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An expert is an individual with specialized skill, training or experience whose testimony is felt to be of assistance in helping the trier of fact, be it a judge or a jury, understand matters outside of their common experience. Usually, experts deal with technical matters, medical issues, customs and practices in an industry and/or scientific materials. In legal cases, both the plaintiff and defendant often retain consultants to help them evaluate and prove their claims. This is especially true in areas of medical drug/product litigation, engineering, product design, accident reconstruction, structure failure, vehicle rollover, tire blowouts, medical malpractice, attorney malpractice, roadway defects and catastrophic personal injury/ wrongful death actions.Experts help explain complex concepts to the jury. They can offer opinions whereas other witnesses are confined to testifying only as to facts that they saw, heard or observed.n professional negligence cases against attorneys and doctors, experts are almost always required to prove the standard of care required of the defendant under the circumstances and whether the defendant breached that standard of care and is, therefore, liable.

Experts are expensive. They often cost between $100 and $800 an hour, depending on their skill level, whether they are testifying at trial, reviewing documents, doing inspections, testing, etc.

The Dolan Law Firm is familiar with qualified, capable experts in all fields of medicine, science, accident reconstruction and technology. We advance the costs to provide you with the expertise, both legal and technical, that you need to meet the burden of proof and maximize your monetary damages recovery.

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