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Civil Action

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A civil action is a legal case brought between private parties, one called a plaintiff and one called a defendant, to determine if someone was negligent and, therefore, liable for damages. It is a dispute between two or more private parties. It is different from a criminal action that is brought by the state (prosecutor) against a private individual (also called a defendant). Civil actions deal with money and property and result in a finding of liability. In a civil action, you need to hire your own lawyer to represent you. Many people hire a lawyer on a contingency fee basis. Criminal actions deal with violations of the penal code and result in a finding of guilt or innocence leading to incarceration. In criminal cases, the government prosecutes the case and a defendant can obtain a lawyer for free, from the state, if he or she can’t afford one.

The Dolan Law Firm lawyers represent plaintiffs in civil actions on a contingency fee basis. We are rated among the best, having been given the highest rating in experience, ability and ethics. We have been voted by our fellow lawyers as California Super Lawyers and have been nominated numerous times as Trial Lawyer of the Year.

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