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  1. Diane Frediani

    At times off and on over the years I have been promised I would be given something and it didn’t happen. At first I was upset, then I later decided people have a right to change their mind. Something circled around for them and there was a better choice, maybe it was even simply to keep the item.

  2. Glenn Marston Sr

    I gave my son and his wife $25,000 in a check in 2014 and a second check for $25,000 in 2015. The gift proceeds were to be used as a down payment for his home, which the gift was used. I received an oral right along with my wife, at the time in 2015 to occupy a mother-in-law unit attached to the house owned by my and his wife. When we moved-in to the mother-in-law unit. in April 2015 yy wife at the time, informed me that she was to occupy a bedroom in the main part of the house. I was to occupy the single bedroom in the mother-in-law unit. I moved-in to the mother-in-law unit i May, 2015. I was served by third party devorice papers on a night in March, 2016. My son asked me to leave his home.. He gave me $1,000 to help pay rent deposit to rent a room in another state. I moved to the home of my my younger son,per his request, in late April, 2016. The devorice was concluded in June 2016. The value of the oral no rent paid by ex-wife or me agreement was not settled as part of the devorce with my wife in 2016. Have I any right to compensation. My now EX wife lives in the mother-in-law unit. This entire matter smell strange. Devorice in Minn.


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