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  1. Sally Riley

    I just sent a written complaint to HR against my supervisor for creating a hostile work environment because she has been harassing me and reprimanded me twice in one month in writing because I complained about unsafe conditions at work. Yesterday she blindsided me by having another supervisor call me into a meeting where the other person left and she and the head of HR detained me for one hour and 45 minutes giving me the reprimand. Fortunately, I brought my phone and told them I was going to record the meeting which they also recorded. I dont think the harassment is going to stop because she already has written me up for two different things. This was after giving me a stellar performance review a month ago. She admitted on the recording that a friend of hers is “waiting in the wings” her words, for my job. I would like to keep my job but I dont think she is going to stop finding ways to fire me or harass me until I leave. The head of HR told me I had a right to a meeting with her before any meeting with the supervisor, and I declined the first time, but I was not given the offer on the second reprimand and was totally not expecting it. I think I have a case for being asked to do illegal and fraudulent activities by the supervisor, maybe harassment, and maybe elder abuse (I am 65). I wonder if I should wait to see what HR does or get a lawyer. What do you think?


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