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San Francisco LGBTQIA+ Rights Lawsuit Verdicts & Settlements

  • $2.5 million+ SETTLEMENT – Gender orientation discrimination and retaliation. Female employee of Fortune 500 Company brought a claim against her employer that she was terminated for having protested the use of homophobic slurs and statements in the workplace which were made by senior company executives. Employee was stripped of all responsibilities and slated for termination when she retained the Dolan Law Firm to file a complaint on her behalf. The matter was resolved without the need for a trial. The names and identities of the parties are withheld due to confidentiality agreements.
  • $435,000 SETTLEMENT, housing discrimination case when San Francisco man with AIDS denied apartment because of his disease. Names confidential as condition of settlements. Trial Lawyer: Christopher B. Dolan
  • $300,000 SETTLEMENT, gender orientation discrimination/retaliation. Lesbian employee of a high-tech company was not given equal promotional opportunities and was terminated on trumped-up charges by a homophobic supervisor. Names confidential as condition of settlement. Trial Lawyer: Christopher B. Dolan
  • $220,000 SETTLEMENT, sexual orientation harassment. A San Francisco nurse was harassed on the basis of his being gay. The supervisor trumped up false charges to cause wrongful termination. Trial Lawyer: Christopher B. Dolan
  • $200,000 Charlene Hastings against Seton Medical Center – Gender Discrimination, Hastings v. Seton Medical Center, Daughters of Charity. Charlene Hastings, a transgender woman, sought to have breast augmentation surgery done at Seton Hospital, a hospital run by the Daughters of Charity, a Catholic affiliated facility. The hospital provided breast augmentation services for other women but, as Ms. Hastings alleged, the hospital refused to provide her with breast augmentation surgery. Ms. Hastings claimed that hospital administrators indicated they would not provide sex surgery for her, a transgender, because “God made her a man.” Following the filing of the lawsuit, Seton Hospital agreed to change its policy so as to provide for plastic surgeries on transgender women to the same extent that they would provide them on other women. The hospital also agreed to pay Ms. Hastings $200,000.
  • $45,000 SETTLEMENT PLUS SIGNIFICANT INJUNCTIVE RELIEF: Transgender woman and San Francisco resident Amber Yust settled her privacy and civil rights lawsuit with the San Francisco DMV with the help of The Dolan Law Firm and the Transgender Law Center. The Dolan Law Firm filed a lawsuit in December 2010 against the DMV, alleging violating of her rights under the California Information Practices Act and Unruh Civil Rights Act. Yust brought similar claims against the DMV employee, who voluntarily resigned from his position with the DMV shortly after the incident. In October 2010, a DMV employee, who had a known history of denying equal service to transgender customers, retained Yust’s personal information through his employment at the DMV. The employee then used the information to send her materials condemning her transgender status, and calling for homosexuals to be “put to death.” The matter resolved with the State of California for $40,000, and with the former DMV employee for $15,000. As a part of the settlement, the DMV agreed to work with the Transgender Law Center in an effort to incorporate transgender sensitivity into its ongoing employee training. Click
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