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  1. Sima Fard

    Fantastic results!

    1. Linda

      I hope this is true. Have been duped by Wyndham before and again they tried to push buying more to get their new programs. Our maintenance rates are going up and we own 2 time shares. They said they are fazing out our type of ownership. They tried to push us to spend $48,000.00 to $100,000.00.
      We got up and left!

      1. Mark

        Way to go!
        In life, I’ve learned that anyone can say anything to make it sound good & make a sale. But, if it is not in writing, most likely it’s a lie. So, ALWAYS make sure whatever was said is also in writing or walk away. You’ll be glad you did.

    2. sherrie norden

      This happened to us! When we told salesman Romy, in San Antonio, that because we are on a fixd income, we didn’t have the $10,000.00 down payment, he crossed it off our calculation sheet and said “how bout if i tell you you don’t have to pay it”. (We had already told him how much we could afford) BELIEVING his final calculations, we bought. When we got home we find out the $99.00 A YEAR maintenance fee is actually MONTHLY and the $10,000.00 down payment had been put on two wyndham rewards cards – MAXED OUT! Tried to fight it with wyndham and got told “your word against his”.

  2. Michael Waks


    You never cease to amaze me. I understand that you achieved this verdict while hobbling around on a broken ankle sustained during the trial. You are an inspiration to all trial lawyers. Congrats!

    1. cya

      I am sickened and appalled at how hard working people looking for a place to vacation were bullied, lied to, humiliated, intimidated. etc. I hope that all those people will be well compensated
      . I have also had some obnoxiously high pressured sales people and have been so turned off by the pressure, they actually lost credibility with me. I just want to say that I am terribly disappointed and disgusted with the fraudulent practices and hope that they cease and desist immediately .


  3. None

    As a Wyndham Customer, I am thrilled that Wyndham has to cough up $20 million. I certainly hope that, as a part of the settlement, Wyndham has to have have clients write out that NO PROMISES, GUARANTEES or UNSPECIFIED INCENTIVES, were made at any time during this sales presentation.

  4. Tamara Bisker

    Congratulations on the win! I wish it was even more. We attended one of those pressure cooker seminars and had to threaten the staff that we would call the police if they didn’t let us leave. It is the worst company anyone can get involved with.

  5. Chan

    We were one of those to attend their sales pitch in exchange for a miserable $100.00 attendance fee. Their sales rep in one of the resort in Oregon, was extremely aggressive and threatening. We did not buy into her sales garbage and walked out without collecting the $100.00 promised.

  6. Christine Gabriel

    Your giving me hope! Went through the same thing working for thus company and have already filed 2 years ago! Can’t wait for my day in court!

  7. Stephanie Hart

    Way to go! This poor woman, who is older, was really stuck getting a better job. Thank you for helping her.

  8. June Zito

    I wish I had known about this law suit because I am one of the many senior citizens that was given a Barclay Wyndham rewards card, that l never signed an application for. I asked Barclay to send me a copy of the original cc applications. They sent me four (4) apps. and none had my signature on them but were applied for by Wyndham. Barclay told me that by paying the bills indicated that I had agreed to accept them. I was on vacation in Myrtle Beach each time being pressured for hours to upgrade, upgrade, buy more points. When I got home the loan payment and the maintaince fees were on the card month after month, $669.++. I am a 75 year old widow and could only pay them $300. per month. My pleas to Wyndham fell on uncaring ears. I had Barclay stop Wyndham from putting any more on that card and stopped my auto-pay, the card balance was $10,500. There “hardship” papers are a joke, you have to be half or almost dead to get hardship concideration. The released me from my contract telling me to tell no one. Yeah! I was left with the huge debt to pay off as a “third party debt”. Do I want Wyndham to die, YES. Is there a way I can get out of this Wyndham snake trap? I have got nothing for the 605,000 points I had in Access. I still owe Barclay $9,465.69, total interest charged in 2016 was $942.99. Do I want them to burn? Yes

    1. Burl

      me and my wife was lied too at Wyndham ..they talked her into buying a timeshare ”amd she took her stocks and paid cash ..then later they preasured her again to buy another.somehow they put them in my name .the payments are high and we are senior citizens..i am 78 and we do not have money left for amything .now they tell us we have lost our points for the first year after 9 months ..we have now contacted the Attorney general in our state ..sending all information next week…Wyndom will not answer the phone…crooked outfit

  9. June zito

    there was a class action law suit I think last year but we were not informed about it

    Believe it or not my previous comment was a way of saying YOU did a good job against the best xxxxxxxxxxxs in the world,right up there with the xxxxxx. Keep up the fight against fraud, especially against seniors.

  10. Toni C

    Finally someone got Wyndham. Now for working off the clock

  11. Smith

    Way to handle Wyndham for the way they treated a previous employee when she tried to correct a wrong. Where can those of us who bought into WorldMark (later purchased by Wyndham) signup? We’d like to file a class action lawsuit against Wyndham for the way they’ve mismanaged credits and units. As well as the many many scams to up-sell credits.

    1. Patrick

      I keep reading comment after comment on blogs from
      angry, disgrulted, swindled Wyndham timeshare owners who are eager to initiate or join a class action lawsuit against Wyndham for their criminal actions. Count me among the recently swindled. Yet nobody takes action. I can’t even find an attorney who will listen to my story, let alone accept the case. Surely there is an attorney or two or three among the angry Wyndham owners who would feel empowered and willing to start a class action lawsuit? Contact me! I will join!

      1. Wilmer L Johnson

        I too would like to join a class action suit against Wyndham. Please let me know where to sign — I am out 100 grand thanks to their lovely sales pitches.

      2. mike

        patrick, a few people i know are looking into this now. hopefully something will pan out.

        1. James

          Would love to hear more about this — recently went through the joke of a complaint process they have. I was informed “it is my word against theirs, and there is nothing in writing” regarding the promises made by the sales staff.

      3. Pamela Adkins

        My husband and I are in if there is ever a lawsuit!

  12. Robert Hunt

    I used to work for Wyndham in the collections department before I ran afoul of their duplicitous ways myself. I used to hear older people talk about how they were lied to over and over again and given lines of credit for their down payment that they were not aware existed until they started getting calls from that credit provider. Whenever I brought this up I would be told we can’t discriminate against older people and not sell to them. What a crock. This is wonderful to hear and as someone who was there for a period while this case was going on I can tell you that they are shaking in their shoes and now are bleeding money left and right. Good job and good riddance!

  13. Jerry

    Glad Wyndham has to pay the whistleblower now Wyndham has come up with another scam called Ovation. Pathways another opportunity to get out ripped off many Senior Seasons. P.T. Barnum said their are suckers born every minute, Wyndham calls them owners!!

    1. Linda Donaldson

      I would be very interested to hear your opinion on why you think Ovation is a scam. We have just gone through being solicited by a former Wyndham employee who is starting a company to help us unfortunate suckers out of our contracts by charging us several thousand dollars to end our contracts. I called into Wyndham and asked if we qualified for the Ovation exit program and they told us that they would buy back our timeshare for about $3500. That really seems quite reasonable since we bought the thing 24 years ago and probably paid about $8K for it and have gotten plenty of use from it. But if we’re being suckered again into something that is a scam, please enlighten us. Thanks.

      1. sue

        Thanks! from one sucker to another for the Ovation info. I did not know about this. I will check it out.
        At the time we bought our timeshare we were told that ALL timeshares were handicap accessible (power wheel chair) well they are not, and after TRYING to use them 2 times decided it wasn’t worth the danger of falling not to mention IF you were even able to get a so called “handicap” unit; as I found out a lot of the “handicap” units had views which are in high demand, and those were the first to be reserved by people without need of an ADA room. Thanks to all these folks that publicized their issues with Worldmark, I feel heard at least by someone, and I am not alone; as my complaints have been falling on the deaf ears of Worldmark for about 16 years now

      2. J

        Amen. I want to get out of mine. Thirty-five hundred dollars is a lot of money.

    2. Robert

      Ovation allows you to return in your timeshare to the company,provided it is paid off, at no charge. In return you are allowed to continue to make reservations for a period of three years without being charged maintenance fees. At the end of three years you are out.

      1. Jim

        Is Ovation for real? We are part of Club Wyndham Access and want to get out. When I spoke with a Wyndham representative yesterday (Saturday), she mentioned Ovation, but they are only open Monday through Friday, so I haven’t been able to contact them yet. She also said that Ovation would help us “ease out” of the contract; though, she didn’t explain what “ease out” means. We have paid off our account, so if your message is accurate, this would be good news; the first we’ve had in a long time.

  14. Martin Griffin

    I feel wronged by Wyndham also… they told us when we upgraded back in 2009 that we would be “locked in” as VIP Members for upgrading to VIP level. Last year we went on vacation and was talked into adding more points up to what I could afford just to temporarily keep my VIP status until we could add more points with in a year to maintain sufficient points to stay VIP. Well do to reduced business I was unable to upgrade… this corporation is crooked.. I want out and I want my money back….. at least most of it… since I have hardly used it!

  15. Kerry Pay

    My senior who cannot see was sold fraudulent Las Vegas timeshare told any date with extra weeks at RCI and he could easily rent his weeks. Sales woman removed his bank debit card to move money from his trust account to account she took down payment from. Then she signed him up for auto payments on that account without providing any documents to him. Over drew his checking account since he wasn’t told. He stated he needed to speak by phone to his hired senior caregiver to discuss buying and saleswoman refused to allow him a phone call. Fraud and elder abuse charges will be brought against this company because saleswoman lied to my disabled senior. No way can my senior ever use a timeshare in Las Vegas for 6 weeks when he needs help for all activities and cannot drive or reason critically. His daughters also abused him by taking his possessions then leaving him to die in his home. As a trained senior caregiver luckily I discovered the abuse and stopped it. Slam dunk case for elder fraud and abuse and state and Feds should prevent any sales to any senior or disabled person until an attorney can advise the senior.

  16. monica gonzalez

    I have a timeshare there! And wish I never bought it! The sales people are horrible. I refused to buy more credits multiple times and every time not only do I get told that I will never reach my goal to travel the world if I don’t buy more but that I have waisted their time, that they will not show me how to rent out my un used credits. Just plain out pressure and humiliateing saleing tactics. Shame on them! I really would love to sale it and never buy again.

  17. bill

    It seems to me the 20 m should be paid to the victims

  18. Don W.

    For 24 years I have owned a “Deeded Timeshare Week” at what is Wyndam West Winds Myrtle Beach as well as two other Deeded Timeshares” elsewhere.

    When we check-in we tell the desk NO SALES CALLS, no, we do not want a welcome basket or any other so-called perk. Just let us vacation in peace. That is the whole key to not exposing yourself to these cockroaches. If I solicit YOU… then I want something. But you CANNOT solicit me under any circumstances– ever.

    They’ve been told.. no rewards-no Wyndam credit cards.. in short… I just use my weeks. They may not like it.. but that is the way it is. Ignore them long enough and they learn to stay away.:}

    1. Sam C.

      Totally agree! We just say “no” no matter how much they plea and assure “we’ve changed our methods.”
      Have had some horrible experiences in the past. Nothing they offer is worth sitting through!

  19. mike

    linda, i would like to hear about your experience wit ovation. i requested info regarding it and they told me if we wanted to get out of timeshare with wyndham they would refer me to honest company to help.

    1. mary

      i would enjoy hearing more about ovation also my husband and i have got scammed so many times from wyndham i just want to cry.

  20. Cheryl

    I too would like to get out of our vacation plan. The sales team have ruined our vacation every time.

  21. Nancy Smith

    When we bought in April 2014 because I felt so much pressure to buy. We were told we could rent it out with no problem, make tons of money doing to, etc. We were even take to a balcony area where there was no one around by the sales man. He told us all the ways of making money using it. My husband and I used their credit company.
    My husband died the following October 2014. I contacted Wyndham asking if they would purchase it back as I really didn’t need to spend what monies I had paying on it. They said they could not.
    I have gone to one sales pitch since then because I could get a $100 gift card. They really put the pressure on for me to buy more points but I refused by calling a money advisor friend and having him say I didn’t need to spend money that way. When we hung up, the salesperson starting telling me that my advisor didn’t know what a great deal it was, etc.
    I left the room because the salesperson acted like they knew more than a person with a degree in financial investments!
    Would love it if they would buy me out!!!!

  22. Linda Lea

    While I love the resorts, I hate the sales tactics. Buyer Beware! One sales rep. told me to buy more and finance it, because I won’t pay it off before I die. I reported it. I doubt they followed up.

  23. Ivan Mejia

    Owner since 1995 worldmark.Any time we vacation I only check in take the phone off the hook and enjoy my time. Front office at check in no thanks don’t bother me thanks.Looks on there faces priceless

  24. Tom

    I paid more than $60,000 and for that Ovation will give me 3 years usage for no maintenance fee and let me out. They will be able to turn around and sell it for more than $60,000 again. Something needs to be done about that. If anyone hears about a class action law suit against Wyndham from owners that were lied to, please let me know.


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