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Liability (or liable) means fault in a civil action. In a criminal case, the equivalent words are guilt or guilty. Civil actions determine if anyone violated the law and if there is a right to recover damages. Liability is often obvious from the facts and the Dolan Law Firm is often able to settle your case without having to file a lawsuit, or if a lawsuit is filed, without going to trial. In California, if your case goes to trial, it can be heard by one judge, or a jury of six people (in federal court) or 12 people (in state court). You can choose between a bench trial, where the judge acts both as the referee and the finder of fact, or a jury trial, where the judge acts as the referee and the jury decides the factual matters.The determination of fault or liability looks at your conduct to see if you have comparative fault. If you are found to have some fault, you still can recover damages. Click here for more information on comparative fault. The Dolan Law Firm is recognized as one of the best in proving the liability of those who cause injury or violate the rights of others to maximize recovery for our clients.

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