$1+ Billion Recovered


A defendant is someone accused of violating the law. The defendant in a civil suit is accused of being liable by the person whose rights have been violated and/or who has been harmed, the plaintiff. The defendant is usually represented by an attorney, called a defense lawyer. Most of the time, this lawyer is provided by the defendant’s insurance company which, as a part of the insurance that the defendant bought, has a duty to defend that person against any legal action. Insurance companies have endless funds to spend on lawyers and experts to deny you your lawful right to recovery. That’s why you need the aggressive, competent, skilled legal representation that the Dolan Law Firm can provide. If a defendant does not have insurance coverage for a claim, he or she must pay a lawyer by the hour. Insurance does not pay for the plaintiff’s attorney’s fees. That is why skilled plaintiffs attorneys like those at the Dolan Law Firm work on a contingent basis. We get paid only when we win. And we win.
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