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Discovery is the legal process of exchanging information under oath. This allows the parties to obtain information to determine who is liable for what happened or at fault and what damages you are entitled to. The Dolan Law Firm attorneys are experts getting the truth out of defendants. We know how to prove your case. We also work hard to make this process easier on you and help you every step of the way.Discovery includes a written exchange of information called, interrogatories (questions answered under oath), requests for production of documents and requests for admissions (asking to admit truth of facts). The Dolan Law Firm helps you answer these forms and uses these devices to get facts to prove your case.Discovery also includes depositions. Depositions are a legal question-and-answer process that takes place in an attorney’s office. People with knowledge of facts important to prove liability and/or damages are questioned and a written record of the proceedings is created by a court reporter. The attorney asks the deponent (witness) questions in an effort to evaluate the case for settlement and/or to prepare for trial.

The defendant may wish to have a person suffering from a physical injury seen by a doctor in an independent medical examination. This is to determine the nature and extent of injury and any permanent restrictions as well as the need for future care. Defendants often hire biased doctors to state that you are not injured or that your injuries are minor to try and reduce the amount of compensation you receive. We work with your doctors to show the true nature and severity of your injuries to maximize your recovery and fight the defendant’s hired guns.

The Dolan Law Firm leads the field in taking effective depositions to gain information to prove your case. Many of our cases in litigation settle during the deposition process.

Chris Dolan has authored articles on deposition skills and has lectured to attorney groups on the subject. The Dolan Law Firm attorneys prepare you for your deposition and accompany you to protect your legal rights when you are deposed.

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