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Intentional Conduct

Intentional conduct is different from negligence because negligence usually is not intentional, but is the result of carelessness, inattention or failure to take precautions. Intentional conduct is when people deliberately do something to harm or kill others such as hitting them (battery), poisoning them, damaging their property, defaming them with false statements of their character or conduct, infecting them with a sexually transmittable disease, or other knowing and deliberate conduct that causes injury.A person who can prove intentional conduct that produces injury can recover all available damages, including punitive damages. Intentional conduct may also be a criminal matter. If you are the victim of a physical injury that has been caused by someone intentionally, get to the police, seek shelter and protect yourself from future harm.

People who have been victims of domestic abuse may, in addition to having their battering spouse/domestic partner arrested, seek a restraining order to protect them from further contact and abuse. This is a civil matter and police can often help with filling out these forms.

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