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  1. Sima Fard

    Fantastic results!

    1. Linda

      I hope this is true. Have been duped by Wyndham before and again they tried to push buying more to get their new programs. Our maintenance rates are going up and we own 2 time shares. They said they are fazing out our type of ownership. They tried to push us to spend $48,000.00 to $100,000.00.
      We got up and left!

      1. Mark

        Way to go!
        In life, I’ve learned that anyone can say anything to make it sound good & make a sale. But, if it is not in writing, most likely it’s a lie. So, ALWAYS make sure whatever was said is also in writing or walk away. You’ll be glad you did.

        1. John

          Totally agree. Get everything in writing.

      2. Dina Folderauer

        Me too! Do you have a bi-annual ownership? Do you see what is going on now? Wyndham rolled out a new website months ago – go to their club Wyndham Facebook site! Holy cow! After months since the rollout, owners cannot get on to book reservations & there are too many to count complaints that the owners who can log on say there is nothing available at any resorts!!! Or, they cannot see their points, etc. I paid my ownership in full years ago and I am one of the owners that cannot even log into their website after speaking to a service rep a month ago! Judging by the enormous amount of complaints on just that one post -and there are more that I haven’t read yet – it seems there are hundreds of “owners” that cannot book vacations, even at their home resorts! Wyndham got their/our money and it seems they aren’t delivering on owners being able to book vacations. This isn’t a website glitch. When you read the complaints, there is a pattern. Those who can log in click to book and it spins but doesn’t go through….or it says it isn’t available after they submit to book an alleged available unit…in the end, it is the same…most cannot book. One person is a Presidential member….1 million points & says he cannot find anything available. The rest of us lower point owners….well, I cannot get into the website for months now. So no booking vacations, discount hotels, nothing. My account exists, I can change my password, but not log in. So, i am pretty screwed. Looks like Wyndham upped it’s game from defrauding the elderly to now all their owners. Club Wyndham page FB. Start at May 31st at 9:55am post and the next post to see what’s going on. It’s terrible.

        1. Carolyn High

          I am VERY unhappy with Wyndham for all of the above reasons. We are Platinum owners and are literally screwed with getting our 50% off of reservations. According to this new policy we have lost about half of our bonus points. Would love to be involved with a new class action suit against them. My husband and I are in our 80s. It’s no longer just the elderly they are taking advantage of but all owners.

          1. Faye Amos

            I am with you totally, we are platinum owners as well my husband is 82, with the new policy no way to cancel and rebook, also I have tried for weeks to get a room for my daughter in Vegas for the 22- 25 of Sept. nothing available, if I go on priceline, hotels.com booking buddy they all have units available for those dates at Grand Desert, I called and was informed of course the resort can do that its a way to bring other people in that might want to buy. The fellow I spoke to Ben at Wyndham states it is done all the time, what about owners? I am all for a class action suit against Wyndham.

          2. Tammy Elliott

            Please let me know if you find out of a class action suit. I’m in!

          3. Henderson Eads

            I am also a PR owner, 1,000,000,pts.
            The reason I bought was I was sold on the 60 days up grade , plus , I could book at regular price , 60 days out up grade to a larger unit if available. That worked beautifully for a number of years. As you know Wyndham changed that so that if you are a owner in Panama City, you do have option of booking this resort, as location of my deed, is P City 16 months out. So I book a studio 6 months out. 60 days out I want to up grade. I did not choose upgrade to any larger unit. P City is a popular place so by waiting 60 days out to up grade,the odds are no units will be available. NOW MY DEED is the P City Resort, the orginial sales pitch, is they will hold PR units for a period of time ,for me as a PLATINUM OWNER . I wait till 60 days out, I look at webb site. Yes , a 2 BRPR UNIT IS AVAILABLE AND ALL THAT IS AVAILABLE. I THEN CHOOSE UP GRADE UNIT .i wait till next day. Go to web site,guess what, my unit not upgraded and 2BRPR still in System. I call PR RESERVATION. I was told that the system is not perfect and they were sorry , I needed to wait and if no one ahead of me had opted in for upgrade ,I should get. I asked to speak to supervisor, reluctantly I was connected. Supervisor after realizing I HAD DOCUMENTATION, AGREEDED, I SHOULD HAVE HAD UPGRADE AND DID SO.
            THE NEXT RESERVATION AT A LATER DATE, RESERVED STUDIO, requested no upgrade, 60 days out no units at all. So i sit on Studio, understand no units available.On june 9, at 8am I checked the dates of studio booking, no units available. At aprox 12noon same day , I checked site again. 2BRPR available. I then opted in to upgrade to Pres. Reserve unit. To day PR UNIT gone, no upgrade for me. As you know Wyndham will say ,Oh some one who was PR had opted in before you and got unit, Would love to see list.
            WE all know now about Wyndham and there not honoring or telling you anything to make sell. I spent a lot of money for this and will spend ever vacation me and my family take exposing Wyndham especially at their meetings. Yes I’m interested in a class action law suit , or investing in adds in any vacation magazine exposing Wyndham.
            I would love to know if any one sees this and can add any info. to help us all. If you go to any meeting make your case, the only way to stop this terrible situation we all have been put in. My email is headsx @gmail.com


          4. Penny

            My husband and I are not elderly but I agree they treat every one of every age with not respect. Lying has been the only constant in this journey with Wyndham. We would be interested in a class action suit.

        2. Paule Delaney

          I am a wyndham time share owner and I am fed up too.
          I think a class action law suit should be filed.
          Your thoughts?

          1. Barbara C Charlton

            Count us in on a class action lawsuit. That NEW website is a joke. No units available at all the resorts? Check out the hotel and other vacation club websites and see all the Wyndham Resorts available. They changed the contract they sold us without our input. They are selling our units to the public.

          2. Connie Rodriguez

            Would also like to be included in any lawsuit agaist wyndham

          3. Linda G.

            We would like to be included in all/any Lawsuits against Wyndham; we’re seniors and don’t deserved to be harassed via telephone or while on vacation. Please add us to the lawsuit list “we’ve got a 25-year story to tell”.

          4. Jerry L Freeman

            Purchased 308,000 pts. Nov. 2000. Filed suit, pro se, in Illinois circuit court, June 2017, dismissed without prejudice Jan. 2018. That means the case is still open and am contemplating what to do next. No lawyer yet. Overton v Westgate Resorts, Sevier County Tennessee, 2014. Overton’s were awarded half a million in punitive damages and trebled damages for the cost of their timeshare deed. I too, would be interested in a class action suit. I await a reply.

          5. Gerald Crofutt

            This lawsuit needs to happen. It is the only way to make this right. I got in young, but I have been trying to book at my home resort, but just keep getting “in progress ” but now the room I wanted is gone and I am told to Hope I can get an upgrade should one become available. There was one available 2 months ago when I started this booking.

          6. Carol Aldridge

            I would love to join a class action suit. They are taking advantage of senior citizens. Their are laws about that.

        3. Beverly

          Agree on all points. I recently attended a presentation from an timeshare exit company who had all of my information and shared with me that owner can’t book because the units are being sold to broker and/travel agencies. The company is selling their timeshares as investment, pressuring us to upgrade, and making us think we have a valued property which in fact owners are selling their timeshare on the internet for a penny. Someone needs to step in and shut Wyndham down. This is the 2008 mortgage crisis all over again. Consumers don’t understand what they are buying and they buried the important disclosures in all of the paperwork.

        4. S.H

          I’m a full time employee of Wyndham and the hiring Director told me face to face he’d pay me 25$ for everything I booked. I asked him 3X’s if he was certain, and each time he stated yes.
          Guess what happens in 2 weeks?
          I begin to make quite a few bookings and all of a sudden, the commission plan changes.
          It’s a %based now and for the month of Oct/Nov in my dept. no one received the bonus, and the Dir. stated he didn’t know.
          When we addressed the issue, he came up with the amounts of what they intend to pay us.
          PEANUTS! compared to getting $25 for everything we booked.
          Lies, now a commission check that is not worth it.
          Sadly, I’ll have to find another job as my sales expertise deserves much more compensation.

          1. Jerry L Freeman

            Filed suit against Wyndham for the Illinois tort of ‘fraudulent concealment’ for sales practises that resulted in my purchase of 308,000 pts. in Nov. 2000. Suit filed June 2017, pro se. Dismissed without prejudice Jan. 2018. That means the case is still open and am contemplating what to do. Sad to hear they screw their employees as well. Peace.

        5. jack

          see if these people can help you i know they helped my inlaws 3 yrs ago. i have included a link for you at bottom.
          sincerely Jack

        6. Leonor Gonzales

          I am having the same experience.
          1. Was only able to book one vacation in 2 years because of “availability” or having to book almost 6 months in advsnce.
          2. Their RIC benefit is also non existant.
          3. They pulled that ” company is going through changes, you need to “upgrade” if you ever want to get to spain. Also walked awsy.
          4. Why do we pay a monthly msitenanxe fee when you get no maintenance until u leave.
          Does anyone know a goid attorney to get rid of this financially drsining farce?
          We purchased at a very high pressure presentation in Las Vegas.

        7. Leonor Gonzales

          Everything you wrote is right on the money! My experience exactly!!!! Where did u purchase yours? Dies anyone k ow if a good lawyer to assust in ending this bad deal?

      3. Julie

        I didn’t leave, I got pressure and bought. They said an hour presentation for two reduced priced Lego Land tickets and we were there for more than 4 hours. Now we are in debt again, for over $12,000.00. I told them I was not comfortable and they kept reeling me in. I am so mad at myself. They knew I didn’t want to do it. Our payments went up and our dues went up. I don’t know if I have any recourse.

        1. Rebecca

          Hi Julie! My name is Rebecca and I work for a consumer advocacy group where we specialize in helping people who have been taken advantage of, like yourself, get out of their timeshares. If you still need assistance in getting out of your Wyndham timeshare you can contact me on my direct line at (949) 535-2536

          1. Janice Soto

            It’s 2 am and I can’t sleep thinking of what just happend today we were on family vacation in San Antonio across from the Alamo was a sign that read tour information we asked a question and got told we would get paid 100$ to take a tour of a new resort we said that fast money why not well today we went in for this fake tour it was a class that explains how you can buy timeshares and go on vacation they made time shares sound absolutely wonderful they pulled us from the class and told us it would only take 10 min to find out a price for us to sign up and get a price I said no your not gonna run my credit he said we’re not running it he went away and came back saying you see your credit is not that bad at all and you didn’t want me to run it I was upset but he kept talking fast and moving everything so fast had us go take a tour and came back and said congratulations you qualify for 300,000 points for 300 a month and 1509 down we said no we don’t have that kind of money and wanted to leave he said ok sign here u declined and I’ll take u to cash out and get your 100 we owe you so we got put in a different room with a different man and he tells us guess what we don’t offer this to everyone just selected guest we are going to give u the full 300,000 points to us asap for a small down of 340 and monthly payments of 122 we were like wow really so we get 300,00 points to start using immediately and he said yes I said what’s the catch he said nothing it’s so you can try it out for a year travel ans you will love it and want to come back and eventually buy timeshares so I asked what will I pay at the resorts he said nothing you’ll use your point we had told both men we were going to come back next month and try it out at the resort they viewed they laughed and said great he left me his number in the book and off we went with a great deal so we thought it turns out we don’t get to use them until we pay 1300 first we have to pay taxes and extra charges on hotels we can’t just book one day to another like they said you have to book way in advanced they completely lied and fooled us into buying this they misrepresented everything and that’s fraud I can’t believe they used us like that I called they number and it’s not even his number it’s the company’s marketing number and no one answers I want to turn this big and sue them how can they do this to family’s? Can they please help

          2. Jerry L Freeman

            Filed suit in Illinois Circuit Court in June 2017, pro se. The tort alleged is ‘fraudulent concealment’. Case was dismissed ‘without prejudice’, Jan. 2018. That means the case is still open and am contemplating what to do?

      4. Rebecca

        Hi Linda! My name is Rebecca and I work for a consumer advocacy group where we specialize in helping people who have been taken advantage of, like yourself, get out of their timeshares. If you still need assistance in getting out of your 2 timeshares you can contact me on my direct line at (949) 535-2536

        1. Rachel

          Would be interested in knowing the name of your group and what your success rate has been in such matter

      5. jack

        see if they can help you i put a link at the bottom for you.
        I know they negotiated a cancellation for my parents 2 years ago hope this helps you.
        sincerely Jack

    2. sherrie norden

      This happened to us! When we told salesman Romy, in San Antonio, that because we are on a fixd income, we didn’t have the $10,000.00 down payment, he crossed it off our calculation sheet and said “how bout if i tell you you don’t have to pay it”. (We had already told him how much we could afford) BELIEVING his final calculations, we bought. When we got home we find out the $99.00 A YEAR maintenance fee is actually MONTHLY and the $10,000.00 down payment had been put on two wyndham rewards cards – MAXED OUT! Tried to fight it with wyndham and got told “your word against his”.

      1. Rebecca

        Hi Sherrie! My name is Rebecca and I work for a consumer advocacy group where we specialize in helping people who have been taken advantage of, like yourself, get out of their timeshares. If you still need assistance in getting out of your Wyndham timeshare you can contact me on my direct line at (949) 535-2536

    3. Ron

      We are WYNDHAM owners and we had the same experience, wow.

      1. Rev. Tracy Curtis

        I am in Tennessee and have been lied to by the sales reps in Daytona Florida and I applaud your willingness to do the right thing. I am just now at the beginning of getting legal counsel. My family has been financial ruined because of their lies and cohearsion

    4. Mark

      There’s so much to write about Wyndham timeshares. My father passed away over two years ago. He spent almost $75k on his Wyndham timeshare with $256 monthly maintenance fees. He also spent over $45k to various scammers who promised to sell it.

      As other people have mentioned, units are almost impossible to reserve unless you book a minimum 10 months out. Selection of locations is mediocre at best. There is such a lack of good faith and transparency that I wouldn’t be surprised to learn Wyndham has a subversive reservation mechanism that enables them to book non-owners so they can double dip, earning more ill-gotten profit at the expense of owners.

      Another great Wyndham offer (sarcasm if you didn’t pick up) is via their “Ovation” department. They will allow exiting the timeshare for a $299 fee with zero return of money paid. That is, of course, if you can get through to the department. Last call I made to 888-752-1362 had more than a 30-minute wait. An e-mail to wvrovation@wyn.com can take a week for them to respond.

      Attorney Generals in all states have received tens of thousands of complaints over many years regarding the crooked practices of various timeshare outfits such as Wyndham and third-party scammers. Why they sit idly by and allow people, particularly seniors, to continually get ripped off without shutting them down is a joke.

      1. Michelle Holtzman

        My father passed away five months ago and I cannot get them to process anything. It was implied that I was responsible for the maintenance fees if I wanted to give back the timeshare through Ovation. Any suggestions? I know it’s illegal to tell someone they are responsible for their parents debts.

    5. Paule Delaney

      Wyndham Vacation Ownership deserves a class action law suit against them…

      1. R Zehr

        We agree and have a lot of money invested and would like to be part of the class action suit!

    6. Lana J. Anderson

      I received a letter from Wyndham yesterday taking $22,000 that I have paid to them on a property that I owned because it was put on a contract for Wyndham for additional points. Throughout the interactions I was mislead. I thought I only needed to pay $9,000.00 for the new points, it was put on a Wyndham credit card. This happened in 3/17. I was not aware that there were additional fees until July 2017 when the card maxed out. I have been working with Customer Care and Hardship from Wyndham to date. I have not any positive results. The letter I received yesterday 1/4/18 said all my property was being reposted. It said they would update my credit report if I agreed. I could use some help!

    7. Rob

      I’m definitely in on a civil lawsuit! My fiancé and I purchased a discovery package for our honeymoon. Come to find out, it is damn near impossible to book at any of the properties offered! This company is a scam and needs to be brought down!

  2. Michael Waks


    You never cease to amaze me. I understand that you achieved this verdict while hobbling around on a broken ankle sustained during the trial. You are an inspiration to all trial lawyers. Congrats!

    1. cya

      I am sickened and appalled at how hard working people looking for a place to vacation were bullied, lied to, humiliated, intimidated. etc. I hope that all those people will be well compensated
      . I have also had some obnoxiously high pressured sales people and have been so turned off by the pressure, they actually lost credibility with me. I just want to say that I am terribly disappointed and disgusted with the fraudulent practices and hope that they cease and desist immediately .


  3. None

    As a Wyndham Customer, I am thrilled that Wyndham has to cough up $20 million. I certainly hope that, as a part of the settlement, Wyndham has to have have clients write out that NO PROMISES, GUARANTEES or UNSPECIFIED INCENTIVES, were made at any time during this sales presentation.

    1. S.H

      I’ve been working for Wyn for a while now and the way the Mkting Dir. offered me the job was a high paying $25 dollar
      for EACH booking I made for these small packages they sell to the public.
      I asked him 3XS if he was certain he’d pay me that high amount and he answered yes everytime.
      Have I booked? Yes, a lot? Yes.
      I never received any bonus for last two months and when it was addressed in a meeting he stated he didn’t know.
      Stated he’d have the amount and date of when the pay out would happen.
      Sent snarky emails back to me as I asked him why is it and how could it be just $345.
      “Take the time, you low hung.” That was his response!
      After I returned home, I looked up if there was any lawsuits against this company, and that’s where I found this page.
      Now I’m going to ask for a total raise per hour or demand I get the $25 per booking as he stated.
      I’d like to sue them as well.
      Stupid people playing against smart people never win! Remember that.

  4. Tamara Bisker

    Congratulations on the win! I wish it was even more. We attended one of those pressure cooker seminars and had to threaten the staff that we would call the police if they didn’t let us leave. It is the worst company anyone can get involved with.

  5. Chan

    We were one of those to attend their sales pitch in exchange for a miserable $100.00 attendance fee. Their sales rep in one of the resort in Oregon, was extremely aggressive and threatening. We did not buy into her sales garbage and walked out without collecting the $100.00 promised.

  6. Christine Gabriel

    Your giving me hope! Went through the same thing working for thus company and have already filed 2 years ago! Can’t wait for my day in court!

  7. Stephanie Hart

    Way to go! This poor woman, who is older, was really stuck getting a better job. Thank you for helping her.

  8. June Zito

    I wish I had known about this law suit because I am one of the many senior citizens that was given a Barclay Wyndham rewards card, that l never signed an application for. I asked Barclay to send me a copy of the original cc applications. They sent me four (4) apps. and none had my signature on them but were applied for by Wyndham. Barclay told me that by paying the bills indicated that I had agreed to accept them. I was on vacation in Myrtle Beach each time being pressured for hours to upgrade, upgrade, buy more points. When I got home the loan payment and the maintaince fees were on the card month after month, $669.++. I am a 75 year old widow and could only pay them $300. per month. My pleas to Wyndham fell on uncaring ears. I had Barclay stop Wyndham from putting any more on that card and stopped my auto-pay, the card balance was $10,500. There “hardship” papers are a joke, you have to be half or almost dead to get hardship concideration. The released me from my contract telling me to tell no one. Yeah! I was left with the huge debt to pay off as a “third party debt”. Do I want Wyndham to die, YES. Is there a way I can get out of this Wyndham snake trap? I have got nothing for the 605,000 points I had in Access. I still owe Barclay $9,465.69, total interest charged in 2016 was $942.99. Do I want them to burn? Yes

    1. Burl

      me and my wife was lied too at Wyndham ..they talked her into buying a timeshare ”amd she took her stocks and paid cash ..then later they preasured her again to buy another.somehow they put them in my name .the payments are high and we are senior citizens..i am 78 and we do not have money left for amything .now they tell us we have lost our points for the first year after 9 months ..we have now contacted the Attorney general in our state ..sending all information next week…Wyndom will not answer the phone…crooked outfit

  9. June zito

    there was a class action law suit I think last year but we were not informed about it

    Believe it or not my previous comment was a way of saying YOU did a good job against the best xxxxxxxxxxxs in the world,right up there with the xxxxxx. Keep up the fight against fraud, especially against seniors.

    1. chuck

      I like everyone else got caught up in lies serviceafter the screwingand sales talk the after the sale was the real eye opener no vacations for almost two years when we booked we got not what they showed but far less it only got worse in the eight years maintaining fees doubled service there got worse all dishes pots and pans were cut in half maimt frees went up far beyond cost of living can’t call RCI or timeshare holder to schedule avacation

  10. Toni C

    Finally someone got Wyndham. Now for working off the clock

  11. Smith

    Way to handle Wyndham for the way they treated a previous employee when she tried to correct a wrong. Where can those of us who bought into WorldMark (later purchased by Wyndham) signup? We’d like to file a class action lawsuit against Wyndham for the way they’ve mismanaged credits and units. As well as the many many scams to up-sell credits.

    1. Patrick

      I keep reading comment after comment on blogs from
      angry, disgrulted, swindled Wyndham timeshare owners who are eager to initiate or join a class action lawsuit against Wyndham for their criminal actions. Count me among the recently swindled. Yet nobody takes action. I can’t even find an attorney who will listen to my story, let alone accept the case. Surely there is an attorney or two or three among the angry Wyndham owners who would feel empowered and willing to start a class action lawsuit? Contact me! I will join!

      1. Wilmer L Johnson

        I too would like to join a class action suit against Wyndham. Please let me know where to sign — I am out 100 grand thanks to their lovely sales pitches.

      2. mike

        patrick, a few people i know are looking into this now. hopefully something will pan out.

        1. James

          Would love to hear more about this — recently went through the joke of a complaint process they have. I was informed “it is my word against theirs, and there is nothing in writing” regarding the promises made by the sales staff.

      3. Pamela Adkins

        My husband and I are in if there is ever a lawsuit!

        1. Julie

          We are too!

      4. Bob

        Absolutely count us in for the lawsuit! I know there are thousands of us that would join. Something needs to be done.

      5. Tess

        I am interested in joining in on the class action lawsuit! My husband and I purchased ownership back in 1998, paid the entire $16k over several years. These past couple of years, we went thru a financial hardship and unable to keep up with the maintenance dues. We figured we just weren’t able to use the timeshare during that time. We recently acquired funds to become debt free through my 401k. When I tried to inquire about the balance owed to catch up in the fees, I was told they cancelled our membership on 05/28/17. I feel at a loss and don’t know what legal rights I have or how to fight for what’s mine. I paid for it, how can they just take it away?

        1. Yan

          Count my husband and me in! We have been trying so hard to get rid of WorldMark timeshare ownership. I am sure there will be thousands of us will join.

      6. Susan

        I am browsing to look for any class action lawsuit against Wyndham and I found this site. I am in if anyone will go for class action lawsuit.

        I just had enough of unhappy and frustrating episodes of booking unsuccessfully for a my needed vacation. Once upon a time booking vacation were fun! Now Wyndham ruin my anticipation for a fun vacation when you can’t even book one!
        I was told too at one Wyndham Resort that new Asian owners fully occupied the resort, that’s why no available rooms!! So…they are now going out of the country selling our timeshare??

      7. Beverly

        Contact me as well and I will join a class action lawsuit.

      8. Pam Webster

        I am in with a class action lawsuit against Wyndham. We was lied to and now they are taking away our gold level that is on our contract and lowering our pic

  12. Robert Hunt

    I used to work for Wyndham in the collections department before I ran afoul of their duplicitous ways myself. I used to hear older people talk about how they were lied to over and over again and given lines of credit for their down payment that they were not aware existed until they started getting calls from that credit provider. Whenever I brought this up I would be told we can’t discriminate against older people and not sell to them. What a crock. This is wonderful to hear and as someone who was there for a period while this case was going on I can tell you that they are shaking in their shoes and now are bleeding money left and right. Good job and good riddance!

  13. Jerry

    Glad Wyndham has to pay the whistleblower now Wyndham has come up with another scam called Ovation. Pathways another opportunity to get out ripped off many Senior Seasons. P.T. Barnum said their are suckers born every minute, Wyndham calls them owners!!

    1. Linda Donaldson

      I would be very interested to hear your opinion on why you think Ovation is a scam. We have just gone through being solicited by a former Wyndham employee who is starting a company to help us unfortunate suckers out of our contracts by charging us several thousand dollars to end our contracts. I called into Wyndham and asked if we qualified for the Ovation exit program and they told us that they would buy back our timeshare for about $3500. That really seems quite reasonable since we bought the thing 24 years ago and probably paid about $8K for it and have gotten plenty of use from it. But if we’re being suckered again into something that is a scam, please enlighten us. Thanks.

      1. sue

        Thanks! from one sucker to another for the Ovation info. I did not know about this. I will check it out.
        At the time we bought our timeshare we were told that ALL timeshares were handicap accessible (power wheel chair) well they are not, and after TRYING to use them 2 times decided it wasn’t worth the danger of falling not to mention IF you were even able to get a so called “handicap” unit; as I found out a lot of the “handicap” units had views which are in high demand, and those were the first to be reserved by people without need of an ADA room. Thanks to all these folks that publicized their issues with Worldmark, I feel heard at least by someone, and I am not alone; as my complaints have been falling on the deaf ears of Worldmark for about 16 years now

      2. J

        Amen. I want to get out of mine. Thirty-five hundred dollars is a lot of money.

    2. Robert

      Ovation allows you to return in your timeshare to the company,provided it is paid off, at no charge. In return you are allowed to continue to make reservations for a period of three years without being charged maintenance fees. At the end of three years you are out.

      1. Jim

        Is Ovation for real? We are part of Club Wyndham Access and want to get out. When I spoke with a Wyndham representative yesterday (Saturday), she mentioned Ovation, but they are only open Monday through Friday, so I haven’t been able to contact them yet. She also said that Ovation would help us “ease out” of the contract; though, she didn’t explain what “ease out” means. We have paid off our account, so if your message is accurate, this would be good news; the first we’ve had in a long time.

        1. Courtland

          Jim if you want to hear your options. Please feel free to call me.

          1. Tammy Elliott

            I would love to hear them! I am trying to help my mom and step-dad get out of there timeshare that they were manipulated into buying! They have $600 in maintenance fees and a new timeshare payment of $295 per month they were tricked into purchasing in May 2017. Please help!

  14. Martin Griffin

    I feel wronged by Wyndham also… they told us when we upgraded back in 2009 that we would be “locked in” as VIP Members for upgrading to VIP level. Last year we went on vacation and was talked into adding more points up to what I could afford just to temporarily keep my VIP status until we could add more points with in a year to maintain sufficient points to stay VIP. Well do to reduced business I was unable to upgrade… this corporation is crooked.. I want out and I want my money back….. at least most of it… since I have hardly used it!

  15. Kerry Pay

    My senior who cannot see was sold fraudulent Las Vegas timeshare told any date with extra weeks at RCI and he could easily rent his weeks. Sales woman removed his bank debit card to move money from his trust account to account she took down payment from. Then she signed him up for auto payments on that account without providing any documents to him. Over drew his checking account since he wasn’t told. He stated he needed to speak by phone to his hired senior caregiver to discuss buying and saleswoman refused to allow him a phone call. Fraud and elder abuse charges will be brought against this company because saleswoman lied to my disabled senior. No way can my senior ever use a timeshare in Las Vegas for 6 weeks when he needs help for all activities and cannot drive or reason critically. His daughters also abused him by taking his possessions then leaving him to die in his home. As a trained senior caregiver luckily I discovered the abuse and stopped it. Slam dunk case for elder fraud and abuse and state and Feds should prevent any sales to any senior or disabled person until an attorney can advise the senior.

  16. monica gonzalez

    I have a timeshare there! And wish I never bought it! The sales people are horrible. I refused to buy more credits multiple times and every time not only do I get told that I will never reach my goal to travel the world if I don’t buy more but that I have waisted their time, that they will not show me how to rent out my un used credits. Just plain out pressure and humiliateing saleing tactics. Shame on them! I really would love to sale it and never buy again.

  17. bill

    It seems to me the 20 m should be paid to the victims

  18. Don W.

    For 24 years I have owned a “Deeded Timeshare Week” at what is Wyndam West Winds Myrtle Beach as well as two other Deeded Timeshares” elsewhere.

    When we check-in we tell the desk NO SALES CALLS, no, we do not want a welcome basket or any other so-called perk. Just let us vacation in peace. That is the whole key to not exposing yourself to these cockroaches. If I solicit YOU… then I want something. But you CANNOT solicit me under any circumstances– ever.

    They’ve been told.. no rewards-no Wyndam credit cards.. in short… I just use my weeks. They may not like it.. but that is the way it is. Ignore them long enough and they learn to stay away.:}

    1. Sam C.

      Totally agree! We just say “no” no matter how much they plea and assure “we’ve changed our methods.”
      Have had some horrible experiences in the past. Nothing they offer is worth sitting through!

  19. mike

    linda, i would like to hear about your experience wit ovation. i requested info regarding it and they told me if we wanted to get out of timeshare with wyndham they would refer me to honest company to help.

    1. mary

      i would enjoy hearing more about ovation also my husband and i have got scammed so many times from wyndham i just want to cry.

  20. Cheryl

    I too would like to get out of our vacation plan. The sales team have ruined our vacation every time.

  21. Nancy Smith

    When we bought in April 2014 because I felt so much pressure to buy. We were told we could rent it out with no problem, make tons of money doing to, etc. We were even take to a balcony area where there was no one around by the sales man. He told us all the ways of making money using it. My husband and I used their credit company.
    My husband died the following October 2014. I contacted Wyndham asking if they would purchase it back as I really didn’t need to spend what monies I had paying on it. They said they could not.
    I have gone to one sales pitch since then because I could get a $100 gift card. They really put the pressure on for me to buy more points but I refused by calling a money advisor friend and having him say I didn’t need to spend money that way. When we hung up, the salesperson starting telling me that my advisor didn’t know what a great deal it was, etc.
    I left the room because the salesperson acted like they knew more than a person with a degree in financial investments!
    Would love it if they would buy me out!!!!

    1. Chris H

      Nancy, call Owner Care and check if you have a “Pathways Program”. You need to keep it for 5 years but then they will buy it back at 20% of what you paid. I know it’s not much but at least the maintenance fees stop.

  22. Linda Lea

    While I love the resorts, I hate the sales tactics. Buyer Beware! One sales rep. told me to buy more and finance it, because I won’t pay it off before I die. I reported it. I doubt they followed up.

  23. Ivan Mejia

    Owner since 1995 worldmark.Any time we vacation I only check in take the phone off the hook and enjoy my time. Front office at check in no thanks don’t bother me thanks.Looks on there faces priceless

  24. Tom

    I paid more than $60,000 and for that Ovation will give me 3 years usage for no maintenance fee and let me out. They will be able to turn around and sell it for more than $60,000 again. Something needs to be done about that. If anyone hears about a class action law suit against Wyndham from owners that were lied to, please let me know.

  25. Elizabeth Smith

    I have loved my Wyndham Platinum ownership and spend the time to learn how to maximize what I’ve invested over the past 25 years as we built up our timeshare. But just last month they rolled out the NEW WEBSITE and have seriously damaged my ownership to the point that I am seriously looking to return it to the using my Pathways with 30 day option. We have listened to so many tall tales at the updates over the years and mostly resisted buying except where we wanted to update. But the newest changes have wiped out our love of Wyndham and I am disgusted with the difficulty in trying to book and inability to rebook since they rolled out the new website. It really really is a piece of crap. You can’t accomplish anything online and now it takes over an hour on hold to reach a live party on the VIP phone lines.

    1. Elizabeth Smith

      And I didn’t mention that we are now retired seniors that invested just to be able to travel during our retirement years. It has changed so much in the past month that I am sick at what we have invested with them.

    2. Michael Jacocks

      You are right on. My feelings exactly!!!!

  26. Courtland

    Tom if you want to hear your options. Please feel free to call me.

    1. Carolyn

      Write to the new CEO of Wyndham. I would send 1 copy of the letter to their corporate office, fax a copy to the CEO and threaten in the letter to go to the District Attorney in your state and the state listed for the corporate office.

    2. mike

      hello courtland, you left message for tom to call you . i would be interested in what you know of options. i am platinum owner, and finally fed up ,with wyndham, and their deceitful ways. I am already in contact with a legal firm in Florida, who is getting a class action suit together now.

      1. Diana

        How do we get involved with this class action law suit. My husband and I have been scammed and lied to by Wyndham and their pressure driven salespeople to the sum of hundreds of thousands of dollars. We have been scammed by a company promising to get us out of our contract 3 years ago and no relief to date. We own in Las Vegas, NV and live in New Mexico.

      2. Bert

        Can you please provide the name of that law firm in order to determine what commonalities the law firm has developed for similarly-situated class members – we would like to join as well, if possible.

      3. Jim Yerkes

        Hey Mike:

        Let’s talk about the content of the class action lawsuit. Call me at 205-242-9780.

      4. Ron H.

        We have been members since Fairfield days and also experienced the Wyndham scam, are platnum owners and would like to be included in a class action suit

      5. Susie

        please I want to join here is my number I am in CALIFORNIA
        909 899 3329 susie Sawyer

  27. Donna

    I am interested in a new class action suit as well. We have spent way too much $$ in Wyndham to be experiencing these problems, and to be treated like we don’t matter!

  28. Sharon Elliot

    I also would like to join a lawsuit. I was duped into buying more points by several salespeople who all said one of the benefits of gold and platinum was that I could always get half my points back in the 30-day window before my reservation and use those points to pay my maintenance fees. They assured me Wyndham would never discontinue that benefit, but now I’m told that was just a “loophole” that has been corrected with the new website I am furious!!

  29. Priscilla Hammond

    Gold owner experiencing same problems, website doesn’t work, vip phone lines up to hour long….
    I have club access and nothing available next 13 months in three resorts….what the $$$?
    I have had all the deceptive sales practices experience that everyone describes….enough already
    Count me in

  30. John

    The new website is designer to make sure you never get your VIP discounts that Wyndham has touted forever. We would be interested in a class action lawsuit to change this policy.

  31. Ron

    Arrived in Hawaii on 30 June 2017 and was told that we need to attend an ownership update. (We were also told that we are SILVER OWNERS, I checked our cards when we got to our room and they say GOLD OWNERS.). I said to them is this a “Sales pitch” no, it is to update you…I said how long is it? I am not spending our vacation to listen to some “update as you say” oh, it is only 45 minutes. By the way, when you read their little pink paper that you signed to attend the 45 minute update, it is a THREAT…IT STATES IF YOU DO NOT ATTEND WYNDHAM CAN CHARGE YOU THE FULLRETAIL VALUE OF THE ITEM(s)RECEIVED. I have the paperwork. When the salesperson showed us some paperwork, my wife asked for a copy of what he was talking from, and he said, “I CAN’T IT IS PROPRIETARY, MY WIFE SAID OUR NAME IS ON THAT PAPERWORK, SO IF IT IS PROPRIETARY IT IS OURS….


  32. Paula

    I too have been lied to by a Wyndham salesman. I recently told the him that I had a financial hardship and could not afford the timeshare. Don’t worry about it, I will take care of this he says. Wyndham doesn’t want anyone to know but I can defer your payment until October. That will give you time to get another job and build up your bank account. Your payment will go down to $600.00. Before I left the resort, I tried to cancel, he wouldn’t let me. He told me to call him the end of June and the 6th of July. Guess what the telephone number he gave me goes to a generic voicemail. Wyndham has problem. It has to stop. I can’t afford this timeshare. It is time for a lawsuit. Owners need to get together and file.

  33. Heather in Missouri

    We were also lied to outright. We were RCI points owners who attended a Wyndham owners meeting. They convinced us how much better their system would be if we bought time and combined it with our RCI time into their “Pic Points” System. What the salesman failed to tell us was that this only applied to RCI weeks accounts NOT points accounts like ours. They would not refund our money but rather made us pay additional money to convert our RCI points unit into a weeks unit. That was the only solution they gave us, otherwise I would have been left with two time chunks in two separate systems. Of course, they “gave” us one of those stupid throw away week vacations which we could never take to “compensate” us for our troubles. If we had any idea how little these units go for on the resale market and how complicated it is to actually use your time for vacation, we never would have shelled out our hard earned savings….and to be lied to on top of it all makes me even madder. Please notify me if a class action lawsuit is initiated.

  34. mike

    hello all , i orignally posted back in may, regarding class action against wyndham. i have since been in contact with a law firm in fl. who has been involved with several lawsuits against wyndham. they feel the case we have against wyndham, and the new policies, is pretty promising. the ultimate outcome would be to end our relationship with wyndham and receive financial compensation, which they feel could be substantial. They are willing to take the case on contingency , as they feel a large amount of money will be recovered.
    i have no prior relationship with the firm or any employees of the firm. I am just a wyndham owner since their Fairfield days back in the 1980s , and finally have reached my limits with them.
    if anyone is interested, or needs more information, please feel free to contact me.

    1. Diana

      We are interested!!

    2. bill baak

      mike, yes interested in the information about wyndham. i’m a time share owner. here’s name and email plus phone #269/968-6246 wait to hear.

    3. steve from mi.

      @ Mike
      How do we get in touch with you

    4. Beverly

      I am interested !!!!

    5. Carlos

      Yes very interested;have been looking for a way out and to possibly recoup some of our losses.

    6. Glenda

      We live in Florida, have had same problems as everyone else, How do we join law suite. We are 73, we have had enough! We want out. Need info.

    7. Emily

      I bought my timeshare from Worldmark. Since it was bought by Wyndham about 10 years ago, my maintenance dues have doubled. The new resorts have higher point allocations. It is difficult to find available rooms. How can I contact you to join in your efforts?

    8. Lyle

      Mike, we are interested.

    9. Linda G.

      Mike, We’re interested, need more information; and would like to be included in all/any Lawsuits against Wyndham. We’re seniors and don’t deserved to be harassed via telephone or while on vacation. Please add us to the lawsuit list “we’ve got a 25-year story to tell”.

    10. Jim Yerkes

      Please consider we would be interested. Sorry it has taken us so long to reply to this July 22, 2917 note. Thanks.


  35. Kathy Killion

    I too believed what they said. A friend and I are into trying to cancel time share from wyndam. It is two months old. Made a big mistake. They never touched that it costs a hundred dollars a guest. I can’t get to anyone to help me. Transfered from one person to an other. All I want to do is get out. We have not paid that much on it. Should be easy to just cancel this.
    I did not sign into the Hotel California, so I thought. Just let us leave.

  36. mike

    hello all, not exactly sure how this site works, but since i wrote that i was in touch with firm willing to represent owners against wyndham, several responses were posted, showing interest, but no one has contacted me for further information. also i have responded to several post, but i get no response back. if someone can help with htis ,i would appreciate it.
    thank you,mike

    1. Rob

      Contact Information???

    2. Brenda

      Hello Mike,
      I got off the phone with a representative yesterday completely frustrated yet again. We have been owners for a few years and want out. We have lost so much money every year trying to book vacations and nothing is ever available and then i lose my points. But if you go to hotels.com they have available rooms. I was told that only so many are blocked out for wyndham owners. In the 5-6 yrs we have owned we have used it twice. How can they continually take our money and get nothing in return and to put salt in the wound take the points we couldn’t use. I”m told bank then in RCI, cant seem to book anything with them either. I am interested in the class action suit!

    3. Tim Bakken

      Count us in on a class action lawsuit. I would suggest that you provide contact information if you are not getting these replies.

    4. Fawn

      Is there really a class action suit initiated? We are a military family on vacation and got scammed.

  37. Dave

    Our salesman, when confronted with Wyndham’s Kafkesque bait and switch, flash and mirrors labyrinth of alternative truths and changes of policy, in a moment of transparency, compared his corporation (which he works for) to a spider who lures you onto its web, ensnares you, and then eats you.

  38. Nicole

    I just read today after signing yesterday. Didn’t get a chance to think and research just now. I was told I have 10 days to cancel but I don’t know what number to call. Please help.

    1. Jennifee

      Hi Nicole,
      When signing up did you have to sign forms to agree to the time share

  39. Tama

    I wish we would have done more research before signing our contract. It appears that on every vacation they want us to sign a new contract for more points. We have been aggressively paying on our ownership and now we only have a few more payments left they want us to upgrade.. I see people getting out of their contracts due to increase in maintenance fees but what about all of the money we have spent. Also, the companies that claim to help you sell want you to pay a fee as well!! Everyone appears to be scamming!!!!

  40. Diana

    I’ve had the same issues as those above. Please, if there’s any way to get out of this timeshare, please let me know. I’m willing to leave it with nothing in return, just doing want to deal with all the problems that come with this. It was hard not to get into additional points when they not only sugar coat, but you have these big guys standing behind and you feel intimidated.

  41. Marianne

    Going to yet another “owner update” tomorrow at the San Francisco worldmark. A promise of no sales presentation and only one hour. 😂 I’ll have this article cued up if things get ugly.

  42. Diana

    Would love to be included in knowing how to get out of Wyndham timeshare. I also was told that buying my points would be better for me in the long run then remaining with what I already had. I tried to explain to them that I had no immediate family members to leave the timeshare with in the future. I’m single, never married, never had children, living on retirement and take turns taking care of my elderly parents. I told them my situation in order to get out of there. I was told it would be easy to get out of it by using their Oviation in the website. I also had the same situation as Ron above in regards to the sale person not allowing me to keep the paperwork he was showing me during his sells pitch, because he would get in trouble with Wyndham if he did. I tried getting out of there, but when you have people in and around you that look like bodyguards, it get intimidating. Please, with there is a lawsuit going on to release individuals from their timeshare, I would truly appreciate being put on the list. At this point, I’m willing to lose what I have already put into the timeshare without any compensation, just don’t care for individuals to lie to you to get what they want.

    1. Bob

      Email Wyndham owner services and request information about your options to exit. owner.services@wyn.com. Suggest you don’t call unless you have 45 minutes or more to wait in the queue.

  43. Bob

    If you buy from Wyndham make sure you read the entire contract as you do have a rescission period. Under item 42 you will see that you have seven business days to cancel the agreement. Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc. Attn: Account Servicing Operations – Rescission Dept., PO Box 94443, Las Vegas, NV 89193.

  44. Faye Amos

    We are Platinum owners with Wyndham, recently tried for several weeks to book in Las Vegas, no availability. I found out there were numerous rooms available through Priceline, Hotels.com and Booking Buddy for the dates I wanted. I called Wyndham to find out why nothing available for owners. I was told the resorts do this to bring in potential new owners. Seems like a scam, I pay 6800.00 a year for maintenance and can’t book because units are handed out to Hotels.com, Price.line etc. I would love to find out how to start a class action suit.

    1. Gerardo

      Hi Faye, I know some people that had similar issues and they were able to get their timeshare contract cancelled. Let me know and I can ask how they did it.

    2. Debra Wilks

      I am Debra and regret the day I signed up. It hasn’t even been a year and they are high pressuring me to go even more in debt.
      If anyone gets a class action suit goi g I want to be a part. Thought I was getting one thing and now they say I need to buy more points or I have nothing.
      Very high pressure sales.
      The rules keep changing.

    3. Debra Wilks

      Agree…class action.

  45. Wanda McLean Belcourt

    When we bought into our contract in the late ’90s, it was with Trendwest… unfortunately they glossed over the part where we also had maintenance fees. So it was tough to make a payments, but now we also have maintenance fees on top of it. When was Trendwest we were able to book once in a while but rarely got to use all our points. Our main reason we join was because we like our Oregon coast. After Wyndham took over, we couldn’t get any reservations at the Oregon coast because it was always overbooked. Even building a couple more resorts we were still on able to book on the Oregon coast, and we live in Oregon. We ended up using motels for our vacations while still making our payments and maintenance fees. I finished paying off my contract, but I was still paying maintenance fees. After not being able to book on the Oregon coast I quit paying maintenance fees, and when I started getting notices that I needed to pay those fees, I sent the money for my fees along with a letter saying that if I could not use my points because I couldn’t get booked, that they should reimburse me for my maintenance fees after they took all my points away because if you don’t use them, you lose them. After paying my maintenance fees, I could never get in to any of the Oregon resorts. I remember the lady Kellyanne who told us we could go up and down the coast booking as we go. Lies! Even trying to book a year in advance everything was booked. They sold more contracts with members then places they could provide. So I quit paying the maintenance fees for resorts I couldn’t get into, although my contract said I had 40 years of vacations. Wyndham canceled my account. 2005 was the last time we were able to book a vacation in any Oregon resort. To me they broke the contract and they made me suffer canceling all my vacations that I paid for in advance. If anyone wants to start a class-action suit I would be happy to participate.

  46. Melanie

    I need advice on how to assist my duped parents who got tricked into upgrading a doubling their Wyndham timeshare payments after a tiring 5 hours they were told they were signing something else. Can anything be done? Of course they were on the phone for 2 hours with no answers, just being transferred in circles. Still no one is helping them. Can they be sued for this?

  47. R. Calhoun

    I too have been swindled by wyndham. Makes so angry at myself. I am absolutely on board with a class action lawsuit. How do they continue to get away with this? Nothing but lies.

  48. Glenda

    Still waiting for information on a lawsuit, anyone know anything.

  49. Edwin

    I want out of maintenance fees…I paid off the property..but I do not want it anymore.

  50. ChrisW from PNW

    We bought into Trendwest (now Worldmark) in 1998. When my husband and I retired in 2009/2010, we wanted to travel more, so we decided to buy into the company’s parent owner, Wyndham. We first bought as biennial owners and upgraded over the years until we finally became platinum owners. We enjoy the resorts, but not the presentations. We pay a substantial amount on our monthly payment for our Access ownership and maintenance fee. Our grandchildren are involved in playing sports on travel teams, and we were upset to learn that we were not able to book our Seaside resort because there was no availability, yet families we knew were able to get online and book a unit and weren’t even owners. That’s so wrong that Wyndham is selling our timeshares to wholesale companies, thereby “double dipping.” What’s the sense in paying for something you can’t use? I’m fed up with this practice and their salespeople’s high pressure and bullying tactics. I don’t even answer the phone when Wyndham calls anymore! We would definitely be interested in joining in on a Class Action suit. Keep us informed.

  51. Vickie Sitter

    We bought our timeshare shortly after my mothers death at a time where my decision making was damaged. We were told we would always be able to get vacation usage, no problem as we have properties everywhere they said. I thought that this would be a good investment and something we could pass on to our children. We paid it off years ago but are still stuck paying monthly maintenance fees that are really causing a hardship for us. We were pressured into buying and they took full advantage of my time of grieving and poor decision making. We just want to get out of it and rid ourselves of those maintenance fees monthly, especially when we have only used it once and that was many years ago, now we are always told there is no availability. Please include us in any civil action as we are definetly elderly that have been fraudulently pressured!

  52. Larry Ross

    Is there a class action suit against Club Wyndham Plus to recover cost?

  53. Larry Ross

    Is there a class action lawsuit to help recover cost of the time share I paid for something I was told had value just like a deed

  54. Lyle

    Bring on the class action suit. It’s time Wyndham is brought to its lying knees.

  55. Sue Caron

    What would happen if we all just stopped paying our maintenance fees? I have a timeshare I want to give back but can’t contact them. Always on hold for 30+ minutes.

  56. Richard Koloda

    I would go to the Wyndham time share presentations for the free gift card –I am glad that I never signed up. First of all, I love the guilt trip the sellers lay on you –such as the video presentation, i.e., I had cancer and I realized how important it was to spend family time–oh yes, they like to double up on you –good cop, and bad cop. And especially if you are retired they do not care if your income level meets their standards –because they know it will stuff your heirs–I remember the good cop/bad cop routine in Orlando several years ago. Often I tell them that I just got out of prison, and don’t want to buy in because my parole might be revoked. That shuts them up. Anyway right now, I am dealing with a friend’s estate. He was platinum, and retired –he was pulling out of his IRA to pay Wyndham as well as the maintenance fees. I was there and he was pressured by the good cop/bad cop. They also would not let you see the contract prior to signing, and made promises that were not in the contract.

  57. Lorna Doone

    Wyndham and Worldmark are allowing mega renters with multiple accounts and/or permission addendums on accounts monopolize the timeshare inventory. These mega renters are stealing vacations and renting them out for a profit. This tactics steal family traditions. That’s why for the past 2 to 3 years many of us cannot book our traditional vacations to Hawaii or Depoe Bay, etc. The mega renters are online with their multiple accounts (and associates) at 6 AM PST stealing inventory to rent for profit. Forget West Yellowstone, Marina Dunes, Pismo Beach, etc., seems like more non owners have the ability to vacation at Wyndham and Worldmark resorts. Also, Wyndham and Worldmark state that they don’t sell more inventory than they have available. That’s another lie. They are overselling, just as airlines oversell b/c they believe there might be no shows. Same philosophy with Wyndham and Worldmark.

  58. Barbara Finley

    We want in on Class Action! If just, to get ALL the money we have put in since our 1st contract!

  59. Barbara Gail David

    I bought my Worldmark by Wymdam time share in 2006 when I was 56 and am now a silver member. I started with a minimum purchase of 6000 credits and have added to my credits a few times over the years.
    I have had good results booking my resorts when I wanted to go except for a few times. I usually use my time share twice a year.
    I have been happy until the last 7 years or so with the same complaints as everyone else. No availability, rising maintenance fees and pressured sales tactics
    With only about $1000.00 owing on my current loan I just bought 6000 more credits in September while in Birch Bay, WA. My goal was to have 20,000 credits because I was told that would give me extra benefits like my own personal agent to help me book my resorts with better results. That was a deciding factor to purchase these last 6000 credits.
    I am also interested in being involved in any class action suit against Wymdam.

  60. Gail

    Please let us join together and sue this company to retrieve OUR money back that was criminally taken from us through totally misleading and manipulated methods!

  61. R. Heineman

    What an eye opener! We’re long time owners that have fallen into the Wyndham trap. We’re platinum owners
    and are attempting to use the “extra holidays” rental program to lessen the maintenance burden. We’re also interested in a major class action suit.

  62. Troy

    Congratulations on win for elderly. There are so many customers ALL ages who fell victim to purchasing of their time share. There are hard working families who merely wanted to see they’re family and children go on vacations because parents could barely afford them. We are merely preyed upon. Were forced into high pressure 1 day sales of time share purchases, promised a deed, points, could past it on to family, use time share and absolutely nothing was given after signing or purchase but a hassle. Find yourself threatened after purchase when questioning benefits customer was not receiving as promised by Wyndham. Met with responses if it was not paid, Wyndham would foreclose and you still owe the money. Either way you owe and still lose. Nothing has never been done for customers who actually paid off time share shortly after purchase and received absolutely nothing in return. Wyndham collected more than 10,000 plus or 1,000s in funds and provided absolutely nothing as promised from every age out here, old and young, retired, military members, elderly and hard working people who they specifically preyed upon. What’s more disgusting is when complaints are honestly made in seeking a resolution with Wyndham and verification of their wrongful doing is provided to them. Wyndham assumes no responsibility for it and you are not even refunded hard earned money. Instead, left robbed of it. Wyndham Sales Rep, Jennifer P who received $10,000.00 pay off check received a fully paid trip to Australia (due to her number of sales) while I suffered severe health issues, heart problems and received absolutely NOTHING after paying time share off.

  63. Arthur Roberts

    If you are looking for people to add to a new class action lawsuits because of all of the lies we were told by the sales team PLEASE count me in. I am so sorry I ever signed up with these lying scum.

    1. Dave Thomasson

      Count me in on the class action. We are Platinum owners and realize we were conned.

  64. Angelica

    Wyndham Vacation Ownership here. Count me in. We deserve a class action law suit against them

  65. Linda

    Count me in on the class action. We want out Bad. Hate the phone calls & pressure when we do go on vacation. We say No to the meeting and then treated like @@@@. We did upgrade last year cause it did sound good BUT now with the monthly payments & fees I pay more for the timeshare than I do for my house payment. We got took again, the way they put it on the table it’s a good deal. Yes we are Crazy BUT No more Done!!!

  66. Danielle

    Wow. I’m not a senior citizen but everything that’s been mentioned has been my experience with Wyndham. I just keep paying year after year because I don’t want to ruin my credit. I feel like a total moron for falling for it. I left in tears when I was pressured into “upgrading” after over 4 hours for a supposed 45 minute owner info session. They said I had 3 days to cancel. I called immediately but they refused saying that wasn’t their policy. I may just be an idiot because I was also conned out of $600 by an employee at the Daytona Ocean Walk in November 2017. I was in Florida due to the suicide of a friend and my mother being in the hospital. I was an emotional wreck when I fell for it. I have contacted Wyndham and submitted 45 pages of proof to the Human Resources manager but they haven’t even replied. The Wyndham/Worldmark people said there is nothing they can do about it and abruptly end the conversation every time I tell them that what this employee did was fraud. Please add my name if there is a class action suit. Thank You.

  67. Donna

    Interested in being part of a class action suit against Wyndham as well

  68. Shauna

    I am a wyndam owner..My story is like everyone else’s..Please add my name i am interested in being a part of a class action suit against Wyndam..

  69. AJ

    I also got suckered into buying this scam thinking it was a bargain. I brought 10000 credits for about $25K in 2016 and then I realize that the maintenance fees (currently $80 monthly) cost the same as what the credits will buy me for a week at similar accomodations. Add that up over 10 years plus! Every year they try to sell me more credits with their ridiculous sales pitch. This is no bargain! I want to sell back my credits and get my money back. Those maintenance fees will increase every year and I can never book at the places I want to go.

  70. Phyllis long

    Wynn vacation owbnership class action lawsuit. Im in!

  71. Carla L. Bird

    My parents left 3 vacation ownerships. I wish to He!! they never had. The legal executor of the estate has been fighting them for the past 18 months with nothing but lies from Wyndham. They absolutely will not even attempt to resolve these orphaned ownerships. Maintenance fees continue to pile up, they ‘forget’ to mail newly ‘required’ paperwork, and now tell us we must open a probate in Hawaii to get rid of that property. I’m contacting our attorney general’s office and the SEC with complaints, but please let us know if ANOTHER class action lawsuit is to be filed. We would definitely be interested!


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