Reporting Fraud When Insurance Companies Act in Bad Faith

California Insurance Whistleblower Attorneys

We hear in the news about people defrauding insurance companies with false claims and fake injuries. We seldom hear about fraud that insurance companies or their agents commit against the public — but it happens.

The federal False Claims Act and California Qui Tam laws cover whistleblowers who are uncovering fraud against the government, but individuals can be defrauded too. In the case of insurance company wrongdoing, its fraud committed against policy holders by the insurance company when they wrongfully deny valid claims.

Who Typically Reports Fraud Committed by Insurers and Agents?

When someone reports consumer insurance policy fraud, it is usually an insurance adjustor who knows that the company is deliberately denying or underpaying on claims or people who handle billing who know that what is appearing on a bill is not what has really occurred.

Examples of consumer fraud committed by insurance companies include:

  • Denial of legitimate claims to try and discourage policy holders
  • Bad faith denial of insurance claims when an insurance company has not actually investigated the merits of a claim
  • Bad faith underpayment on insurance claims
  • Insurers working with car repair shops to limit their costs by saying your car was repaired with original manufacturer parts when they actually used after-market parts or parts manufactured in Korea that do not meet the quality standards of the manufacturer
  • Denying health insurance claims hoping that the person will die or give up

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When an individual knows that fraud is taking place, they can bring that information to a government agency for prosecution. Furthermore, employees are protected by law from retaliation.

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If you are ready to report fraudulent dealings or illegal actions that defraud policy holders,
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