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Slip And Fall

Premises Liability (Slip and Fall Accident) Lawsuit Verdicts and Settlements

  • $2.38 million SETTLEMENT, personal injury. A 72-year-old woman suffered a severe spinal injury occasioned by a trip-and-fall on an uneven public sidewalk. Liability was highly contested in that the injured party had walked on this sidewalk almost daily for more than 25 years and there were few prior injuries at the location. The uneven sidewalk was located at a driveway area on Otis Street in front of a storage facility. The defendants alleged that the sidewalk defect was trivial and challenged whether a sudden fainting spell was really the cause of the fall. As a result of the action brought by the Dolan Law Firm, the sidewalk along Otis Street at Duboce was repaired and replaced to prevent further injury to pedestrians.
  • $2.25 million SETTLEMENT with the City and County of San Francisco on behalf of a women who suffered a spinal fracture and other significant, permanent injuries as a result of falling at the Palace of Fine Arts rotunda on terraced planters that appear to be steps and lacked hand railings.
  • $1.5 million SETTLEMENT, Doe v. Major Retail Store, slip and fall. This matter arose out of a slip and fall on spilled liquid at a Major Retail Store. The Dolan Law Firm proved the spill existed for a substantial amount of time and should have been cleaned up before the incident. Client’s injuries included a fractured femur which required two (2) major surgeries and left her with permanent residuals. The parties names are protected due to confidentiality.
  • $1.5 million SETTLEMENT, premises liability, Falcon v. the Buckhorn Grill Restaurant. Plaintiff Frank Falcon, while working as a computer field technician, was called to the Buckhorn Bar & Grill Restaurant in Walnut Creek to repair a computer. While walking through the kitchen toward the computer, Mr. Falcon slipped on the tile floor, which was covered in an inconspicuous puddle of grease, water and dish washing liquid from the Buckhorn’s large dish washing sinks. Mr. Falcon slipped backward and fell hard on the ground, landing on his head and upper back. Mr. Falcon suffered a severe post-traumatic concussion, severe debilitating traumatic migraine headaches and a cervical spine injury caused by slamming his head onto the Buckhorn’s kitchen floor.
  • $650,000 SETTLEMENT. Dangerous property condition, Nishihama v. Raley’s. Plaintiff fell in a Merced grocery store as the result of compounds left on the floor by a remodeling company. Plaintiff sustained injuries to her shoulder, right leg, neck and back.
  • $400,000 SETTLEMENT for personal injuries sustained when Ms. Martin tripped and fell on defective sidewalk in San Francisco. Ms. Martin fractured her patella as a result. After the incident, the Dolan Law Firm, on behalf of Ms. Martin, sued the adjacent property owner, property manager, and the City of San Francisco, who negligently maintained the sidewalk, alleging that the accident was caused by a dangerous condition on property they each controlled.
  • $350,000 SETTLEMENT. Raines v. Macy’s. Plaintiff suffered facial fractures, facial nerve damage and post-concussive disorder. The Dolan Law Firm contended that the skates the plaintiff was provided at the Union Square Skating Rink were not sharpened and failed to catch on the ice as he attempted a turn. Defendant claimed that ice is slippery.
  • $265,000 SETTLEMENT. Slip-and-fall in an Antioch supermarket due to dirty aisles, resulting in knee surgery. Names confidential as condition of settlement.
  • $240,000 SETTLEMENT for personal injuries sustained when Ms. Meyer tripped and fell on a piece of scaffolding that protruded into the pedestrian walkway underneath the scaffolding. Ms. Meyer fractured her hip as a result. After the incident, the Dolan Law Firm, on behalf of Ms. Meyer, sued the adjacent property owner, contractor, and subcontractor, who erected the scaffolding, alleging that the accident was caused by a dangerous condition on property they each controlled.
  • $165,000 SETTLEMENT. A San Francisco hotel patron suffered an ankle fracture with plate fixation after being injured in a slip-and-fall in a parking garage due to greasy floors. Names confidential as condition of settlement.

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