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  1. Robert Sarver

    I worked for Wyndam from 1995-2006, Then Fairfield resorts. I quit after wyndam took over because of the sales tactics that began. I worked at the Branson, Missouri location. From what I understand, it has only gotten worse.

  2. Lori Ross

    I’m a current FT employee of Wyndham Vacation Ownership. I have been bullied several times by other employees since I’ve been there. The first was a coworker whom works close by verbally abusing me for anything found. Another, is a supervisor whom now takes it upon themself to state that other employees are not happy with my behavior for simply asking short ?’s. Not sure what to do, but this scene is not fair. I’ve also learned about many things the public are telling me directly as I have contact with them and many times it’s not positive and reveals that the sales people lied to get their money. I’m caught in between being bullied and also hearing the TRUTH from the public about what occurred. It’s caused me a great deal of stress and now not sure if I want to work there at all. The first bullydog couldn’t get me out as I addressed it with the person immediately and stated he wouldn’t get away with bullying me. So now, it’s with a Supervisor whom has taken it to bully in terms of using other employees or just lying about it to me.


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