Reporting Mortgage Fraud

California Whistleblower Attorneys

In the area of mortgage and loan fraud, there are three types of problems. One affects the government, and the other two are forms of consumer fraud:

  1. Falsifying loan documents in order to obtain money: this is a fraud committed against lenders, including government backers of loans.
  2. Loan fraud committed by lenders who unlawfully refuse to provide loans in certain parts of the community (redlining of minority communities) or to certain types of lenders based on unlawful characteristics (such as race, sexual orientation or marital status).
  3. Reverse mortgages scams that offer rates or terms that are grossly unfair to the person who took out the reverse mortgage.

Who Typically Reports Mortgage Fraud?

The people who are in the best position to report on loan fraud are the employees who file the paperwork: mortgage brokers, underwriters, loan issue or document department staff, escrow agents, bank officers or real estate appraisers. Reverse mortgage scams are reported by homeowners or the heirs of a person who had an unfair reverse mortgage.

If you are ready to blow the whistle on mortgage fraud, contact The Dolan Law Firm to talk confidentially and at no cost with a lawyer.

If the wrongdoing involves government money
—if it is a government backed loan, veteran’s benefit, government subsidized low-income housing, public works project, or first time homebuyer loan — you may have a whistleblower case under the federal False Claims Act.

The whistleblower attorneys at The Dolan Law Firm can help you bring your evidence to the government while protecting you in the process.

If the wrongdoing does not involve government money but is illegal and a fraud on the public, you can still bring your information forward and will be protected. If you reported what you knew to a compliance officer, an auditor, or a financial compliance department and suffered retaliation, The Dolan Law Firm is here to safeguard your rights.

In reverse mortgage scams, our lawyers may be able to get the mortgage voided or the terms adjusted. Not only can we help with financial remedies, we may be able to get the lender penalized for fraudulent conduct.