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San Francisco Truck Accident Lawsuit Verdicts and Settlements

The following are a sample of The Dolan Law Firm’s verdicts and settlements in truck accident lawsuits.  Not all of our results can be published here. Many defendants demand that settlements be kept confidential as a condition of settlement.

  • $1.68 million SETTLEMENT for personal injuries arising out of a major tanker truck collision. The Dolan Law Firm represented three minor children injured in a collision between a Dodge Ram truck and a multiton fuel tanker truck on Highway 4 in Contra Costa County. The tanker truck driver stopped his vehicle on Highway 4 in the middle of the night due to an accident up ahead. When the driver of the tanker truck attempted to re-enter traffic on the highway, he failed to yield to an approaching Dodge Ram truck in which the Dolan Law Firm minor clients were passengers. A high-speed collision occurred, which caused major injuries to one of the children and minor injuries to the other two. The matter settled one week before a jury trial was scheduled to begin.
  • $1.45 million SETTLEMENT for injuries relating to a truck-motor vehicle collision that resulted in serious physical and mental damage to the plaintiff. Names confidential as condition of settlement.
  • $1.1 million SETTLEMENT for personal injuries arising out of a pedestrian vs. truck accident. The Dolan Law Firm represented a pedestrian struck by a pickup truck while lawfully crossing the street in downtown Oakland. The driver of the pickup truck, who was in the course and scope of employment at the time of the accident, claimed he was unable to see the client due to the sun being in his eyes. The Dolan Law Firm client broke her arm and hip, both of which required surgical repair. The matter resolved prior to the filing of a lawsuit.
  • $976,141 VERDICT, jury trial. Dolan Law Firm attorneys Mr. Dolan and Ms. Pusey obtained a verdict in the amount of $976,141 at trial for a husband and wife in San Francisco, California. The case involved a collision between an 18-wheel tractor-trailer and a motorcycle operated by the plaintiff. Trial Attorney:

    Christopher B. Dolan
  • $975,000 VERDICT, jury trial, Jagger v. Beatrez, San Francisco, Superior Court. A truck accident case in which an 18-wheel truck backed suddenly onto Brannen Street, breaking a motorcyclist’s leg and resulting in several surgeries. Trial Lawyer: Christopher B. Dolan
  • $850,000 SETTLEMENT for a married father of two (2) children, both University students, who had his left non-dominant hand crushed when a driver of a box truck negligently made a sudden ill-advised right turn directly into the path of his approaching bicycle, pulling him down onto the ground and running over his left hand. The client sustained a severe complex crush injury requiring several surgeries to repair and leaving him with permanent residuals.
  • $720,000 SETTLEMENT. Almeida v. Greenwaste Recovery Inc. Mr. Almeida was working in his capacity as an electrician on the shoulder of Highway 13 in Santa Clara County when a garbage truck drifted through a large warning cone pattern and struck Mr. Almeida, causing him serious orthopedic injuries.
  • $715,000 SETTLEMENT, Huang v. M&M Services Inc., truck related incident. This matter arose out of an industrial accident that occurred at the Davis Street Transfer Center. Huang, while preparing to dump a load of recyclables was struck by a massive metal door which had come loose from a debris box being emptied by an adjacent driver. Huang’s injuries included a displaced and comminuted right ankle fracture which required two (2) surgeries and left him with permanent residuals. The matter settled shortly before trial.
  • $550,000 JUDGEMENT, truck accident. The plaintiff, a truck driver, was injured when a car made a U-turn in front of the truck, leading to soft tissue injuries to the neck and back with attendant depression. The driver’s wife received $50,000 in loss of consortium. The prior offer before the statutory offer for judgment was $100,000. The final amount included $100,000 to pay workers’ compensation lien. Trial Lawyer: Christopher B. Dolan
  • $200,000 SETTLEMENT, multiple motor vehicle truck accident on San Mateo Bridge. Plaintiffs who were passengers in a Lincoln Town Car on the San Mateo Bridge were struck by two vehicles, first an underinsured defendant who lost control of his car and then again by a multiton tractor-trailer who saw the initial collision, but was driving at an unsafe speed for the surrounding roadway conditions. Plaintiffs suffered several injuries, including a shattered pelvis, broken collarbone and straining/spraining injuries.
  • $77,500 SETTLEMENT, Personal Injury. A 26-year-old motorist suffered a fractured nose after an 18-wheel commercial truck made an abrupt left turn directly in front of her, causing a collision.

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