$1+ Billion Recovered


San Francisco Harassment Lawsuit Verdicts & Settlements

  • $60 million — RECORD VERDICT —
    California Jury Awards $50 Million in punitive damages, and above $11 Million in compensatory damages, to Arab-American FedEx ground/home delivery drivers, victims of ethnic discrimination and harassment. Click here for more information. Trial Lawyer: Christopher B. Dolan
  • $2.5 million+ SETTLEMENT Gender orientation discrimination and retaliation. Female employee of Fortune 500 Company brought a claim against her employer that she was terminated for having protested the use of homophobic slurs and statements in the workplace which were made by senior company executives. Employee was stripped of all responsibilities and slated for termination when she retained the Dolan Law Firm to file a complaint on her behalf. The matter was resolved without the need for a trial. The names and identities of the parties are withheld due to confidentiality agreements.
  • $1.2 million SETTLEMENT. The Dolan Law Firm represented an African-American man who sued a major corporation for racial discrimination in the workplace. The Plaintiff was called racial slurs such as “nigger” and “boy” and suffered other indignities including jokes about lynchings. The Plaintiff claimed his company failed to take proper steps to investigate and remedy the claims of harassment and, ultimately, he indicated he was forced to quit as a result of this behavior. The matter was resolved prior to trial and the names and identifying factors have been withheld due to a confidentiality agreement.
  • $750,000 SETTLEMENT, disability discrimination of disfigured amputee by large corporation. Employee who had suffered burns loosing his hands and disfiguring his face was denied employment because of his burns. Names confidential as condition of settlements. Trial Lawyer:

    Christopher B. Dolan
  • $750,000 SETTLEMENT, racial employment harassment of an African American female by the manager of major transportation company, resulting in wrongful discharge. Names confidential as condition of settlement. Trial Lawyer: Christopher B. Dolan
  • $650,000 SETTLEMENT, Pregnancy discrimination, San Francisco, California. Pregnant woman harassed, called fat cow, asked to provide breast milk to supervisor, denied full pregnancy disability leave, and demoted based on perception that she would not be able to do her job and raise a family. Names confidential as condition of settlements. Trial Lawyer: Christopher B. Dolan
  • $475,000 SETTLEMENT, sexual harassment. Female employee was the recipient of inappropriate instant messages of a sexual nature from her supervisor, and pressured to engage in a sexual relationship. After complaining of harassment, the Company failed to protect the employee and instead retaliated against her by taking away her job responsibilities and isolating her within the Company. Names confidential as condition of settlement
  • $375,000 SETTLEMENT, DOE v. CCSF, sexual harassment. A female employee of a public works department was sexually harassed by her co-worker. She reported it to management and management began retaliating and harassing her. In addition to financial compensation, the client was transferred to a different department, free from harassment. Trial Lawyer: Christopher B. Dolan
  • $320,000 SETTLEMENT, San Francisco. A hotel worker was harassed on the basis of race, retaliated against for taking medical leave, denied accommodation and wrongfully terminated. Names confidential as condition of settlement. Trial Lawyer: Christopher B. Dolan
  • $275,000 SETTLEMENT, employment retaliation case versus City and County of San Francisco Department of Public Works. A male employee stood up for female employee, protesting sexual harassment by shop workers, and suffered retaliation in the form of discipline. Trial Lawyer: Christopher B. Dolan
  • $230,000 SETTLEMENT, sexual harassment. Mr. Dolan and Ms. Pusey recently achieved resolution in a sexual harassment case involving a prestigious car dealership in Southern California. The plaintiff, a manager, was sexually harassed by her supervisor, who made a series of sexually suggestive comments to the plaintiff. When one of the plaintiff’s employees came to her and complained of also being subjected to unwanted conduct, the plaintiff came forward and complained to Human Resources. The plaintiff was never informed as to the status of an investigation or whether the supervisor had been reprimanded. Within one week of having made her complaint, the supervisor engaged in actions that were perceived to indicate a physical threat. The plaintiff complained that she was fearful for her safety. The employer took no steps to assure the plaintiff that she would be safe, leaving her with no choice but to resign. Trial Attorney:

    Christopher B. Dolan

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