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Matthew D. Gramly

Founder & Chief Legal Counsel

A senior associate located in the San Francisco office of Dolan Law Firm PC, Matthew D. Gramly is one of the leading attorneys in California for motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accident cases.

Matt began his legal career in Ohio as a criminal defense lawyer gaining invaluable courtroom experience in more than 20 trials. He later successfully represented scores of clients as a family law attorney and further developed his trial skills.

In 2001, Matt moved to San Francisco and began practicing personal injury and wrong death law in federal and state courts in California. From the filing of the complaint, motions practice, and discovery to settlement or trial, Matt is experienced in all phases of civil litigation.

An avid motorcyclist since learning to ride dirt bikes on his grandparents’ farm at the age of 8, Matt is a lawyer who rides. He is dedicated to obtaining justice for motorcyclists and bicyclists who have been seriously injured, and the families of loved ones who died, in crashes and collisions caused by negligent drivers or by dangerous and unsafe conditions of public roadways.

“Motorcyclists are a slightly different breed of person,” Matt states, “You can’t explain the ‘why’ of motorcycling to someone if it isn’t already in their blood.  Motorcyclists know the benefits of having an attorney represent them who actually rides motorcycles themselves. I understand the joys of riding along Highway 1 up to Mendocino or along Skyline Boulevard down to Alice’s Restaurant, and I know firsthand the hazards motorcyclists face every day out on the road.”

Matt is also a skilled and talented litigator for persons injured in or by

Vehicle Collisions
Collisions Involving Common Carriers (MUNI, BART and other types of public transportation)
Collisions and Incidents Involving Pedestrians, and
Unsafe and Dangerous Property Conditions (sometimes referred to as “Slip and Fall” cases)

“All of us at Dolan Law Firm PC do everything we can, every day, to make our streets and highways safer as well as the communities in which we live,” adds Matt. “We are passionately committed to guiding our clients through the legal system and helping them obtain full and complete compensation for their injuries.”

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