$1+ Billion Recovered

Property Damage


This is compensation for damage caused to any property because of the fault of another.

This includes:

  • Physical damage to a vehicle, structure, etc.
  • Damage to any clothing
  • Damage to any contents of any vehicle
  • Damage to glasses, hearing aids, watches, computers, PDA, cellphone, etc.

If the property damage is a vehicle, under California Law, the responsible party or its insurance company has the obligation to pay the lesser of the current fair market value (what it would cost to buy a replacement in the open market of a same model, year and mileage) of the vehicle, or the cost to repair. Sentimental value is not part of the compensation. Insurance companies use individuals called adjusters and/or appraisers to determine the cost of the repairs and/or the fair market value. A responsible party is liable only for the damage it caused, not pre-existing damage. This link will take you to the jury instruction, which defines the right to recover property damage.

To get an idea of the value of your car, motorcycle, or boat, you can go to The Kelly Blue Book website.

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