$1+ Billion Recovered

VERDICT $61,000,000

Employment Harassment, Discrimination and Wrongful Termination

Chris Dolan


$61 million verdict, the largest verdict ever in U.S. history for individuals subjected to racial and ethnic discrimination and employment harassment in violation of their civil rights. The case involved two Lebanese-Americans who after 9/11 were repeatedly taunted by their manager and coworkers as “terrorists,” “sand niggers,” and other slurs. Demonstrating Chris Dolan‘s passion for justice and commitment to his clients no matter the prejudice in society, Dolan took the case after 10 other law firms, the NAACP, and ACLU all had rejected it. For his outstanding success in the case, California Lawyer magazine awarded Dolan its prestigious California Lawyer of the Year Award.

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We have successfully litigated scores of referred cases, sharing over $50 million in total recoveries with referring counsel. If you wish to discuss referring a case, contact Christopher B. Dolan by email or call us at 888-424-5352 and tell us you are an attorney who wants to refer a case.

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