San Francisco Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Verdicts and Settlements

  • $60 million

    California jury awards $50 million in punitive damages and $11 million in compensatory damages to Arab-American FedEx ground/home delivery drivers, victims of ethnic discrimination and harassment. Click here for more information. Trial Lawyer: Christopher B. Dolan

  • $2.5 million+ SETTLEMENT. Gender orientation discrimination and retaliation. Female employee of Fortune 500 company brought a claim against her employer alleging that she was terminated for having protested the use of homophobic slurs and statements in the workplace by senior company executives. Employee was stripped of all responsibilities and slated for termination when she retained the Dolan Law Firm to file a complaint on her behalf. The matter was resolved without the need for a trial. The names and identities of the parties are withheld due to confidentiality agreements.
  • $1.1 million SETTLEMENT. On behalf of disabled employee whose employment was terminated following a medical leave.
  • $587,500 SETTLEMENT, medical leave, disability and retaliation claims. Employee who was injured at work required a medical leave and temporary light duty reassignment during recovery. Employer failed to provide light duty, refused to permit employee to take medical leave and retaliated against employee for filing a workers’ compensation claim by terminating employment. Names confidential as condition of settlement.
  • $545,000 SETTLEMENT, disability discrimination (depression), failure to provide medical leave, failure to accommodate (provide time off work for hospitalization) and wrongful discharge. A 60-year-old employee of a major financial institution was denied the right to take time off to seek psychiatric care for depression. Disciplinary action started after requested time off, leading to termination the day before medical leave was to be taken. Names confidential as condition of settlement. Trial Lawyer: Christopher B. Dolan
  • $500,000 SETTLEMENT wrongful discharge of and retaliation against male field worker for a major energy company who protested the sexual harassment of female co-workers by supervisors. The employee was reinstated in addition to the financial award. Names confidential as condition of settlement. Trial Lawyer: Christopher B. Dolan
  • $350,000 SETTLEMENT, disability discrimination. Employer fired employee after he took time off work due to a heart condition. Names confidential as condition of settlement.
  • $250,000 SETTLEMENT, wrongful termination. Employer refused to allow employee to take time off work to care for her terminally ill father and then fired the employee when she exercised her right to time off work to treat and recover from her own depression following her father’s death. Names confidential as condition of settlement.

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