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  1. Arvilla Redington

    My father was neglected left in a wheelchair without his walker and feel fractured his hip and upper arm and never walked again in severe pain and infections please help

    1. Dolan Law Firm

      Thank you for your comment. We are saddened to learn of your father’s situation. To preserve the confidentiality of our communications, we can not communicate further on this blog page. Please call our office toll free at 888-452-4752 or visit https://dolanlawfirm.com/contact/ We will review your case for free, confidentially and with no obligation on your part. We welcome your inquiry. However, again we can not review your case via the exchange of messages on this page. Unless and until you and our firm agree in writing that we will serve as your attorney, we are not your attorney. Further, please be aware that the deadline to file a case (called the statute of limitations) likely running. You should not delay in contacting us. All the best, The Dolan Law Firm


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