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State Court

The state courts serve citizens of a state in resolving disputes between them. They handle all kinds of actions such as criminal, civil, family law and probate matters. They enforce state laws. If a dispute involves a federal law issue or residents of different states, the matter may be brought into federal court. This dual court system was established when we were a new country as state affiliations were so strong it was believed that a person from one state would not get a fair trial in another state. Both federal and state laws govern our behavior. Federal laws usually involve matters affecting the country as a whole or the relationships between states. State laws usually affect more regional and local issues.State courts are established and organized according to each state’s constitution. In California, there are two primary types of court. There are trial courts, known as superior courts, which handle civil and criminal cases and some smaller appeals, and there are appellate courts which review trial court decisions for certain types of error. Each county has a superior court where cases are presided over by elected judges.

Whether a matter is decided in state or federal court is not a matter of how large or important it is. Every case is important to the people involved. Which court is appropriate for deciding a particular dispute is based on jurisdiction over the parties involved and the subject matter at issue. The rules and practices in different courts vary. It is important to choose an attorney who can help you choose the appropriate court and who is familiar with the requirements of that court.

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