Reporting Tax Fraud

California Whistleblower Attorneys

Taxes are the price we all pay for the many services we use and receive as a community. When some people don’t pay their fair share, we all end up paying more. That’s unfair.

  • Small and mid-sized business owners sometimes commit tax fraud as a last resort during difficult financial times by failing to withhold or failing to pay employee withholdings for social security (FICA), unemployment or MediCal. While it’s tempting to save money in this way, it hurts employees later — and government safety nets now.
  • Individuals who commit tax fraud on personal returns, or by classifying personal expenses as corporate expenses, are selfishly passing along their responsibility to other taxpayers.
  • Employers who don’t pay sales taxes or lie on corporate inventory cause the rest of us to pay more.

If you are fed up with tax fraud, you
put a stop to it. If you are an employee who knows of tax fraud or whose work in some way furthers tax fraud, you could be implicated in criminal activity. By reporting tax fraud to the government, you may be able to protect yourself from criminal charges.

Who Typically Reports Tax Fraud to the Government?

People who have first-hand information about tax fraud being committed by companies or individuals are accountants, bookkeepers, tax preparers, financial officers, and employees in corporate finance departments.

The whistleblower attorneys at The Dolan Law Firm can help you bring your evidence to the government while protecting you in the process.

If you are ready to blow the whistle on tax fraud, contact The Dolan Law Firm to talk confidentially and at no cost with a lawyer.

Types of Tax Fraud

Tax fraud can be against the federal, state or local government. Some examples include:

  • Falsification of capital improvements
  • Failing to correctly report capital gains
  • Claiming excessive depreciation
  • Writing off private expenses as if they are company expenses
  • Falsely reporting of food and entertainment expenses for business purposes (client development expenses) rather than personal purposes
  • Underreporting of income and over-reporting of deductible expenses on Schedule Cs
  • Failure to pay sales taxes or

All whistleblower tax fraud cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. You pay no attorney fees until the case has been brought to court and you have received an award.

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