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If you are injured as a passenger in a motor vehicle, you are entitled to recover damages for those injuries. This is true even if the person whose car you were in was negligent. Often there is a dispute between the drivers as to who is at fault. In that case, you, as the plaintiff sue both drivers as defendants to protect yourself in case the driver of your vehicle is found to have been liable or at fault for the collision. The Dolan Law Firm has represented many passengers injured through no fault of their own.One of the main issues in a passenger injury case is whether the passenger was properly restrained through the use of a seat belt or, in the case of a minor, a proper child safety seat. Failure to have a proper child seat or seat belt as required under the law is considered comparative fault, which can reduce the ability to recover damages. For more information on comparative fault, click here.

If someone’s negligence caused your damages and they have insurance, that driver’s insurance pays you for your damages. Often, insurance companies deny liability of their insured, requiring that a lawsuit be brought to force them to pay for your damages The insurance companies have lawyers to help them avoid paying claims. You should have a lawyer protecting your rights. Contact the Dolan Law Firm for a free case evaluation by calling 888-452-4752 or emailing us.

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