertner. Car crash on residential street caused by driver backing out of driveway without looking. Mr. Shuck sustained injuries, including chronic cervical spine pain, when a driver quickly backed out of a driver and directly in front of his oncoming vehicle while driving on a residential street in San Jose. The matter resolved at mediation and prior to trial. .
  • $45,864 VERDICT, jury trial, Runnells v. Alcala, Alameda County Superior Court, Judge Lawrence Appel. Hit and run motor vehicle collision in tunnel with disputed liability and damages. Plaintiff sustained a sprained thumb and cervical neck sprain/strain. Medical treatment included examinations, x-rays, and physical therapy. Defendant’s last offer before trial $12,501.

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