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If you are gay or lesbian and have been in a committed relationship for any length of time, you know that same-sex couples face considerable obstacles in marriage and family life. Given the hostility that same-sex couples face in our society, and even from their own families of origin, LGBT family relationships should be celebrated as a model of dedication and commitment that overcomes all odds.

California has recognized the validity of same-sex relationships for some time with its “registered domestic partnership” (RDP) legislation. A registered domestic partnership grants gay and lesbian couples some, but not all of the rights and responsibilities of heterosexual married couples, including inheritance rights and insurance coverage rights.

We are all aware of the legal wrangling over same-sex marriage that continues to be worked out in legislation and in the courts, but those legal challenges do not affect the domestic partnership rights that have already been gained by lesbian and gay couples.

Although a number of LGBT family rights protections exist, there are still times when gay and lesbian families find that they are not being treated fairly or equally with heterosexual families. Couples in which one partner is a transgender person can face even more problems.

  • Have you had difficulties with an adoption agency?
  • Have you been denied reproductive medical services to help with artificial insemination?
  • Has your Power of Attorney been challenged? Or your right to visit or make medical decisions on behalf of your partner or your partner’s child?
  • Have you had difficulty getting approval for medical leave to care for a partner?

The Dolan Law Firm is a premier San Francisco LGBT family rights law firm serving the LGBT community. We represent gay and lesbian families who have been discriminated against in housing and public services, in employee benefits and employment matters.

While The Dolan Law Firm does not handle RDP dissolutions, we can help you find a San Francisco domestic partnership attorney in your area who does handle this aspect of LGBT family law.

We have extensive experience handling civil rights cases on behalf of the community and we have the results to show for it. See our representative cases.

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